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SmackDown Review for 12/31/15 – Saying Goodbye to Syfy & 2015

Well here we are. It’s the last WWE TV event of 2015, and it’s the blue show; coming off of a semi-solid Super SmackDown last week, it’s actually been 9 days since the show last ‘officially’ aired sans re-runs. As some may or may not know, SD airs here in Canada every Wednesday due to (yes, funnily enough), hockey. I have no clue what’s in store tonight, but it’ll be interesting to see fallout from a big RAW where Vince was arrested, Roman reigned, and the angle continued placing Reigns vs. Sheamus with Vince as the Special Guest Ref in next week’s RAW main event. It’s been a fun year of doing occasional SmackDown coverage in the spring, and now launching back into it in time for next week’s debut with a new look on USA. It’s time for the 2015 go-home show, as well as the last SmackDown, ever, on the SyFy network. Let’s get to the matches.

This show must really mean a lot as we get a New Years firework tint on the opening video package. PYRO TOO.

We’re in Washington D.C., as the main event of Reigns/Ambrose vs. Sheamus/Owens is announced for tonight.

For the second week in a row, New Day kick off the show with new titantron graphics! They’re much more cartoony than the original pastor/church/heel vibe they were going for. New Years is the New Day’s favorite kind of year. New Years Day is a very special New Day. Reflection, celebration, resolutions; as New Day announce that their first resolution of 2016 is…nothing. They’re perfect and the Double-U Double-U EEEEE World Tag Team Champions. In 2015, the New Day were greatness personified. Somehow, someway, New Day didn’t win that tag of the year Slammy, and the crowd is seemingly booing themselves again. The complaints roll-on. Nothing is going to change headed into 2016 unless if the WWE Universe can appreciate greatness. New Day have compiled a list of resolutions for the people in the arena, and not themselves.

Resolution #1: Each and every single member of the WWE Universe is going to be required to wear glasses and hearing aids; with kids included.

Resolution #2: The entire WWE Universe will be required to keep a New Day journal.

Resolution #3: Each and every morning that you wake up, and rise, you shall have a spring in your booty, and a song in your hearts; and that song is New Day Rocks~! 

Yet another killer promo from these guys. Gotta love ’em. The Lucha Dragons have something to say about that. Sin Cara in an arm-brace and all. They say that the WWE Universe know what they’re doing. They say the New Day deserve each other. The Slammys are for the people (duh). Sin Cara then speaks Spanish and I can only assume he’s aching in pain. They challenge the trio to a match right now. They have friends of their own. Their friends are the Dudleys, the party has officially started, and Xavier screams as they enter with a table that says “Happy New Year”.

Kalisto & The Dudleys vs. The New Day***

These guys put together a mildly fun tag match. Props to New Day for bumping around like crazy. Kalisto & The Dudleys weren’t so bad of a combination, almost feeling natural together; but that’s also because in 6 mans’ with Bubba & D-Von came Spike. This was a tale of two half’s bridging two segments. Xavier was worked over at first as the scared one of the group because he’s always bullied and put threw tables. Then came a break when Big E tried the same spot that happened on RAW with Sin Cara; Kalisto took a helluva bump to the ground but, of course, wasn’t as injury prone. Big E nearly injured himself, taking an apron spear spill to the outside after it missed on Kalisto. The finale was quite the treat, with Kalisto getting on the top rope (on Bubba’s shoulders) to do a Mysterio like sit-down splash on Xavier, then Xavier was hit with a Kalisto Tornado DDT. 3D to Big E, and lastly a Salida Del Sol off the ropes to Xavier for the trio of faces victory.

We all knew that the Happy New Year table was coming into play. Bubba put Xavier threw the table with his powerbomb. The New Day legitimately bumped around like monkeys here, which was awesome but dangerous for a damn SD taping. It made for a fun time.

Tyler Breeze (w/Summer Rae) vs. Goldust*1/2

It’s cool that this is a follow up to the past few weeks of exclusive SmackDown build. Not that it’s a lot, but it’s nice to see build and a resulting match happen on the show; even if it’s near-jobber level Breeze and the recently returned Dust. Extremely short and not a lot to note, but it was solid back and forth for as long as it lasted, and it was nice to see Goldust bring out his powerslam, as well as Breeze smashing Goldy’s hand against the post. These guys could probably have a good match given time, but this was near squash levels with no heat and still not a lot of reason to care. Booker brought up the born in 1988 vs. debuting in 1988 dynamic which was a good touch.

Post-match promo from the couple. Tyler & Summer have an announcement in a year that’s been filled with massive announcements. Yet they don’t bring up ANY wrestling related ones, and stick to lame pop culture references they think will get pops and notoriety. They even brought up the dress. Yes…that dress…the color coated one. What they’re about to announce is bigger than all of that since it’s a supposed shocker. To celebrate the new year, Summer Rae & Tyler have decided to go their separate ways. The last selfie ever is provided. What the hell is all I can say. This makes no sense, and Summer is about to move onto the 50th guy in in her managerial career.

Bo Dallas finds Curtis Axel backstage. All Curtis needs is the right New Years Rev-Bo-lution to rejuvenate. Axel goes on a tangent about never being eliminated and Bo makes a deodorant resolution joke. He then signs a girls’ hand and says he knows what her revolution is.

“Never wash your hands and Bolieve!”

He runs into Ziggler next. Bo goes #ShootWeek and makes fun of Ziggler’s comedy which is literally too true. Ziggler warns him that he should get ready for his match vs. him next. Ziggler walks off after cutting off his own sentence saying Bo’s catchphrase, but superkicks back into the frame to scare Bo even more and completes the Bolieve. I liked that part the most. Looked cool.

The Usos vs. Braun Strowman & Luke Harper (w/Erick Rowan)**1/4

This was decently structured, and hid some of Braun’s flaws as it was already a tag. Most of the match was plain and simple tag wrestling with Jimmy Uso being worked over by the duo; constant tags and holds with a little bit of a unique dynamic. I dug when Jimmy got cocky, went to run the ropes to hit a downed Harper but he forgot Braun was on the apron. Also, a great Black Hole Slam was delivered as the perfect “screw you, you’re still being worked over” moment. Even after a Jey hot tag, the match would never be in the Usos favor for long. Jimmy, who was worked over all match went to sleep in Strowman’s finisher. They kept Braun booked strong as Harper/Rowan were hit with superkicks, but he caught Jimmy’s leg. Jey went for a dive and wiped out on Harper, hence him not being able to save his brother from Braun. Short, sweet, and fairly well worked. P.S., the Usos shouldn’t wrestle with shirts on.

It’s announced that John Cena returns to SmackDown next week.

Naomi & Tamina Snuka vs. Brie Bella & Alicia Fox*

Nothing of note happened here except the very last touches on the match. Brie & Fox had to deal with Tamina, and when Naomi eventually came in, Brie and her had a way better than usual sequence; athletically getting around each others’ finishers and taking some pain in the process. However, as soon as Naomi landed and grabbed onto the ropes to stay there for longer than usual headed into Brie’s finisher — that’s what made it stupid. Brie went for the knee to the chest but ran into Tamina, Naomi went for a rope-assisted bulldog but Brie reversed it, causing Naomi to smash into the corner and delivered the face buster for the win.

We get an “8 Superstars You Love to Hate” segment, sponsored by The Hateful Eight, which was a pretty damn cool movie that I saw via the road show on Christmas Day. It’s then announced that the Top 4 will be revealed during RAW. No one cares though. No one is watching SmackDown that doesn’t watch RAW, unless if you’re some weirdo thinking Daniel Bryan is exclusive to it still or ever.

Now’s a better time than ever to provide more filler updates, as we only got two confessions as to what certain superstars’ resolutions will be headed into the new year.

Ryback’s resolution: He will get more involved in charities and the community.

Miz’s resolution: He doesn’t need a resolution.

Bo Dallas vs. Dolph Ziggler**1/2

These guys had a good short match. There were bursts of offense and more paced portions with either Bo getting beat up by a fired up Zigs or Bo getting him in some nice little holds I enjoy with a guilty pleasure demeanor. They did a little bit of #GrappleFuck as well with Ziggler working over the arm for a short bit and some roll-ups. Other than that nothing else was of note, and Ziggler won with a superkick out of nowhere, some continuity as that was the thing Bo became scared of. Decent stuff from the guys, and nothing bad — even to the point where I wish for more from them if/when they have a rematch. Seeing the crowd chant “We Bolieve” is pretty cool for the guy/myself as well.

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs. Sheamus & Kevin Owens**1/4

This isn’t a foreign SmackDown main event, but one that I’ll take. This wasn’t very good because it was short, and the finish was God awful. I enjoyed the callback to RAW, where Ambrose wanted to powerbomb Owens through the table but Owens got the best of him yet again. That was used as a segment breaker, as we came back to Dean being worked over; which was essentially 90% of the match, if not Ambrose defending on behalf of Reigns. Roman got his hot tag, ran wild but always got caught up because of sneaky heel actions. Roman went for a superman on Sheamus, but Kev ran-up (then got hit anyways); but this served as a distraction for a Sheamus roll-up for 2. Roman got out of it and finally hit the superman on Sheamus. As Roman went for the spear, Kevin Owens, who’s “mad” then slams Roman’s legs into the pole as they fit. That gets a special SmackDown DQ; where as if the ref didn’t see it, it would add so much more to the tag and the struggle to get past the heel challengers.

A brawl broke out post-match as expected. Kevin Owens set-up the steel steps and was about to powerbomb Ambrose through the announce table again when Reigns breaks free of Sheamus to walk across the table to deliver a big superman punch to Kev. Ambrose smashes Sheamus against the ring post and Reigns gives him a spear to send us into 2016.

As 2015 comes to a close, SmackDown leaves me on a low note, with nothing fully delivering except for the partially cool opener to the show; and New Day delivering via their act as usual. The rest was highly forgetful and short in length, but nothing rake your eyes out level bad except for the fact that Summer Breeze randomly broke up. Now that’s a non sensical political hit. With that being said, I look forward to the next week in WWE. See you next week Mauro!

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