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Southern Indies Weekly 1/6/16

Welcome to the first edition of a weekly column which will cover the independent wrestling scene in the southern U.S.

2016: Year of the Rematch?

Many people referred to 2015 as the Year of the Tournament. In the first few weeks of 2016, the southeast will play host to rematches from two well-regarded 2015 bouts.  This Friday, 1/8, AJ Styles will face Jimmy Rave in Barnesville GA for WrestleMerica. The two previously wrestled in May 2015 (and many times before that in ROH and other promotions) in Piedmont AL for ProSouth Wrestling in a 25-minute long bout won by Styles.  Rave, who had been a babyface in previous appearances for WrestleMerica, turned heel last month after defeating Fry Daddy to add a new wrinkle to the rematch.  Rave is also a part of the other big rematch, as [Flatline] Pro Wrestling announced Rave vs Anthony Henry for February 6th in Grovetown GA.  The two faced each other in the first-round of the Scenic City Invitational in Rossville GA last August in a match that saw Rave get the victory despite being legit knocked out by a kick from Henry.

NOTE: In response to the news that broke Monday evening regarding AJ and Gallows’ New Japan status, WrestleMerica issued a statement Tuesday morning confirming that they will be appearing (and wrestling) as advertised at this weekend’s events.

[Flatline] to cease operations

When announcing the Rave vs Henry match this past weekend, [Flatline] announced they would cease operations after their March 5th event, which is dubbed March of Champions.  The promotion has been holding monthly cards in Grovetown (just outside Augusta) since August 2012.  They’ve really gone under the radar, as they have drawn consistently strong crowds using talent from Georgia and the Carolinas. In addition to Henry, the promotion has featured Worst Case Scenario (Ethan Case & Elijah Evans), Da Fireman (aka Antrone Brewer) and Jacoby Boykins among their top stars.

Awards and Lists

Georgia Wrestling History ( announced their 2015 year-end awards on 1/5, which are voted on solely by those within the industry.  The winners are as follows:

  • Best Promotion: Peachstate Wrestling Alliance
  • Best Promoter: Luke Gallows & Marty Miller, WrestleMerica
  • Best Referee: Ken Wallace
  • Best Technician: Jimmy Rave
  • Overall Wrestler: Jimmy Rave
  • Most Improved Wrestler: Kevin Blue
  • Best Male Performer: Sal Rinauro
  • Best Live Event: (tie) Scenic City Invitational and Anarchy Wrestling’s Hostile Environment
  • Best Announcer: Jonathan Feltner (2nd straight year winning)
  • Best Booker: Rick Michaels (Peachstate Wrestling Alliance, NWA Atlanta, WrestleMerica)
  • Best Manager or Valet: Jeff G. Bailey (6th victory in 7 years)
  • Best Tag Team or Stable: The Beautiful Bald Besties (Michael Stevens & Zac Edwards)
  • Best Female Performer: Dementia D’Rose
  • Ted Allen Legends Award (for Mentorship Contribution): no winner since the top vote-getter (Greg “Woody” Hullender) received less than 50% of the votes

Scott Hensley published a Top 100 list with his picks for the top wrestlers in north and middle Georgia.  Scott attends events throughout the region (as well as Tennessee) on an almost weekly basis, and has experience commentating and ring announcing for various promotions. He was also a driving force behind the Scenic City Invitational. The list, which resulted in a few guys getting butthurt either by not being on the list or by being ranked lower than they expected, can be found at


1/1 WWA4 – Atlanta GA: Tony Midas beat Purple Haze … Kavron Kanyon beat Kameron Kade … Dark Mon beat Shadow X … Shynron beat Prince Apollo … Stitch Osiris beat Odinson by countout … Black Baron wrestled Fred Yehi to a time limit draw … Owen Knight & De ATLien beat Kiera Hogan & Angel Blackwell in an inter-gender match when Hogan turned on Blackwell … Ashton Starr beat Blackheart to win the WWA4 Heavyweight title … Moose wrestled AR Fox to a no-contest … AR Fox, Moose, Dark Mon, Black Baron & Shynron beat Odinson, Stitch Osiris, Owen Knight, De ATLien & Prince Apollo. NOTES: The card was streamed live for free via YouTube and the stream unfortunately went out twice; the second time during the 10-man tag team main event and it didn’t come back … The promotion runs every Thursday, but every year they also run on January 1st regardless of the day of the week … A more detailed write-up of the card can be found on this very site at

1/1 ProSouth Wrestling – Piedmont AL: The Chosen Ones (Ace Haven, Dameon Ceretone & Big Tomb, with Amy Haven) beat Super Soldiers I, II, III, IV & V … Logan Creed beat Jed Johnson … Dakota Outlaw (with James Hardy) beat AJ Morgan (with Kevin Ryan) … Tyler Gage beat Britt Jackson … The Age of Aeon (Charles Zanders & Eli Daniels, with Mathias Darkthorne) beat ProSouth Tag Team champions Scott & Andrew Aries in a non-title match … ProSouth All-Out champion Donnie Primetime wrestled Scott Spade to a no-contest … ProSouth champion Trever Aeon beat Ace Haven. NOTES: The wrestler known as Stupid announced his retirement recently, and it was made official at this event; Stupid had wrestled for many years and trained several wrestlers in the region … ProSouth runs every Friday; announced for the next card on 1/8 is The Chosen Ones vs The Age of Aeon

1/2 AWF World of Wild – Ringgold GA: Lex Lee beat Zyeth Cage … Lex Lee beat Jaysun the Unknown … Kevin Kaufman beat Paul Lee … Zyeth Cage won a battle royal … Shane Williams beat AWF Heavyweight champion Fly Guy by DQ. NOTES: The promotion runs monthly in Ringgold, and also has a card on 1/29 in Rock Spring GA

1/2 Deep Southern Championship Wrestling – Blue Ridge GA: The Hatter beat Ray Ray … Torque beat Chip Hazard … The Good Ole Boys (Cuzin Cletus & Cuzin Shaggy) beat Cyrus the Destroyer & Talon Williams (with Logan Chase III) … Chip Day beat Menace … Kyle Matthews beat Shawn Shultz

1/2 Empire Wrestling – Rossville GA: Bobby Moore (with Steve Dave) beat Jamie Hall … Lamar Phillips (with Lionel Lucas Lazarus) beat Chris Ganz … Baniac & Muji Claus beat Matt Fortune & Steve Dave … Rush beat Logan Alvey in a first blood match … Stryknyn beat Tank … Joey Lynch beat KT Hamill by DQ … Gunner Miller beat Drew Delight. NOTES: Dan Wilson has replaced Andrew Alexander as the (storyline) matchmaker … A more detailed report by Scott Hensley can be found at

1/2 [Flatline] Pro Wrestling – Grovetown GA: JC Walker beat Oz Knight … Gil Quest beat CB Suave … Wade Adams beat Zane Riley … Rob Killjoy beat Brandon Parker, Kid Riot and Damon Rashad in a Fatal Four Way match to win the Flatline Pulse championship … Anthony Henry beat Sugar Dunkerton … Da Fireman beat Owen Knight … Jacoby Boykins & James Drake beat Shane Hexxon & Chris Mayne. NOTES: Already signed for their final card on 3/5 is a steel cage match between Hexxon and Boykins

1/2 Old School Wrestling Alliance – Cornelia, GA: Zee beat Mac Mosley … Keith Cage beat Jaxon Carter, Michael Manson and James Blvd in a fatal four way match … Brody Dillenger beat Curtis Coleman … The Royal beat Ken O’Sullivan & Jimmy Lee in a number one contenders match … Jamar Anderson beat Adrian Phillips by DQ … Percival Tobias Benson beat Adrian Phillips to win the OSWA 24/7 title … Jake Hughes & Sir Facade beat Johnnie Walker & Rod Boldt … Kit Bryson beat Will Kaution in a ladder match to win their best-of-5 series and the OSWA Generations title

1/2 Platinum Championship Wrestling – Porterdale GA: Brian Kane & Haikken beat The Sun Tan Demons (Drew Game & Ray Fury) … Chris Henry beat Eli Daniels … JAM & Damian Silva beat The Warhorses by DQ … Trever Aeon beat Eric Jones … Shane Marx beat Jon Williams by countout … Brian Blaze beat Bill the Butcher in a hangman’s match. NOTES: PCW runs the first and third Saturdays of the month; the next card will be 1/16, and already is announced is Johnny Danger & Devlin Valek vs 2 members of The Cornerstone (heel faction led by Stephen Platinum & Jeff G. Bailey) … A more detailed report by Alicia Stockton can be found at

1/2 Southeastern Pro Wrestling – Hanceville AL: Will Owens beat J-Dawg … Dylan Cook beat Tyler Sutton … Matt Gilbert beat Kornerstone by DQ … Fantasy beat K.O. … SEPW U.S. champion Scum Kritter beat The Equalizer (with Bradley Caine) by DQ … Neon beat Blaine Evans (with Bradley Caine) and MJP in a ladder match to win the SEPW Heavyweight title

1/2 Southern Fried Championship Wrestling – Monroe GA: Pandora wrestled Brooklyn Page and Kiera Hogan to a no-contest … Drew Adler beat Logan Creed in a no-DQ match to win the SFCW Heavyweight title … Justin Legend wrestled Twisted (with Ace Hefner) to a no-contest in a chairs match … Tetchi Makuji & Drew Blood (with Dr. Joseph Brock) wrestled Trinity (Terry Lawler & Big Andy, with Chris Nelms & Jamie Holmes) to a no-contest … SFCW Tag Team champions The Beautiful Bald Besties (Michael Stevens & Zac Edwards) beat The Southern Fried Mafia (Monroe City champion Roscoe Ray & Cruiserweight Cup champion Brian Kane) in a “winner takes all the titles” match … Odinson wrestled Jacob Ashworth to a no-contest in a number one contenders match … The Big F’N Deal (Geter & Brian Blaze) beat AJ Steele & Fred Yehi. NOTES: The promotion returns to Monroe on 2/6; already announced is a three-way between Adler, Odinson and Ashworth for the Heavyweight title … A more detailed report by Larry Goodman can be found at

1/2 Ultimate Extreme Wrestling – East Ridge, TN: Shane Daniels beat Tommy Gage … The Black Hand (Johnny Viper & Zach Malone) beat Jason Collins & Chase Jordan … AIWF Americas champion Brian Rivers beat Ryan House … Old School beat Wild N Out by DQ … Joey Idol beat Corey Dye … Ethan Cage beat Titan and JD Rollins in a three way match

Upcoming Cards

Notable events this coming weekend are the aforementioned WrestleMerica card on 1/8 in Barnesville with AJ vs Rave, Doc Gallows, Glacier and more. The promotion also debuts in Ashburn GA the next night, with Gallows and Glacier on the card. Why We Wrestle, the new promotion taking over the building that previously hosted Anarchy Wrestling and NWA Wildside in Cornelia GA, begins their 31-man tournament to crown their first champion on 1/9. Three first-round matches will take place: Seth Delay vs Jeremy Foster, Ace Rockwell vs Kory Chavis and Shadow Jackson vs Kevin Blue. Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa come to Georgia, teaming up on 1/8 in Temple GA to face Chip Day & Murder One for Universal Independent Wrestling, and then on 1/9 Gargano faces Jimmy Rave while Ciampa faces Chip Day for Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment in Atlanta

1/7 WWA4 – Atlanta GA

1/8 Alternative Pro Wrestling – Royston GA … Elite Wrestling Alliance – Chattanooga TN … ProSouth Wrestling – Piedmont AL … SWF Wrestling – Tullahoma TN … WrestleMerica – Barnesville GA

EWA 010816 SWF 010816 WM 010816

1/9 American Championship Wrestling – Boaz AL … Athens Pro Wrestling – Athens AL … Empire Wrestling – Rossville GA … Georgia Premier Wrestling – Canton GA … NWA Atlanta – Locust Grove GA … Scenic City Wrestling – Ringgold GA … Tennessee All-Pro Wrestling – Morrison TN … TWE Chattanooga – Red Bank TN … Ultimate Extreme Wrestling – East Ridge TN … Universal Independent Wrestling – Temple GA … Why We Wrestle – Cornelia GA … WrestleMerica – Ashburn GA

EW 010916 NWAA 010916 TWE 010916

GPW 010916 SCW 010916UIW 010916 WM 010916 WWW 010916

1/10 Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment – Atlanta GA

AWE 011016

Looking Ahead

Universal Independent Wrestling will have a quicker than normal turnaround after their 1/9 card. They return to Temple on 1/23 with a one-night, eight woman tournament to crown a new UIW Women’s champion. The participants are: Tiffany Roxx, Kiera Hogan, Kacee Carlisle, Tessa Blanchard, Priscilla Kelly, D’Arcy Dixon, Gabby Gilbert and “Crazy” Mary Dobson

Mucha Lucha Atlanta, which promotes 3-4 events per year in Norcross GA, announced Lucha Underground stars Drago, Fenix and Pentagon Jr. for their next card on 3/13

0123 UIW 0313 Mucha Lucha

(DISCLAIMERS: I have worked for WrestleMerica, Peachstate Wrestling Alliance and NWA Atlanta in the last year, and have a financial relationship with the owners of Empire Wrestling regarding the Scenic City Invitational. This column is intended to feature ALL promotions in the region, and I will do my best to remain impartial and cover promotions regardless of whether or not I work for them or are in their “good graces”. For purposes of this column, the “southern U.S.” is defined as cities and towns within 180 miles of Atlanta.)

About the author

Al Getz

Al Getz has been involved with independent wrestling on and off since 1995. Long considered one of the better managers in the southeast, Getz has worked for NWA Wildside, OMEGA, Music City Wrestling, and countless other promotions. He also owns WHOO! Wrestling, which produces and distributes significant wrestling events in the southeast.


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