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Smash Wrestling’s Any Given Sunday 4 Review

This is Smash Wrestling’s biggest show of the year, and the card looks great! Cherry Bomb vs. Courtney Rush seems like a barn burner!

Franky the Mobster vs. Mike Rollins**3/4

The Mobster is an absolute monster. He is beyond jacked and reminds me of Scott Steiner. This was a weird and funny match, with a lot of stuff happening with an inhaler to give Rollins an advantage. A funny sunset flip spot as well that was followed by a t-bone suplex. Also a pretty funny body slam contest that had Jimmy Korderas body slam BOTH competitors. INCLUDING FRANKY. Franky The Mobster hits the Chokebomb for the win. It was a bit too long, but a good opener, and pretty funny. After the match Franky puts over Rollins on the mic.

Scotty O'Shea vs. Brent Banks vs. Kevin Bennett***

Brent Banks is really damn good, and Kevin Bennett has an awesome gimmick so I was hyped for this one. The action was fast and very intense. Falcon Arrows, Michinoku Drivers and flips, just some great offense from all men. Bennett wins after rolling up O’Shea, a very fun sprint, and I thought they could have gone longer but it was still a fun one to watch!

Tarik vs. Andy Williams**3/4

I was very intrigued to see this, as it was Andy Williams first match and he is the guitarist of one of my favorite bands, Every Time I Die. Andy Williams is massive. A lot of this match was trying to establish Williams as a monster. Some really awkward apron spots happened, one was kind of a botch when Tarik was trying to get down and he hit his arm pretty hard on the apron. This felt like a street fight without weapons. Tarik finally got some offense in after targeting the leg, although Williams did get a nasty back drop suplex in. They then had the tide change when Williams hit a lariat and then a standing suplex which were pretty impressive. Tarik uses the knee drop to win. Apparently Williams had a torn meniscus during this match, according to ProWrestlingSheet, and it brought down the match. Or it was really good selling, but still, after he started the knee/got injured, the match suffered but it was still a very impressive debut!

Facade vs. Stu Grayson***1/4

Stu Grayson is also a member of the Super Smash Bros, known as Player Dos or Stupidfied, and that team is great! I am not the biggest fan of Façade but I love the SSB and Grayson so this could have been alright to great in my mind. Luckily, the match was pretty good, Grayson was really great in this one. Some cool dives, springboards from both men and even an awesome uranagi from Stu. Grayson was really playing up the fact that he had a power advantage and it worked. There was an awesome matrix sequence that ended with two great clotheslines from Stu. Stu hits a Jack Hammer off the top rope that should have been the finish. Facade hits a spike hurricanrana that looked alright for the win. Wish Stu won but it was a fun match.

The Overdogs (John Greed & Sebastian Suave) vs GOAT Brigade (Kirk Warmack & Shane Sabre)***

This was Kirk Warmack’s last match, he had a great career in Smash. Shane Sabre is also really good. The match itself was alright, with the GOAT Brigade being real stars here, but the finish made this match feel very special as it meant a lot to this company. A ref bump leads to Warmack kicking Greed in the dick, and Sabre kneeing Suave in the dick too. Scott Hunter tries to stop the assault but gets hit with an elbow, Walter then comes in and spinebusters Sabre. Scott Hunter then hits a neckbreaker. Security Walter then gets sent through the table. The Overdogs win after hitting a 500 pound frog splash. Usually I hate a lot of interference but this only felt right and the best way to send these guys off. After the match they hug and pop a cold one. Shane Sabre then turns on Warmack and attacks him. After all that, Warmack gets a standing ovation.

Tyson Dux vs. Bull James ***1/2

Bull James was formerly NXT’s Bull Dempsey and this was his Smash debut. Oddly enough, Bull James can grapplefrick just like Dux and it was very odd to see him like this after seeing in him NXT. I wasn’t expecting to say this but James was the star of this match, landed some great strikes and was great on the mat. At one point he goes up top, he misses the splash but he then goes back and hits a nasty headbutt. I love Bull James like this. Tyson Dux wins with a lariat that did not feel right, the crowd was not buying it. After the match, James puts Dux over by saying he never got the proper recognition and he was great. Besides the finish, that was a great match.

Courtney Rush vs. Cherry Bomb***1/4

Before the match an awesome video package plays and they have awesome entrances with Cherry pulling a page from Buffy. This match has been building for such a long time, a heated rivalry, and I was so hyped. It was great to see women main event the show, they deserved it, and this story needed it. Most of this match was a nasty brawl, in and out of the ring. At one point, Rush almost hangs Cherry by using her body. Cherry brought out a chair but she got it taken away by the ref, and then Rush hits a weird move that I can’t tell if it was a botch or not, but she hits a dope F5 to make up for it. Courtney tries to get the chair and hit Cherry but Mike Rollins moves her out of the way and hits a superkick with the chair in Courtney’s face, leading to a DQ. Post-match the awesome brawl continues but with weapons. Cherry goes crazy on Rush and Rollins tries to stop her, for her sake, but she won’t stop.  For what was supposed to be the end of a feud, that felt like they just added on to it, which I don’t have a problem with and besides the finish the match was a great brawl.

This show was very solid, some bad finishes, but it did not run anything. I would recommend you watch this if you have the time, mainly to see how Bull Dempsey/James can actually wrestle.

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