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ROH TV Review (Episode 239)

Last week’s ROH TV saw Kenny Omega take on ACH in a sweet television match (complete with a banana peel), as well as a Fight Without Honor between Dalton Castle and Silas Young; ending their feud. This week’s ROH TV is all about the Honor Rising events from Japan back in February, and the show will most likely be dedicated to such for at least another week. As I’ve already reviewed the events, this is quite the easy job for me.

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Supercard of Honor Night 1 and Supercard of Honor Night 2

*All match review content is, for the most part, copy and pasted from my February reviews* 

Ryusuke Taguchi & Dalton Castle vs. Jushin Thunder Liger & Matt Sydal

I missed the first part of this match watching live back in February. I was finally able to see the Liger and Castle beginning match stuff. ‘Twas fun and goofy like it should have been. Liger stole the boys! It was your comedy relief opener with all the Dalton action you’ve ever wanted, with partner Taguchi by his side. I was able to watch at the best times, seemingly, with the match getting a tad more serious. Dalton and Sydal had some good exchanges as Korakuen still struggled to fully react to the foreign talent. After Liger dove on Taguchi and Sydal escaped the Bang-a-rang, he hit his Shooting Star Press for the win. A bit weird for Castle to eat the pin in his debut, just like he did at PWG.

A mini highlight video of setup for the event aired.

Gedo vs. Delirious

This came about after these two lads in the booking meeting for the shows went “just fuck up the card, fam,” as we proceed with this ugly looking match. WHO BOOKED THEMSELVES TO GO OVER?! Delirious hardly got a reaction which is humorous. More comedy mixed with the junior style put on display. Delirious went through his many phases, from sliding in and out of the ring, to biting Gedo’s fingers, to actually trying to out-wrestle New Japan’s booker. Gedo was there to take all the punishment. Once this morphed into the more wrestling side of things it became decent. Some rollings around with counters as Delirious evaded Gedo’s splash, and Delirious took advantage of his grip to landslide Gedo for the win, and first ever annual winner of the official Battle of the Bookers Bowl. Delirious went into business for himself. The two shook hands and that was back. Now back to plotting run-ins on the combined big show. Delirious also embraced with a Japanese cosplayer who so happened to be…Delirious.

Roderick Strong was about to cut a promo but Bobby Fish interrupted him and played the now always talked about on commentary “mind games” that played a “key” in costing Roderick the TV title. I wonder if they’ll use that as an excuse for him not working like he should vs. Ishii in the main event. The acting was quite bad as well.

(ROH World Television Championship) Roderick Strong (c) vs. Tomohiro Ishii

Roddy vs. The World continues in the best way yet, and the match that’s most likely going to define Roddy’s reign with the title in 2016. This is a literal dream match that some have been asking for for years, and it’s finally happening right here at Honor Rising, plus for gold! This match is so special that even Todd Sinclair is reffing it. It took a bit of time for Strong’s role in the match to resonate with the crowd, but after that point the match felt a bit more ideal with its reactions and flow. However, the whole dynamic of face vs. face came through still, because the crowd, no matter how many rules Roddy would bend, and how many things he would do, unfairly to Ishii; the crowd didn’t care because this was a special show. They’d still chant for Roddy at times, they’d still pop for his spots. That very dynamic failed and understandably so. The in-ring was tremendous as expected, although paced at near Tanahashi slow main event levels, with added violence in the mix because of the upscale in hoss-ness vs. pureness. Right after Ishii’s “I almost forgot to kick out” moment, things started to kick into full gear, something we’ve wished these guys to be involved in together for a long time. A Backbreaker on the outside, too many chops, forearms, one-up offense, top rope moves than you could imagine. After a superplex, mix of Roddy’s favorite signature moves, as well as a sick kick, Ishii still managed to kick out. Roddy pulled down his knee pad but Ishii struck back and hit what he thought was the final lariat of the match. It wasn’t! A barrage of offense from both men but a sliding lariat cause Roddy to still power out as I believe Milano screamed “OH SHIT!” Tomohiro Ishii, seconds later, wins the ROH World Television Championship with a brainbuster. Wow. Roddy is heartbroken as Ishii calmly, like a boss, celebrates his win, at least on the inside more than the outside. Great moment but very surprising.

That’ll do it for this week’s episode of ROH TV. Two “eh” matches being aired that were undercard and a good main event aired, although two months after Ishii won the title; everybody knows the result by now. As for the match itself, it’s up to you if you rewatch with English commentary or again not-live, but it’s still a letdown none the less. Roderick didn’t work like he should have, but obviously that’s in part due to the Fish storyline and those bizarre mind game twist of events. Global Wars on PPV happens in about three weeks time, and here’s the card as of right now.

Plus with Kazuchika Okada and Moose teaming, that’ll make for a fun dynamic, and as of publish time Jushin Liger, Gedo, KUSHIDA, and Hiroshi Tanahashi are announced. Next week’s TV will likely see more Honor Rising action, even though it’s two months old, to prep the general audience for the upcoming crossover shows. Still lazy on behalf of ROH. Until next time.

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