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ROH TV Review, Results (October 29, 2016): Coasting Till Final Battle


ROH TV Episode 267 (airing from October 29 onward) 

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Lowell Memorial Auditorium – Lowell, MA

Donovan Dijak (w/Prince Nana) def. Danny Milesn/r

New England Wrestling Academy students accompanied Dijak to the ring in the ASE-like star entrance. He comes off as a larger than life appearance with the swagger to match the Prince Nana inspired theme. I can only describe the presentation as DOPE. Danny Miles sold like death as Dijak took him to town in a minute. A massive choke breaker was hit followed by a breath of tension with a side of FEAST YOUR EYES! Not just that though. Dijak hit it one more time as this became a death sentence, not just a squash. Make it three times as Miles’ lifeless body is pinned. From the big entrance to the finish this was supremely well done. Now only if Dijak was treated like this all the time and so happened to get a big title push, then winning the title in the state he’s in. Please?

Nana cut a promo post-match. The theme of it was that Dijak never quit in the match vs. Bobby Fish from ASE. “Dijak is the quintessential example of what an athlete should be from top to bottom.” Dijak silently nodded as Nana said that would never happen again [referring to the pass out vs. Fish / losing a match]. Nana even called a Lowell resident a pig! Cocky and confident going forward obviously.

We got a highlight reel from the ROH daily update last week after the show went off the air. Motor City Machine Guns and Bullet Club brawled after The Bucks called MCMG the “fragile” City Machine Guns.

A quick Briscoes promo addressing The Addiction costing them the titles at Field of Honor. As usual it was entertaining as hell. Mark explained that even though Addiction don’t have the titles any more they “still got heads on ’em.”

The Addiction got on the mic pre-“match” (as it couldn’t happen due to injuries) putting themselves over, battling through injuries to actually get to the venue. Ladder War 6 changed them, obviously, then transitioned into a weird face put-over of The Briscoes for being in ROH since Day 1, as well as being warriors. They tell the truth, explaining that The Briscoes are the best team in ROH history. Kazarian went evil mode saying when he also thinks of legacy he thinks of Christopher Daniels (which got a pop). We got the mood swing as even though they can’t compete, they’ll never die, they’re better, yadda yadda. Not bad but The Briscoes brought the flames. Daniels never talked which brought things down. The Briscoes were still here for a fight against anyone. But they called out The Bucks, who were also in Ladder War 6. Instead out was Adam Cole and Hangman Page. Cole cut an amazing promo imitating a redneck accent and explaining Briscoes are cowardly for calling out a team that went to hell and back. Bullet Club faked leaving and then stormed the ring after being called out with the crowd, to boot, chanting “Man Up!”

The Briscoes (Jay & Mark) def. Bullet Club (Adam Cole & Hangman Page)eh

This didn’t get enough time to build into something when it was DQ’d. Mark was worked over through a commercial break only to make an awesome hot tag to Jay who tore the house down, bleeding from the back of his head running through both Bullet Club members. However Cole came in, in short order smacking Jay from behind with the title belt to cause the DQ. We had multiple people bleeding stemming from this as well as reDRagon running in. This was a cluster that was serviceable building a story in a very small advancement, giving cool images of Jay and Page bleeding from such a small match.

Matt Taven popped on screen and I thought he was maybe Stevie Richards until he took off his glasses. His promo was short but sweet regarding next week’s tournament match vs. Bullet Club. Thy Kingdom Come next week will be said.

Jay Lethal got interview time on stage with Kevin Kelly. It was about his match vs. Adam Cole on November 20 at the Reach For The Sky Tour, with the winner facing Kyle O’Reilly at Final Battle. He professed he believes he’s the greatest wrestler in the world and that it’ll be a fact when he beats Cole. It was so weird hearing the crowd’s nuances mic’d up very loud with people agreeing and saying random things. Lethal has “removed” all his distractions and apparently forgives Cole for shaving his head as it’s easier to take care of, plus he’s also gotten compliments on him. What’s with all the inter-roster put overs tonight?! He’ll become champion was the point.

Caprice Coleman to extend the promo streak to three, talking about the main event pitting The Cabinet vs. ACH, KUSHIDA and Jay White in the main event. “Did you expect to see us here, this close to the election?” was the weirdest line ever. He went insane and kept laughing absurdly. Odd promo but I guess it works because the gimmick.

ROH World 6-Man Tag Team Championship Tournament Semi-Final: ACH, KUSHIDA & Jay White def. The Cabinet (Rhett Titus, Kenny King & Caprice Coleman) ok

The Cabinet pre-match did the goofy kneel and speech explaining if they interrupt the protest they will be disqualified. Team good guys went for a handshake only to taunt, as The Cabinet got the upper-hand to start. This went from “goodness gracious this is nothing” to actually decent because the action picked up as it should in trios. Coleman’s new gimmick on top of the leader of the Cabinet is him going psycho in any position he’s in like the promo earlier or when KUSHIDA has him trapped in a lock. We got some fun offense from ACH, White, etc, but nothing blow away or must see. The crowd seemed to like it more live obviously as our own Dan said this was good live. The best part of the match saw KUSHIDA hit a German suplex on King which also served as a bridge on Titus for a double pin near fall. White caught Coleman in mid-air for a Uranagi which led to a KUSHIDA dive on the other two and ACH hitting the Midnight Star for the win as Team ACH, KUSHIDA & White advance in the tournament. Nothing bad but I can’t be too generous. A fun fact to close out the review was that up until recently KUSHIDA didn’t even know if his team was still in the tournament. ACH, KUSHIDA & Jay White face the winner of Bullet Club vs. Kingdom next week.

  • Sub Par - 4.5/10


This was by far the most impressive ROH TV. It didn't do much as it's a filler/coast episode as we get closer to Final Battle. We got a lot of lazy, short promos, not a lot of action, and a not a lot of good storyline advancement or things being put in place. This was obviously a lazy edition which no motivation to continue to watch the lead-up aside from the tournament matches (and the fact that Dragon Lee vs. Bobby Fish is happening next week). Skip this week's episode and save yourself an hour. Watch something else like the newest DDT show!


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