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ROH TV Review: Lethal Lays The Challenge

ROH TV Episode 255

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Air Date: August 6th, 2016

2300 Arena – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Welcome to the recap/review of ROH television. Tonight we get a ROH World Title match and the saga of Jay Lethal and Adam Cole continues. Let’s get to the action in the ring!

Jay White vs Will Ferrara

On Tuesday I reviewed Smackdown Live for the site and I was treated to about 20 minutes give or take of actual wrestling on a 2 hour show. Right off the bat ROH delivers with a match between two fresh faced up and comers. Jay White of course has been making a name for himself as the “young lion of blue eyes” in New Japan Pro Wrestling. Will Ferrara has been doing the same in ROH although maybe not to the level and the hype of Jay White. This is a good opening match between these two. It’s pretty much a scientific encounter from the beginning as the two grapplers exchange holds trying to establish a dominant position against the other. I really enjoy this match a lot. It’s fun and refreshing in comparison to the little wrestling I watched from WWE on Tuesday. I think it’s a great coup for ROH to have Jay White while he is on excursion and I think he can play an important role for the company especially if they build him up right which it appears they are doing. If this was a different era Jay White would be the prototypical white meat babyface. The Ricky Morton type working from the bottom and fighting hard to prevail over the brutish veteran heel. Today wrestling is much different and well that’s just not the type of story we will get probably from ROH in regards to White, but nonetheless it will still be enjoyable to watch this young man grow and climb the ranks here. After a good back and forth match Jay White hits the Kiwi Crusher to earn the win.

Next we get a cool video package of Katsuyori Shibata in anticipation of his American debut on August 19 at the Death Before Dishonor PPV. Shibata will face Silas Young.

Highlights are shown of Mark Briscoe earning his TV Title shot against Bobby Fish at Death Before Dishonor.

I never thought I would hear Mark Briscoe utter the words divisive rhetoric. My life is now complete. This is great. We have what may be the debut of the hottest new talk show in wrestling. The Chicken Shack with our host Mark Briscoe!! As far as I am concerned ROH needs to feature the Chicken Shack every week. Great piece of business here to build up their PPV match. Bobby Fish kills it with his promo on Mark. This starts off real funny courtesy of Briscoe’s antics. The chemistry between Bobby and Mark is fantastic and by the end of this segment the heat has been “turnt up” and I am genuinely excited to see this match on August 19.

ROH World Championship: Jay Lethal vs Colt Cabana

When I first watched ROH back in 2003-2004 I loved Colt Cabana. I thought he was funny and also a good wrestler who joked around a lot, but once the bell rang was all business. I loved his feud with Homicide, I loved him as a member of the Second City Saints feuding with BJ Witmer, and I loved his match with CM Punk for the ROH World Title. Fast forward to 2016 and my views on Cabana are different. I mainly view him as a comedy wrestler. A wrestler that does not take himself seriously. Due to this I do not take him seriously either, and cannot consider him as a person I am excited to see wrestle in a top spot on a card, or a person I consider a threat to a major title in a major company. So with that being said I am surprised to see ROH book him in a title match with Lethal. This is of course their second title match as they headlined the last ROH PPV in a match that was a no contest due to Bullet Club interference. I saw Cabana wrestle live at the Toronto TV tapings back in May against Hangman Page and was impressed so I am interested in how this match plays out. Let me be the first to say that this is a really good match. Cabana and Lethal put on a heck of a show here. Good back and forth. It’s the second face vs face match which feels kind of strange but that is ROH for you these days. If I had to give this match a star rating I would say ***1/2 at least!!! The only thing to me in this match that I did not like was Cabana kicking out of the Lethal Injection which to me is just ridiculous. I mean Cabana is not Akiyama or Miyahara here and it just felt like when Lethal hit it that the match should have been over. It would have put a definitive exclamation point on the match I feel. None the less Cabana did kick out which I have to admit did lead to a good finishing sequence as Lethal hit the Lethal Injection for a second time and put Colt down for the count.

Post-match Lethal call Nigel McGuiness into the ring. Lethal lays his cards on the table for all to see and tells Nigel he wants Adam Cole. He passionately demands that Nigel lift his ban on Adam Cole getting a title shot so that he can face him at Death Before Dishonor. Nigel however refuses saying he cannot go back on his word. At this point Adam Cole comes out and starts lambasting Lethal and McGuiness. Cole fires shots at Lethal. Jay cuts an awesome fiery promo once again demanding Nigel makes the match. This was so well done and Nigel has no choice but to make the match! Everyone is going crazy and August 19th at Death Before Dishonor Jay Lethal will defend his ROH World Title against Adam Cole!

Overall Thoughts:

This was a great show once again, Good opening match and a real good main event plus the announcement of the title match at the end of the show. This was just a real good easy to watch 60 minutes of professional wrestling as opposed to a bloated 2 hours of sports entertainment.


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