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Sendai Girls Review, Results (September 29, 2016): Tag Team Championship Tournament


Sendai Girls – September 29, 2016 

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Shinjuku FACE – Tokyo, Japan

Mika Iwata vs. Sareee***3/4

Mika Iwata’s determination and heart were on full display in this opening match. Iwata and Sareee start off with the normal lock up, rope break, to wrist locks. After a flurry of pin attempts Sareee takes control of the match by smashing Iwata’s head into the corner pad and tossing her across the ring and starts applying submissions. Each time Iwata tried to get up she got knocked down again but determination keeps her going. Midway through the match she gets her first opportunity to build some momentum in offense, but each time Sareee knocks her to the mat. Throughout the match you see the fatigue grow on Iwata’s face, hair, and body language but she keeps getting up and fighting. Sareee picks up the win with a bridging German suplex.

Sareee def. Mika Iwata in 12:14

Aja Kong & Cassandra Miyagi vs. Hikaru Shida & Syuri***1/4

The current Oz Academy tag champs take on the odd couple of Aja and Cassandra in a fine tag match. Aja and Cassandra, in their matching purple outfits, jump the gun and get early control of the match. When Hikaru tags out we see her run into the back corner of the arena, returning a minute later with Syuri’s Indian club. Hikaru comes back in working over Cassandra’s back leading into a camel clutch in the apron with Hikaru and Syuri striking a pose. After eating a running knee, Cassandra dodges the Indian club before hitting some offense and tagging in Aja Kong. Whatever attacks Syuri and Hikaru land don’t keep Aja down for long and she’s able to tag Cassandra back in with ease. Here’s when the shenanigans start, Hikaru runs in with her kendo stick to attack Aja, and surprise, it backfires. Cassandra steals it to hit Hikaru and Syuri in the head, then Aja gets her trashcan to hit both of them but oh no, she accidentally hits her partner in the head! Indian club beats trashcan, Hikaru gets her kendo stick back and whacks Cassandra to get the job done and go to the tournament final.

Hikaru Shida & Syuri def. Aja Kong & Cassandra Miyagi in 12:15

DASH Chisako & KAORU vs Kyoko Kimura & Hana Kimura***3/4

This was the match I was looking forward to the most on this card. DASH was one half of the previous tag championship team and KAORU can still go at age 47, the other team is the mother/daughter combo of Kyoko and Hana Kimura. Before the bell DASH calls out Kyoko they get to work for a little while before KAORU starts to interfere. KAORU then gets in the ring with Hana and controls the match with help form her partner and little resistance from Hana setting up the hot tag to Kyoko. Kyoko and KAORU get into a head kick duel with Kyoko winning out using the crowd support to kick strong enough to make KAORU fall hard to the mat for a two count. Hana gets her first real show of offense when she’s tagged in and gets the best of her opponent multiple times. Unfortunately for Hana the team with more experience wins and DASH hits a frog splash for the three count. Our tag title tournament final is set and DASH & KAORU will meet Hikaru & Syuri on 10/16 for the belts.

DASH Chisako & KAORU def. Kyoko & Hana Kimura in 16:09

Alex Lee, Chihiro Hashimoto & Hiroyo Matsumoto vs Ayako Hamada, Meiko Satomura & Mika Iwata***1/2

This six-woman tag features a clash between Meiko Satomura and Chihiro Hashimoto, who on 10/16 challenges for the Sendai Girls World Championship in the big 10 year anniversary show at the Sendai Sun Plaza. Three other women in this match will face each other in another six-man tag at the anniversary show and Hiroyo will be in an early tag match. The interactions between Chihiro and Meiko were the highlights of this fun tag match, Chihiro executed great double-leg takedowns and Meiko showed she could keep up with the grappling and showed some of her great striking skills too. They kept it very grounded without many dropkicks or top rope moves and more matwork and holds. Poor Mika got pinned twice in one night, first by Sareee and again from Chihiro.

Alex Lee, Chihiro Hashimoto & Hiroyo Matsumoto def. Ayako Hamada, Meiko Satomura & Mika Iwata in 18:15

  • Good - 7.5/10


Top to bottom this was a very consistent show that had no drag to it. Every match had a purpose and a bit of storytelling helping to make the action feel more important, and no bad pacing on the show. I definitely recommend that you try to watch this.



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