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Sendai Girls 10th Anniversary Show Review, Results (November 9, 2016): The Future Looks Bright

Fire emoji scenario? Fire emoji scenario.

Sendai Girls 10th Anniversary Show ~ Women’s Wrestling Big Show In Korakuen

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Korakuen Hall – Tokyo, Japan

Hana Kimura def. Mika Shirahime**3/4

A promo plays before the match talking about Mika’s ring name change and her continual losing streak in contrast to fellow rookie and title holder, Hana Kimura. Hana does a great job of keeping Mika down whenever she tries to take control of the match. Mika’s great fighting spirit is what’s keeping her going in all of her matches and through her losing streak. Every time she might be done she gets this fire in her eyes that tells you that she’s nowhere near defeated. Hana puts on a deep sleeper hold, but a near unconscious Mika is able to get her foot on the rope. An angry Mika yells and bounces of the ropes to attack but Hana hits her square in the head with a swift kick and ends the bout. Post-match we see Mika, exhausted and possibly envious, stare at Hana receiving her titles and certificate. Throughout the match you hear the crowd get behind Mika, yelling her name and showing good reaction whenever it looks like she just might finally win.

Hikaru Shida def. AigerN/R

This match was heavily edited down by Samurai to keep the bottom two matches complete, we only get to see less than half of a match that went a bit over six minutes. There was a lot of yelling at the beginning of the match between the two. Time edit to Shida using her kendo stick. Another two time edits eat up the majority of the match. Aiger gets in Shida’s face and scares her, later in the match there is some referee interference but Shida picks up the win.

Sareee def. Alex LeeN/R

Just like the match before it, this was heavily edited down to save television time for the two big matches of the show, showing less than half of the near seven minute match. This match featured a lot of basic and fundamental wrestling moves: wrist locks, waists locks, normal headlocks, and a double foot stomp by Alex. Time edit gets us to the finishing stretch with Sareee. Not enough of the match was seen to truly rate it.

Kyoko Kimura & Ryo Mizunami draw DASH Chisako & KAORU***1/4

Our challengers enter to some Pitbull and Kyoko emerges from a trash can, so it’s already a fun time. Champions walk out to some rock and come wielding a ladder, chair, and board. The bell rings,  Ryo comes out with a tire and KAORU with her signature wooden board. Tire in hand, Ryo starts spinning and swinging her weapon, KAORU keeps her distance and starts to swing her board once Ryo stops attacking. Ryo tries trapping KAORU with the tire but she’s able to slip out of the tire and slaps Ryo in the face. Both go back to their respective corners to grab weapons, Ryo comes back with a trashcan lid and is shocked to found out it actually works in defending her from the board attacks. Recognizing the stalemate, KAORU shakes hands with Ryo and both walk to their corners to tag in their partners. DASH and Kyoko come in hot and start swinging at each other, DASH gets hit in the head with her chair but KAORU trips up Kyoko when she goes off the ropes and DASH is given enough time to recover. The two set up on the outside so DASH can dive onto Kyoko but Ryo knocks her off the top rope and Kyoko pushes KAORU away. Action goes back in the ring with Ryo crushing DASH’s stomach with the tire. KAORU tries to make the save but gets attacked in the same manner. Kyoko gets back in and slams DASH before grabbing the referee and slamming him on top of her, twice, and slamming Ryo on top of her for good measure.

A couple minutes later we jump ahead to Kyoko throwing DASH into the floor chairs. Another time jump and we’re in the stands seeing KAORU be put in the garbage can and is carted outside. Kyoko gets a table set and places DASH on top, but KAORU walks back in through the stairwell knocking down Ryo and Kyoko. Ryo gets placed on the table while DASH goes up to the top of the stairwell, dives on top of Ryo, and even breaks the table. A TV edit takes us back to ringside with DASH and KAORU piling chairs on top of Ryo, DASH climbs up to KAORU’s shoulders and lands a senton on top of the chair pile, hurting Ryo and herself in the process. KAORU is soon suplexed onto the same pile of chairs from the ladder by Kyoko and DASH gets put under a pile of chairs and has the ladder land on her. Now we’re close enough to the time limit that the ring announcer to announcing how many minutes are left in the match. With both of their opponents down, KAORU and DASH both go up top to hit their signature moves. The Valkyrie Splash misses but DASH’s Hormone Splash hits its target, she covers for the three-count, but Ryo breaks it up in time. After using the ladder as a weapon, KAORU sets it up for DASH to go up top again, but Kyoko recovers and gets in a elbow striking battle with DASH on top of the ladder. With help she hits Kyoko with a sunset flip but Kyoko kicks out at two, she doesn’t give up and goes for another Hormone Splash off the ladder. Unfortunately for DASH the time limit bell rings before she can get a three-count and we have a draw. Post-match Shida walks out and asks for a title match.

Ayako Hamada & Meiko Satomura def. Aja Kong & Hiroyo Matsumoto***1/2

During the pre-match ceremony Kenta Kobashi walks in ring and hands Meiko a bouquet of flowers to congratulate her and Sendai Girls on making it to ten years. He then goes to everyone and shakes hand but Aja refuses and just shrugs him off. The bell rings as Hiroyo and Ayako start the match and have two intense collar-and-elbow tie ups that end in a stalemate. They walk back and Hiroyo shoots for another collar-and-elbow tie up but Ayako ducks and hooks on a waist lock. They get into a series of waist locks, headlocks, tests of strength, and pin reversals. After the flurry of pin attempts Ayako walks over and tags in Meiko and a short chant starts in the crowd. It doesn’t take long for the action to start, Meiko hooks in a fast and painful wrist lock, kick to the leg, and double wrist lock but Hiroyo gets out of it with a hard forearm strike. Both get into a hard-hitting forearm exchange, Hiroyo bounces Meiko off the ropes but Meiko grabs her hair and hits her with a European uppercut. Two shoulder blocks take Meiko to the ground but she kips up and hits another European uppercut. She tries to kick Hiroyo, who’s currently on the ropes, but misses and gets her throat pulled into the ropes. Aja gets tagged in and quickly starts chopping Meiko in the turnbuckle while looking over to the announcers’ desk at Kenta Kobashi. She puts Meiko into a facelock and Ayako runs in and headbutts her, but to no affect, Aja looks Ayako in the eyes and headbutts her back. Hiroyo gets tagged back in and starts laying in some hard-hitting offense before having Aja get in the ring again. Action spills outside to the timekeeper’s table with Aja smashing Meiko’s head into the table, tossing Ayako into the audience’s seats, and throwing a barricade at Meiko.

We’re back in the ring after a little crowd brawling and Meiko lands a solid spinning heel kick on Aja’s head to give her enough time to tag in Ayako, who lands another spinning heel kick. A slap battle starts between the two but Ayako ducks the last one and rolls over to the opponent’s corner and slaps Hiroyo. Ayako grabs Aja’s hand and goes for a rope walk that turns into an armdrag/headscissors combo on Aja and Hiroyo and then lands a moonsault on the duo. In comes Meiko, and by now the crowd is hot for this match, Meiko and Ayako go back and forth hitting European uppercuts and superkicks on a dazed Hiroyo leading into a great powerbomb/splash combo attack. Minutes later everyone is laid out from exhaustion and the referee starts to count. At count six Meiko and Hiroyo start to slowly get up before count eight, Hiroyo hits two powerbombs to try to end the match but each pin is broken up by Ayako. After more scuffling Meiko hits Hiroyo with a DVD and locks in a sleeper to finally get the win. This was an awesome tag match featuring great work by both teams. Everyone was firing at all cylinders and meshed great, even Aja Kong who wasn’t featured much in the match, did her part well.

Sendai Girls World Championship: Chihiro Hashimoto (c) def. Cassandra Miyagi***1/2

Newly crowned Sendai Girls champion Chihiro Hashimoto gets to walk to the ring through some banners with her image. This helps make her entrance feel like one of a champion’s. Cassandra ignores Chihiro’s handshake offer and stays still in her corner, glaring at her opponent. They even start the match just staring at each other, Cassandra still in her corner and Chihiro walking out to the middle of the ring. Chihiro shoots for the double take but Cassandra defends it and eventually gets Chihiro into a front headlock after some transitions. Cassandra shows off great mat grappling skills being able to keep up with Chihiro’s amateur background–she keeps up with her on the mat and is able to get another headlock put on. Cassandra gets a rope break from an abdominal stretch and starts to work over Chihiro’s right leg. She then starts hitting dropkick after dropkick, even dropkicking Chihiro off the second rope to the floor, before hitting a final dropkick from the apron. Action goes through the crowd as Cassandra hits her opponent’s head against the East and West signs in Korakuen Hall.

Back in the ring after some back and forth Cassandra locks in a leg submission on Chihiro and a section in the crowd starts up a “Chihiro” chant. Cassandra and Chihiro go back and forth trying to suplex each other and Chihiro reverses to attempt a German suplex but Cassandra reverses that into a heel lock. Chihiro gets a rope break but Cassandra drags her back and keeps attacking her leg. A little later Chihiro hip tosses Cassandra but she starts biting Chihiro’s leg to get out of the submission. A second-rope senton into another armbar that Cassandra can’t escape from by biting Chihiro’s leg; so she settles for a rope break. More dropkicks and big boots by Cassandra but they’re still ineffective in getting the win, she puts on a nice knee bar after a striking exchange but Chihiro reaches the ropes. Chants for Chihiro continue through our match as Cassandra keeps trying to get a three count but Chihiro keeps kicking out. Cassandra gets her world rocked by a big release German suplex before Chihiro hits with a spear and bridging German suplex for the win.   

After the match Chihiro stands tall next her trophy and title belt and starts giving a speech to the crowd, but here come Meiko Satomura and Aja Kong. Both veterans come out asking for a title shot and it’s eventually settled that Meiko and Aja will battle to become the number one contender to the Sendai Girls Championship. Being an amateur wrestling and MMA fan, as well as a huge pro wrestling fan, I could gush about the mat work in the early stages of this match for a long while. You don’t see a lot of great mat work like this in modern joshi right now, that’s not a knock on the other promotions in any way, but it just shows the skill of the current talent under Meiko Satomura and her training that a character wrestler like Cassandra Miyagi can get down and hold her own on the wrestling mat with a skilled amateur prospect like Chihiro Hashimoto. It tells me that good wrestling fundamentals are taught at the Sendai dojo.    

  • Good - 7.5/10


Minus the heavily edited matches on this broadcast, this was another great show by Sendai Girls this year. They've been hitting it out of the park in their last three shows and it doesn't look like they're stopping anytime soon. This show had heavy focus on Sendai's three youngest talents: Cassandra, Chihiro and Mika, all of whom showed their top work at Korakuen. All three are promising young talents and I'm looking forward to seeing them develop more in the near and far future along with the promotion.



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