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Should Daniel Bryan Wrestle Again?

This is a question wrestling fans have been asking for nearly a year now: Should Daniel Bryan wrestle again? Many different people share a variety of opinions much like myself. Bryan has put his body through insane amounts of pain for 16 years now wrestling a full-time schedule for close to 15 years. He wrestled for nearly every promotion you could think of, in basically every match you could think of. Though he will go down as one of the best technical workers of all time, Bryan had incredibly hard hitting matches with every name under the sun. With that comes numerous concussions and neck issues which he is currently dealing with, though many fans want to see Bryan in NJPW or ROH; is that really the smartest move for Bryan’s future? I will get into that in the next paragraph. Long time Daniel Bryan fans will remember the brutal matches he’s had with Takeshi Morishima, KENTA, Munenori Sawa and Nigel McGuinness just to name a few. It is no secret after most of his big time matches Mr. Danielson would be hurting real bad. Only 5 years ago on the independents he was having brutal matches with the likes of Sawa, Jon Moxley and numerous others and if Bryan wasn’t signed to WWE in 2010 he would be in much worse shape than he is now.

Everything I am about to type is 100% my opinion and no one else’s, though people may share the same mindset as I. This is me writing and no one else. Daniel Bryan should never wrestle again unless it’s for World Wrestling Entertainment. In the WWE he will be the safest and taken care of the most, and IF he returned to WWE the schedule is very demanding but he wouldn’t be taking suplexes on his head every night and unprotected headbutts like he would on the Indies and in Japan. WWE is so much smarter than outsiders looking in think. If Dr. Joseph Maroon didn’t clear Bryan why would he still be under contract? Reason being they care about his health and well being. Bryan has stated numerous times that he will wrestle again and it doesn’t have to be in WWE, so therefore, the top people in WWE know that if they release Bryan; he will wrestle ASAP. His health would deteriorate more.

Dave Meltzer alluded to this many times on his radio shows.

“Why do you think WWE has him under contract?” -Dave Meltzer

Meltzer also directed this to the fans of Bryan…

“If it was in your best interest you wouldn’t want him wrestling again either.”

I don’t care one bit about the legal side of things but it does become a factor. WWE’s own Dr. Maroon didn’t clear Danielson and if the powers that be allow Bryan to wrestle in the WWE and he suffers another concussion or even something fatal, how does that make the company and Maroon look? I want to see Daniel Bryan in and around wrestling for the next 40 years and it wouldn’t worry me at all if he was a trainer or producer. I care about Daniel’s health more than anything. I would much rather see Bryan contributing to the business in other ways than being an in-ring performer. What is better: seeing Bryan healthy or seeing him put on fantastic wrestling matches that will shorten not just his career but his life? Personally I would not care if I ever saw ‘The American Dragon’ wrestle again. He has blessed us with incredible matches for the last 16 years and wouldn’t you feel guilty if he returned to the indies and had amazing matches knowing that he is basically killing himself between the squared circle? I know I would.

On social media as of late there has been a movement of #FreeDanielBryan. That is quite possibly the most idiotic hashtag in the history of hashtags. Free Daniel Bryan? Are you kidding me? He is 100000 times more safer where he his now then if he was released. If you’re participating in that stupid movement or hashtag, shame on you. I apologize for being like that but if you’re saying ‘Free Daniel Bryan’ you’re basically saying go out and put your body through hell Bryan and continue to entertain me even though I know it won’t last very long.

I have been wrestling 2 years and I have been dropped on my neck a few times and I’m so lucky I can still wrestle. You take a risk being a wrestler but you take an even bigger risk by taking neck drop suplexes because you never know when that one suplex could end in tragedy. Dare I say look no further than Misawa, Kobashi, Austin. All were dropped on their head numerous times and either had to retire early or in Misawa’s case, passed away in-ring. If you care about Bryan’s health in any case I would think you would want him to stay under the WWE banner where he is the safest. Even when his contract is up, Bryan will be 38 years old and even wrestling at that age isn’t the best but combine that with the style he works and it could be detrimental. I did say if Bryan wrestled again it should only be in the WWE but even then it’s still dangerous. I would just like it for Bryan to hang up the boots and be a trainer with NXT where he still gets the fulfillment of helping others and contributing to wrestling.

I listen to a lot of podcasts and I have heard some certain people mention that Bryan should show up in NJPW and as cool as that would be with a 100% healthy Daniel Bryan, it would be the worst possible move for his health. He wouldn’t be a Jr. Heavyweight in NJPW and I’m not saying that being a Jr. is better for his health but if he was a heavyweight and he was mixing it up with guys like Ishii, Shibata and Honma, that could get ugly real quick. In all actuality New Japan would be the first place Bryan would go if he was granted his release and that doesn’t make NJPW look good at all, but I am speculating way too much. There will be an argument made that Daniel Bryan’s personal doctor cleared him, but in WWE’s world that doesn’t mean jack shit. Dr. Joe Maroon has a pretty good track record and they will not disagree with Maroon because Bryan’s Doc believes he is fine to wrestle. Dr. Maroon has been around wrestling for decades and knows what wrestlers put their bodies through. It’s well known that Bryan is thick headed and knows what he wants and that can be a good thing but also in this case can be terrible. Unless something radically changes in Bryan’s thought process, he is going to wrestle again one way or another.

Just to recap, I never want to see Bryan wrestle again unless Dr. Maroon clears him and even then I am still worried. I don’t want to see him wrestle again because of his wrestling capability (I think he is one of the greatest of all-time). I just want the best for Bryan and taking bumps in the short or long term can’t be good for Mr. Danielson’s health and well-being. Wrestling fans can get way to greedy sometimes and certain fans are getting greedy in wanting to see Bryan wrestle, If you want to see him wrestle watch his tapes from the past 15 years! I hope most of you reading share my same opinions in wanting Bryan to be healthy and not cause even more damage to his body and brain. I’m sure there will be a ton of news coming out regarding Daniel Bryan’s future in the next few weeks and let’s hope it isn’t WWE granting Bryan’s release.


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