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SEAdLINNING Nanae Takahashi 20th Anniversary Review: Teeth Be Flying

SEAdLINNING: Nanae Takahashi 20th Anniversary 
Watch: RealHero Puro Drive  
July 11, 2016 
Korakuen Hall – Tokyo, Japan 

I am reviewing an entire Joshi event! I know this isn’t what I usually do, but hey, I don’t usually eat cake but I did that tonight as well. I much prefer Joshi over cake because Joshi won’t make you overweight. Joshi is also one of the hidden treasures in wrestling because everyone knows about Joshi’s glory years of the 80’s and 90’s but they aren’t aware that great women’s wrestling still takes place in the modern day in Japan. You still have a lot of the legends around like Chigusa, Meiko, Kong, Toyota and many more but the modern day Joshi scene is still very good. This show is based around Nanae Takahashi’s 20th anniversary as a pro wrestler. Looking at her you wouldn’t think she is a 20 year veteran because she looks so young and vibrant. But my god she has been in some wars over the years. My favorite Nanae Takahashi match this year is actually with none other than Masato Tanaka. This should be fun.

Ayako Hamada & Takako Inoue vs. Rin Kadokura & Takumi Iroha**1/2

This was a good match but you won’t miss anything if you skip it. I was going to skip this until I saw Ayako Hamada was working the match. She is Gran Hamada’s daughter and is well versed in Lucha Libre. Rin Kadokura is a rookie but she was good I guess, her running dropkicks looked very weak but her missile dropkick was pretty. Iroha hit a beautiful German suplex hold on Inoue. Inoue was great in this, she is 46 now but her kicks and strikes are glamorous much like Inoue herself. Hamada and Iroha had some nice sequences together, Hamada has a vicious wheel kick. Kadokura fell victim to a Ayako Hamada moonsault which got the one… two… three.. Team veteran wins!

Kohei Sato & Kotaro Suzuki vs. Ikuto Hidaka & Masato Tanaka

I am going to be honest the main reason I watched and reviewed this show was to watch this ZERO-1 offer match. I love the ZERO-1 brothers and personally I think Kotaro is one of the most under appreciated juniors in wrestling. Sadly this was the only match that was clipped. This was clipped to around 3 minutes and in those 3 minutes the brothers still managed to have a *** match. Ikuto and Kotaro had a tremendous technical sequence. Masato Tanaka hit a frog splash. Ikuto knocked the giant Sato down with numerous kicks but wasn’t able to pin the then ZERO-1 Heavyweight Champion. Hidaka kicked out of a pile driver but wasn’t able to escape Sato’s German suplex hold.

Tsukasa Fujimoto & Yumiko Hotta vs. Hiragi Kurumi & Yuki Miyazaki***

This was a standard good Joshi tag. Nothing great by any means but also there was nothing wrong. Some very interesting sequences and spots which made this entertaining. The crowd was red hot for the experienced Yumiko Hotta. The referee who is a wrestler got a lot of offence in during this bout which was funny. She also had very fast pinfalls for both teams. At one point she even done a 619. There was lots of neat submissions and transitions during the wackiness. Fujimoto’s selling in this was very impressive. The rope running spots in this match were mind boggling, I would trip over my feet many times if I was asked to do what these women did. Fujimoto hit a springboard kick which Hotta followed up with a la-magistral on Kurumi.

Rina Yamashita & Ryo Mizunami vs. Arisa Nakajima & Sareee ***3/4

Now this was a great bloody match! This just may be a top 5 Joshi match of 2016! I loved this so much because it brought back a lot of memories of old school Joshi. From the hard hitting strikes and the shear amount of missile dropkicks. I truly did warm my heart and introduce me into some great performers. All women were fired up and ready to wrestle from the get go. Nakajima and Mizunami traded some very stiff forearms. At this point into the match I realized Arisa Nakajima is fucking amazing. Nakajima hit a shutdown German suplex hold on Mizunami. Lots of German suplexes in this bout. Sareee was showing that fire! When she got going you couldn’t stop her. I seriously lost count at the amount of missile dropkicks in this match. Saree KILLED Mizunami with a overhead urange. Mizunami is also amazing and great with everything she does whether it’s bumping, feeding or running wild. SHE IS A FEMALE HOSS. In the end Mizunami put Sareee away with a Tombstone driver.

Meiko Satomura & DASH Chisako vs. Nanae Takahashi & Yoshiko ***3/4

This was another really great match but man I am just not comfortable watching Yoshiko in the ring. Like she is good and does her role well in ring but I just couldn’t care less about her as a person. She is go away heat for me, I do not want to see her on my RealHero puroresu drive. She has done disgusting things and I just can’t find it in myself to just act like nothing happened. I have to admit that it was pretty great when Meiko kicked the shit out of her though. If Meiko can just continuously kick Yoshiko for the rest of her career than I guess I am fine with it. With Yoshiko in this match I wasn’t paying my full attention but as this rolled on I payed more and more attention and I watched a very good match take place. Crowd was STRONGLY behind Yoshiko, Not many Meiko fans in the building but they all respect her of course. Nanae and DASH looked like they were legit shoot fighting and I got worried and hugged my pillow. Dash’s strikes on Yoshiko looked like they packed extra mustard for sure. Yoshiko did make a good strong hot tag and had Korakuen giving off some decent reactions. Nanae used a beautiful back drop suplex on DASH who is great. She works Michinoku Pro a fair bit and is always impressive there. Nanae hit a tope suicida on Meiko. DASH used a fucking top rope RKO on Nanae. Meiko and Nanae trade back drop suplexes. Yoshiko squashed Meiko with a middle rope senton. Nanae pinned the Sendai Girls champion with a wrist-clutch style emerald flowsion.

After the match Meiko challenged Nanae to a match but Yoshiko got into Meiko’s face and said she wants to fight Meiko. Basically if Meiko defeats Yoshiko than Meiko will get Nanae at a future date. Yoshiko vs. Meiko is set for 7/30 Sendai Girls.

This was a really enjoyable card and I don’t regret it at all. Nothing dragged or felt like it didn’t belong. The top two matches were both REAL good in different ways so I would recommend that. Also please harass SEAdLINNING people on twitter and tell them the release the entire ZERO-1 tag match. THANK YOU!!!


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