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ROH TV Review: Lethal Goes Bald

ROH TV Episode 254 

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Air Date: July 30, 2016

Cabarrus Arena – Concord, NC

Welcome brothers and sisters to another recap of Ring of Honor television brought to us tonight from the Cabarrus arena in beautiful Concord, NC.

We open with a video recap of last week’s attack on Kyle O’Reilly at the hands of The Young Bucks and Adam Cole. Footage is shown of O’Reilly valiantly trying to defeat Jay Lethal for the ROH World title before falling victim to the Lethal Injection, and subsequently being laid out with a spike piledriver by the Bucks and Cole. This prompted an upset Nigel McGuiness to proclaim that Adam Cole would never get a shot at the ROH World title as long as he was matchmaker.

Jay Lethal’s music plays. We are informed by Kevin Kelly that Lethal has asked for this time to address what transpired last week. Lethal says it wasn’t right that Kyle was not 100 percent for their match. It wasn’t right that the Bullet Club stole his chance at a fair title shot, and it wasn’t right what Jay Lethal had to do to Kyle O’Reilly in that match. Jay points out Nigel is at ringside for commentary and that is why he has come to the ring. Lethal notes that tonight’s main event is a match between the Briscoes and the Bucks. Jay asks Nigel to do what’s right and make tonight’s main event a match between the Briscoes and Jay Lethal against the Young Bucks and Adam Cole. The crowd explodes in support of this proposal. Nigel agrees! So there we have it folks. Tonight’s new main event is now set. Kelly and Nigel again stress that Cole will never receive a title shot as long as Nigel is matchmaker.

A vignette airs of Steve Corino and Kevin Sullivan. The two men are sitting at a picnic table. It’s shot like a dream sequence with music. Corino tells Sullivan that he is not mad, that he is not angry, just confused about what happened at the end of his match with B.J. Whitmer. He asks Sullivan why he was struck with the spike and not B.J.? Sullivan explains the legacy of evil that has been passed down from King Curtis, to Kevin, and now to Corino. He says Steve is ruining their universe and that it hurts him to have to hurt Steve. He tells Corino to go home, if he can, but that he can’t go back. Chaos will reign and that his dreams will turn to nightmares if he doesn’t do the right thing.

Moose w/Stokely Hathaway vs. P-Dogg w/The Getalong Gang

P-Dogg and his rag tag Getalong Gang look absolutely ridiculous. He does a rap about Moose. The crowd is chanting boring. Moose and Hathaway have a look of in-credulousness on their faces as they walk to the ring. The “gang” jump Moose before the bell. He dispatches them quickly including power bombing one geek over the ropes to his buddies on the floor. Buckle bomb to Dogg ( former WWE and TNA ref Mike Posey ) and two spears (hit sticks). Later Moose puts his foot on his downed opponent for the win. Que Prince Nana (the greatest manager in wrestling today) and Donovan Dijak. Nana asks for a match between Moose and Dijak to see who the best big man in ROH is. Hathaway accepts on behalf of Moose and the match is set.

Moose w/Stokely Hathaway vs. Donovan Dijak w/Prince Nana

Moose doing jobs on the way out. It’s sad knowing Moose is in TNA now. ROH losing this guy to TNA just seems very telling about what appears to be going on in this company. Heading to WWE is one thing, but TNA? Great showcase match for Dijak. He chokeslams Moose on the ring apron. Moose goes for his Okada dropkick with Dijak on the top turnbuckle only to be stomped down to the mat. Donovan hits a real nice looking power bomb type move on Moose. Match is all Dijak early. Moose makes his comeback, lots of cool spots by both guys. Moose might want to consider not doing his run up the turnbuckles and do a springboard body press spot as he almost loses his balance here and makes the move look really stupid. Eventually Dijak goes for his Feast Your Eyes finisher but Moose blocks it and turns it into a nice discus clothesline. Dijak hits his choke-breaker on Moose but Moose kicks out at one! Some back and forth action and a few minutes later Dijak hits a big boot, big forearm and the Feast Your Eyes for the win. I’m assuming this is the last match for Moose. Just to add insult to injury Dijak delivers a big boot to Stokely Hathaway as well.

An Addiction promo. This is pretty funny. Daniels talks about their dominance over the tag team division explaining how ANX are on the campaign trail, reDRagon have gone looking for singles titles, and The Briscoes have gone to a third world country to get tag team gold.


Next we get the funniest promo I have seen in a while. Yes, funnier than the one that just aired. The Cabinet say they’re going to build a wall around ROH so the Bucks can’t superkick anyone, and that the Bucks will have to pay for the costs of the wall! They talk about all the little people in ROH including someone named little willie, which causes Caprice Coleman to proclaim that he is Batman and you aren’t even Robin. They finish off talking about guys like Moose who fail at all other sports and come into wrestling. Line of the night as Coleman says they could have just cut him, but Moose is used to that. Go out of your way to watch this promo. It’s hilarious.

Adam Cole & The Young Bucks vs. Jay Lethal & The Brisoces

Matt Taven is on commentary. Wasn’t looking forward to that as Taven is really good at putting himself over but not the guys in the ring. Match starts with all six men brawling. Suicide dives by both Jays on the Bucks and Mark hits the blockbuster from the apron to the floor on Cole. Total donnybrook as both teams brawl on the outside. All six of these guys are so good. It’s funny that even though this is every Young Bucks match you’ll ever see, somehow it’s still enjoyable and not boring. Unless you are not a Young Bucks fan in which case you probably are not even watching this match. I really marvel at Jay Lethal and the Briscoes. These guys are just so talented and they look great. I’m assuming it’s only a matter of time before the Briscoes are in NXT. Mark gets pushed off the top rope and crashes through a table that had been set up on the outside earlier in the match. This leads to Mark being taken to the back for “medical attention” effectively turning this into a handicap match. So much chaos in this match. Move after move as you would expect. In the midst of all the confusion Lethal hits the Lethal injection on Cole and then rolls up Matt for the win. Post-match the Bullet Club beat down Lethal and Jay Briscoe. Cole hits Jay Briscoe with a Jay Driller on a steel chair (sick) and after a couple of triple superkicks to Lethal, the Bucks and Cole pullout scissors, then a shaver, and shave Jay Lethal bald to end the show!!!

Overall Thoughts:

Really good one hour of professional wrestling. Good job by ROH on the angle between Adam Cole and Jay Lethal. Lethal was humiliated and now will want to get revenge. Cole can refuse to face Lethal unless the title is on the line. Lethal can demand McGuiness lift his ban on Cole never receiving a title shot again. Sorry to see Moose go. I like Donovan Dijak and think he can be something. He looks goofy sometimes but I think he is becoming a pretty good wrestler. He also reminds me of Killer Kowalski in terms of his height and build and even his face. Hey, maybe that means HHH will want him on NXT!!! Two good promos from the Addiction and the Cabinet this week. Easy show to watch. I liked both matches. Next week is Lethal vs/ Cabana for the ROH World title and I’m sure we will see fallout over the actions of Cole towards Lethal. Hope everyone enjoyed this week’s recap of ROH. Until next week brothers and sisters. Peace!!!

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