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ROH TV Review (Episode 241)

I was extremely late with my SmackDown recap this week, but I get to be early as per usual with ROH TV as it airs on the weekends here. ROH is continuing to air ‘Honor Rising’ matches in preparation for their NJPW crossover Global Wars pay-per-view which is only a week away. The main event sees Colt Cabana challenge Jay Lethal for the ROH World Championship. Last week saw The ELITE take on reDRagon and Katsuyori Shibata in what was a killer six man tag.

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Supercard of Honor Night 1 and Supercard of Honor Night 2

**All match review content is, for the most part, copy and pasted from my February reviews

Moose, Michael Elgin, Tomoaki Honma & Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Bullet Club (Tama Tonga, Cody Hall, Yujiro Takahashi & Bad Luck Fale)

Faces team is loaded. Moose got a great reaction, people doing the arm taunt and all. Could end up being good. This had its moments, and was still a fun watch, but it remained to not be much; maintaining some multi-man flaws that tend to happen with the Bullet Club C-squad. Cody Hall has never looked better at least, although it’s still difficult for him to measure quality control in the ring. Tanahashi didn’t do much except being worked over after Yujiro started the chain with a chair shot on his injured shoulder. Most of the match was focused around the big men of the match, and rightfully so. We had awesome combinations with Moose & Elgin leading the forefront. Cody got a lot of time to shine and did well. Moose was the star of the match, and the crowd was behind him — especially with the help of already over Elgin, already over Honma, and star Tanahashi. The crazy finish saw a Kokeshi on Hall, Fisherman’s on Honma, Elgin stacking Tama and Yujiro, Tana dumped on three Bullet Club members, and lastly Moose finally getting his revenge on Hall including one of the most beautiful big man crossbody’s I’ve ever seen. A spear got Team Stacked Faces the win!

A Truth Martini and Jay Lethal segment airs on the streets of Tokyo. They talked about massages and joke about a ‘big ending’ at the massage place. Good god.

We FINALLY get some CURRENT updates. Good on you ROH. It was a recap of the Lio Rush vs. Jay Lethal ROH title match, which I highly suggest you watch as it’s maybe Lethal’s best performance ever – plus the post-match segment with an all time great promo. Yes, Colt Cabana delivered such. More recap of what went down on Night Two, Cheeseburger vs. Lethal for the ROH title followed by the Cabana surprise non-title win over Lethal.

Lethal is rocking an Ingobernables de Japon shirt! Delirious bombed the segment by walking through the shot, and Truth and Lethal laughed and left. Lethal was mad he wasn’t on the NJPW storefront. Martini made an oversea(see) pun. We get shots of Jay Briscoe and Dalton Castle (in front of something called Peacock) screwing around as well. Martini and Lethal went through the NJPW store and joked about beating everyone in the masks for sale section. Martini smoked in a non-smoking section because he couldn’t read Japanese. DALTON CASTLE IN A CAT CAFE.

Bullet Club (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) vs. The Briscoes (Jay & Mark)

Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson have to be the first people ever to have matches on RAW and ROH TV in the same week. This could be excellent if it gets time, and especially since this is one of Gallows and Gun’s last matches in Japan for the time being, particularly New Japan. Mark Briscoes continued his mini-Mick Foley run, being a lunatic and taking big bumps that add to his aura as a performer. Karl also took the flipping neckbreaker on the mat outside which is an aching achievement in itself. However, as a match itself, this fell a little short. It felt so rushed and it was sloppier than both teams usually are as Mark completely missed an aerial hit which looked completely awkward and might have explained the finish nearly right after. It had its bright spots, such as the hard hitting offense, Gallows putting on a better performance than usual (note: opponents), and some double team work overs, but other than that it went down the plug a few times. Anderson was pinned by Jay after Mark hit the Froggy Bow. Small “Anderson” chants as the two exit to the back.

A montage of all the events from Honor Rising weekend capped off the show. It’s a neat look behind the scenes and into the merch tables and meet and greets that were set-up. Once again, watch this if you really want to. The eight man was fun, and the Briscoes/Bullet Club match was alright. However, it’s incredibly unique that a team worked RAW live and are airing on ROH TV a few days later. I find that fascinating, especially in 2016. Until next time.

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