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Sports Entertainment Shrinks: This Episode Is Very Spicy feat. Tim Buechner

Hot! Spicy! Tastes great! It’s Sports Entertainment Shrinks, a podcast set for one fall with a sixty minute time limit. This week, a full crew of Dan (@danscotti), Brock (@NotBrockJahnke), Andrew (@JustShillinglaw), and first-time guest Timothy Buechner from Place2Be Nation (@luchaundead) talk about a whole bunch of stuff, including Extreme Rules, the role social media plays in modern wrestling and how rumored happenings may change that, what’s behind Kevin Sullivan’s eyes, Jeff Hardy as a tragic Greek hero, which WWE legend almost gave The Undertaker hepatitis, Braun Strowman’s Chipotle order, and so much more. Be sure to follow us on Twitter (@SEShrinks) and check out the wonderful stuff over at

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