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Sendai Girls “Jumonji Shimai Final in Tokyo” (1/9/16) Review

My extensive joshi coverage continues with the Sendai Girls promotion. World Champion Meiko Satomura will be in tag team action, and Aja Kong and Chihiro Hashimoto will be facing off to determine the #1 Contender to her title. Unfortunately, another bittersweet event here as this hosts one of the last matches for the Jumonji Sisters as a tag team, as Sendai Sachiko will be retiring from wrestling. All this in mind, let’s get to the show.

Arisa Nakajima vs. Mika Iwata**3/4

A brutal eight minute match to open the show. Nakajima dominated most of it, working over Iwata’s arm and kicking her around the ring. Iwata sells getting knocked around like no other. This was mostly a showcase for how Nakajima can destroy an opponent, but Iwata came back in the last few minutes, nailing some stiff kicks including a high kick that nearly got her the three. Nakajima continued to brutalize her with a sick backdrop driver, and a package german hold that finished Iwata. A good opener, I’d love to see a lengthy back and forth match between the two. Nakajima is a helluva fighter.

Cassandra Miyagi & KAORU vs. Alex Lee & Hiroyo Matsumoto**1/4

Man, this fourteen minute match surely overstayed it’s welcome. Not a lot of substance here, a lot of comedy spots with Miyagi and Kaoru playing around with Lee and Matsumoto as they dominated most of the match. Matsumoto was the highlight of the match, she had a great back and forth with Miyagi as they traded strikes and quick back and forth spots. As always, Kaoru broke out her signature wooden board, smashing Matsumoto with it, and trading it with Miyagi as they bashed Lee over the head. Kaoru hit the Excalibur on Lee, spiking her head into the mat. Kaoru went to follow it with the Valkyrie Splash but Lee moved out of the way. A fun last minute or so closed the match but a flat finish put another sour note on it, as Kaoru rolled through a powerbomb attempt from Lee, getting the three off the pin. Not a bad match but again, far too long for what it was, you could have cut out a good five minutes and not missed much.


Meiko Satomura & Kellie Skater vs Chikayo Nagashima & Syuri***1/2

Satomura faces off with champion kickboxer, Syuri and the opening minutes of this might as well be a kickboxing match. Satomura and Syuri trade kick after kick, each lock-up attempt broken with even more kicks. I wish this was the whole match. Skater and Nagashima have a solid back and forth, until Syuri gets back in and punishes Skater with kicks and a brutal german. Skater manages to hit a superkick and tag Satomura back in, and the stiff, vicious trading of kicks continues. Satomura shrugs off three stiff ones to the chest and knocks Syuri out with a high kick. Syuri blocks a death valley attempt by Satomura into a backstabber and follows it up with a PK, but can’t get the three count off the pin attempt. Nagashima and Satomura face off and have a great exchange, Nagashima trying to go pound for pound with Satomura but getting leveled by kicks. The last few minutes break down into a war, as Syuri and Satomura go at each other again while Nagashima and Skater are the legal women in. Syuri continuously blocks Satomura’s efforts to help Skater, as Nagashima drills Skater with a fisherman buster to win the match. One hell of a tag match here, everyone worked like hell to put on a great match. Satomura and Syuri’s sequences were so brutal and left you wanting more, and there seemed to be some teases of a one-on-one match between them, we can only hope.


(#1 Contender's Match for the Sendai Girls World Championship) Aja Kong vs. Chihiro Hashimoto***

The start of this match is a straight up grapplefest, Hashimoto getting the better of Kong with some old school mat wrestling. It doesn’t take long for Kong to put a stop to that, all of Hashimoto’s strikes just bouncing off Kong who takes her down easily with a chop. That’s pretty much the story of the whole match, Kong barely breaking a sweat tossing around Hashimoto and laughing at her attempts to lift her. The last few minutes of this short match were on fire though, Hashimoto finding the strength to lift Kong up for a slam not once, but twice, but Kong firing back with a huge lariat. Hasimoto combines quickness and strength to overwhelm Kong, until Kong grabs a trash can and bashes her over the head with it, and nailing the brutal brainbuster to finish her, getting the three count. The old feud reignites, as Kong will challenge Satomura for the world title. These two have had quite a history, the first show Sendai Girls held had Satomura vs Kong as the main event and 10 years later, the rivalry continues. I can’t wait for that.

DASH Chisako & Sendai Sachiko vs. Command Bolshoi & Kyoko Kimura****1/4

One of the last times you’ll see the Jumonji Sisters together, and this match surely didn’t disappoint. It didn’t take long for the Sisters to start unleashing their devastating combos and sequences on Bolshoi and Kimura, but those two came back rather quickly. Bolshoi giving her fond farewell to Sendai by destroying her all around the ring, using the ropes to bend back the arm and making sure she doesn’t get the tag to Dash. Sendai finally breaks away with a missile dropkick, getting the tag to Dash who evens the odds. This match is quick back and forth action throughout. Dash and Kimura get into a stiff slapfight, Kimura getting the advantage with some knees to the gut. Sendai gets the tag back in and gets some momentum with a floatover DDT but Kimura puts a stop to her offense, working over the back by stomping the hell outta her. Kimura drops her onto the top rope and hits a brutal stomp off the top turnbuckle, ouch. Just like that, Kimura and Bolshoi have the advantage again. Dash doesn’t let this go on for long, giving the assist for the Sisters to take over with their vicious tandem offense. Sendai hitting a swinging DDT, Dash with a missile dropkick and Sendai finishing the sequence with a german suplex hold. They work so effortlessly and it never gets old. Everyone starts beating the hell outta each other, Bolshoi and Dash going at it into Dash hitting a stunner.

I am certainly gonna miss the way Sendai throws a superkick, and Kimura gets drilled with about ten of them consecutively. The end of this turns into Kimura and Bolshoi doing whatever they can to try and put away the Jumonji Sisters, but failing every time. Kimura nails Sendai with a big boot, a follow-up pin turned into a small package attempt by Sendai. Kimura gets out and goes for another kick but Dash grabs her, Sendai hitting a superkick on Kimura into a crucifix bomb from Dash, Sendai following it up with a jack-knife pin to get the three count. A huge win for the Jumonji Sisters and an awesome match put on by all four women. The Jumonji Sisters are one of my favorite tag teams to watch, their sequences are seamless, their combos are brutal, you never get tired of watching them work and all their matches are a treat. It’s sad to see Sendai take her leave from wrestling, she will definitely be missed. Dash has strived as a singles wrestlers in the past, and I can only wonder what’s next for her.

A very solid Sendai Girls event in the books, though it was, as most of my joshi reviews as of late seem to be, bittersweet with a retirement on the horizon. The anticipated Satomura vs. Kong world title match will take place on April 8th, and Sendai Girls will be holding a tournament to crown new tag team champions since the Jumonji Sisters will be forced to vacate them. No lack of interesting things going on in the joshi world, and I’ll be trying to cover it all. Thanks for reading.

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