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Sendai Girls 10th Anniversary Show Review, Results (October 16, 2016): New Champions!


Sendai Girls 10th Anniversary Show – Women’s Wrestling Big Show in Sendai

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Sendai Sun Plaza Hall – Sendai, Miyagi, Japan

Mika Shirahime vs Yako Fujigasaki***

After a year of in-ring experience and a change of gear earlier this year Iwata Mika (岩田美香) has officially changed her name to Shirahime Mika (白姫美叶), Shirahime meaning ‘white princess’. In her first match as the new Shirahime, she faces JWP wrestler, Yako Fujigasaki, who refuses the pre-match handshake to boos from the crowd. Even with only a two-year difference of in-ring experience this match had the feel of a veteran against a rookie with Yako holding some camel clutches and pulling Mika’s nose back. There’s an edit a couple minutes in that takes us to the finishing stretch of the match with Yako landing a body press to put away Mika. A solid less than ten-minute match that showed a good fight from Mika but she’s still in her young girl phase of losing most of her matches.

Yako Fujigasaki def. Mika Shirahime

Aiger & Hiroyo Matsumoto vs Rydeen Hagane & Wrestler XN/R

Surprise, wrestler X is Dynamite Kansai! She patiently stands in the middle of the ring waiting for Aiger to shake her hand, Aiger moves a little and finally grabs Kansai’s fingertips and shakes her hand. Jump cut to Rydeen being freaked out by Aiger and tags out. Kansai happily plays along with Aiger’s hi-jinks before sending her back to her corner with a claw hold. Hiroyo gets tagged in. Another edit shows us that Hiroyo is lying on the mat and Aiger is on the top turnbuckle getting kicked by Kansai. Aiger accidentally blinds Hiroyo with dust, causing her to be suplexed by her partner. Kansai picks up the win for her team and you can tell that everyone had fun in this match.

Dynamite Kansai & Rydeen Hagane def. Aiger & Hiroyo Matsumoto

Alex Lee, Kyoko Kimura & Hana Kimura vs Ayako Hamada, Mika Shirahime & Mio Momono**3/4

We’re joining the match in progress as Mika is hitting forearms trying to do something to Kyoko but Kyoko lays her out with a single forearm. Ayako gets the hot tag and starts running about kicking Kyoko in the head and knocking the opposite team off the turnbuckle. Hana tags in running about attacking Ayako, with Ayako barely moving from her attacks, Hana eventually gets her with a suplex. Fast forward two more edits and Mika is trying to pin Kyoko while the other women are trying to hold back one another, eventually, Kyoko makes Mika tap out with a cobra clutch.

Alex Lee, Kyoko Kimura & Hana Kimura def. Ayako Hamada, Mika Shirahime & Mio Momono

Aja Kong & Cassandra Miyagi vs Hiroe Nagahama & Ryo Mizunami***

A fan gets a “Cassandra” chant started in the crowd and Cassandra dances along to it, she then makes Hiroe head-bang with her causing Hiroe to become dizzy because she’s not metal enough. Aja and Cassandra are effective in keeping Hiroe away from her own corner and keeping their offense constant. On the side of the camera views, we can see Ryo having verbal spats with the ref for not being allowed in and help her teammate. She’s finally tagged in and is able to backdrop and spear Aja. Not much of note happens after Ryo’s tag in until the finish, Aja, of course, uses her garbage can.

Aja Kong & Cassandra Miyagi def. Hiroe Nagahama & Ryo Mizunami

Vacant Sendai Girls Tag Team Championship: DASH Chisako & KAORU vs. Syuri & Hikaru Shida***3/4

After being vacant for nine months tonight will decide who will be the new Sendai Girls Tag Team Champions. A video package plays telling how our team and Chisako and KAORU came to be and the journey both teams took to get to this match. Right off the bat DASH and KAORU rush and attack Hikaru, hitting her with some team attacks. Hikaru is showing another level of aggression early in this contest, her face and attacks are oozing anger and make it feel less that she’s fighting for the belts and more that she just wants to hurt DASH. It doesn’t take long for the three other participants in this match get to that level of aggression, DASH and KAORU aren’t taking it easy on Syuri and aren’t backing down one bit. KAORU whacks Hikaru in the head with a board and suplexes her for a cover her but the ref won’t allow it as Hikaru is pinned on something other than the mat. After rolling away from a falling board Hikaru climbs up top and drops her kento stick onto KAORU, but the plan backfires when KAORU catches it and hits Hikaru’s leg while she’s airborne. When DASH comes in she’s like a house afire, running the ropes to dropkick Syuri’s leg then running them again to dropkick her head. Elbows are being thrown by both women, DASH starts lighting up Syuri with consecutive strikes, goes for a running strike but Syuri ducks and hits her with a nasty high knee.

The action spills outside just as weapons are being reintroduced to the match with the ref knocking himself silly trying to confiscate a board. Back in the ring, we see the use of a chair, kendo stick, board, and indian club all in the span of a minute. Hikaru and Syuri hit tandem shining wizards on DASH but it’s not enough to put her away. In the final wild sprint, DASH does a hurricanrana, gets a two count, but rolls up Hikaru again to finally get the win. This match stayed heated very quickly after the bell and stayed around that high level for the entire duration of the bout. Post match you can notice the losing team taking this defeat very hard, attacking the new champs before they can receive the belts and have to be physically removed from the ring. DASH Chisako and KAORU are your new Sendai Girls Tag Team Champions, and KAORU even wins a giant stand of lollipops.

DASH Chisako & KAORU def. Syuri & Hikaru Shida to win the Sendai Girls Tag Team Championship

Sendai Girls World Championship: Meiko Satomura (c) vs. Chihiro Hashimoto****

Meiko Satomura has held the Sendai Girls World Championship for 371 days and has had four successful defenses. The twenty-one year veteran defends her title against someone with just over a year of wrestling experience, Chihiro Hashimoto. The video package tells us about Meiko’s title reign and defenses and Chihiro walking in and accepting her challenge to a title match. After the bell, Chihiro shoots for the double-leg takedown and both competitors engage in intense mat grappling. All the mat wrestling plays into Chihiro’s favor with her background in amateur wrestling, but Meiko isn’t far behind with her mat abilities. Eventually, the fight is brought back to their feet, Meiko throws uppers and misses a spinning heel kick giving Chihiro an opening for a spear and hip attacks. I’m not a fan of Chihiro’s hip attack because it never looks damaging enough, Yako’s hip attack looked much better because it looked like she was using all of her momenta to rush her opponent, Chihiro’s is much too soft. Chihiro rolls out of the ring after a kick to the head and returns after ten and gets into a stiff strike exchange with Meiko showing her determination to overcome the hurdle and win the contest. Meiko keeps kicking Chihiro in the corner, drawing a warning from the ref for constantly attacking an opponent in the corner.

Chihiro defends a DVD from Meiko and puts her down with a lariat. A missed high kick opens the door for Chihiro to hook Meiko for a German suplex. She then hits a powerbomb but hesitates and gives Meiko enough time for a kick out. Growing frustrated with the kick outs Chihiro starts throwing everything she has a Meiko, spear, suplex, lariats, but none of it is working. A DVD but Chihiro kicks out at one! Meiko laid in a head kick and makes Chihiro eyes go glassy, but she keeps breaking the pin so Meiko puts on a sleeper hold. Rope escape makes Meiko so angry that even a German suplex can’t keep her down but a second one does the trick and Chihiro Hashimoto wins the match and becomes the new Sendai Girls World Champion! The crowd cheers loudly for the new champion when her arm gets raised after having the match of the night, but the celebration doesn’t last long as Cassandra walks in the ring and asks for a title match that Chihiro accepts.

Chihiro Hashimoto def. Meiko Satomura to win the Sendai Girls World Championship

  • Great - 8/10


This was another great show put on by Sendai Girls in recent months. The top half of the show was fun to watch and the two title matches were awesome with great story telling and emotion showing throughout both bouts. If you have two hours free time you'll enjoy the whole but if you're pressed for time I highly recommend the two title matches.



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