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SHIMMER 80 Review (4/2/16)

So this show has all the potential to be a very good show as long as everyone brings their top! This show is a twelve woman title tournament for the first new title introduced to Shimmer is years, called the Heart of Shimmer championship, which represents the heart and skill it takes to be a champion in Shimmer. Does anyone even read these preludes? Should I just type a bunch of buzzwords in all caps? TOURNAMENT! SHIMMER! BLUE PANTS! Ok, so let’s get on with the show.

Cheerleader Melissa vs. Leva Bates**

Honestly, this could have been a lot worse. Leva Bates is not the best pro wrestler out there, but Melissa was real good here. She played the role of a bully nicely and Bates got very limited offense in, which was nice. Melissa worked over the hair (right? That’s a thing I promise) and it worked considering Leva had her hair tied eleven different ways. The finish saw Melissa just absolutely killed Bates with the Kudo Driver, not a bad way to start the show.

Candice LeRae vs. Cherry Bomb***

Ok! This match was actually super fun and a nice showcase for both Cherry Bomb and LeRae. They both got their moves in and was kept quite short, which makes sense as theoretically the winner could wrestle two more matches later on in the show. LeRae took a couple of crazy bumps and Cherry Bomb looked much better here than she did last year during Wrestlemania Weekend. Fun stuff that saw Candice win via rollup after Cherry Bomb hit a Death Valley Driver.

Nicole Savoy vs. LuFisto***1/2

This match started off stiff as hell, holy shit. These two just absolutely slapped, kicked and suplexed the hell out of each other for nine or so minutes and it was awesome. Savoy worked the arm of LuFisto over with a variety of different submissions and she sold it while still being able to use it, just awesome stuff. Both competitors bent the rules a bit, but we still got a clean finish with Savoy locking in a wicked looking submission to get the win over LuFisto. Definitely watch this!

Kimber Lee vs. Jessicka Havok**1/4

I feel like they were going for a lite verison of Bayley vs. Nia Jax here, and it did work to an extent. Havok seems to have dropped off a bit in the last year or so, and it really shows has Lee bumped around like crazy and took Havok’s offense like a champ (Get it? SHE’S A CHAMP!). Cherry Bomb comes out to help her tag team partner which allows Lee to rollup Havok for the win and to advance to round two. Quick match where nothing of note really happened.

Heidi Lovelace vs. Veda Scott***

The match I was the least excited about was actually super fun, I love being wrong! Scott looked real good here but the real pro was Lovelace, as she cut Scott off at every corner and at one point hit the best punch of the weekend so far. Scott could never string together any offense without Lovelace just kicking her or something, great stuff. Lovelace picked up the win after an awesome senton off the top rope in what has been the most surprisingly good match so far!

Nicole Matthews vs. Mary Dobson**1/4

Short match that saw a lot of spots but really no flow to it until the end. Again, nothing bad but was just weirdly structured. Matthews’ story of wanting to be the first Shimmer triple crown winner is a nice story, so naturally she picked up the win here with the Vancouver Maneuver (Cross Rhodes). Match was just kind of there honestly, but not bad!

Candice LeRae vs. Cheerleader Melissa***1/4

LeRae started the match with a tope before the bell even rung! This match was another example of how great a bully Melissa makes, as she slung LeRae into the barricade eleven times (I counted!) and it looked absolutely brutal. Melissa also hit four curbstomps in a row which LeRae kicked out of, which was probably my least favorite part of the match because COME ON. LeRae ends up getting the advantage finally and hits The Plex on Melissa three times to pin her and advance to the Heart of Shimmer Finals! Fun match with its flaws but still good stuff.

Nicole Savoy vs. Kimber Lee***

This match was fun because Kimber Lee tried to out Savoy Nicole Savoy, to very little success. Savoy looked awesome in this match and Kimber Lee was real good as well. Savoy had the upperhand nearly the entire match due to Kimber Lee trying to beat her at her own game and it made for a real nice story through out the match, which included Savoy blocked Lee’s kicks while she just obliterated Lee with her’s. Savoy picked up her second win of the evening via cross armbar, very nice and tidy match with minimum hair pulling, check it!

Heidi Lovelace vs. Nicole Matthews***1/2

Lovelace is just on another level, after playing an excellent bully in the first match she spends most of this match getting her ass kicked. Matthews hit one of the stiffest kicks ever and I’m surprised it just did not cause Lovelace to just fold up because goodness was it brutal. Lovelace eventually starts building up a nice comeback including kicking out of a brainbuster and reversing the Vancouver Maneuver! Lovelace after hit some kicks hit the awesome top rope senton to advance to the finals! Second best match of the tournament thus far.

Shayna Baszler comes out and discusses she wants to beat the entire Shimmer roster and will be making her debut on June 24th. How did I miss that she was a professional wrestler? When did this happen? Should be a fun time though, we shall see!

(Heart of Shimmer Tournament Final) Nicole Savoy vs. Heidi Lovelace vs. Candice LeRae***3/4

Match starts with LeRae FORCING Savoy to shake the hand of Lovelace, which was just some top quality banter. Lovelace gets thrown out of the ring first which allows us to get an exchange between the two fresher competitors and it is real good until Savoy decides to tope on Lovelace! Then LeRae on both of them, which was a super quick sequence. Lovelace and LeRae have a bit of a tussle before LeRae kicks Lovelace out and Savoy comes back in and locks in a cloverleaf variation on LeRae, which is notable due to Cheerleader Melissa working over LeRae’s legs the match before. LeRae quickly taps out and is the first person eliminated.

Savoy and Lovelace go on to have an awesome sequence, which sees both of them busting out their biggest bombs in order to capture the championship. Lovelace put on a hell of a performance showing that she truly had the heart to be the first Heart of Shimmer champion, but Savoy’s technical skills just proved to be too much as Lovelace tapped out to the cross armbreaker, making Savoy the first Heart of Shimmer champion. Great match and definitely the best match on the show.

Overall, I would highly recommend you to use one of those free VODs Gabe is giving out to pick up this show. This show top to bottom was incredibly fun and just an easy watch. Nothing mind blowing here but several really good matches that makes you feel like you got your money’s worth. I personally can’t wait until the next Shimmer weekend as this show has peaked my interest and I look forward to the Queen of Suplexes’ title reign. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!


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