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ROH TV Review (Episode 238)

It feels weird to be reviewing ROH TV in between Supercard of Honor shows I’ve seen, but none the less, check out my Night 1 review featuring Jay Lethal vs. Lio Rush for the ROH World Championship and the return of Colt Cabana, in what I called the best professional wrestling promo since CM Punk’s infamous pipebomb in 2011. Also check out Corwo’s recap of a 2009 ROH on HDNet episode featuring Bryan Danielson take on Tyler Black. To current times, last week on ROH TV saw Adam Cole vs. KUSHIDA in a good match as well as another NJPW showcase tag plus a lackluster Addiction vs. Motor City main event. This week looks much more promising, with Dalton Castle vs. Silas Young in Fight Without Honor, as well as Kenny Omega vs. ACH. Let’s get into the show.

I’m pretty sure there have been updates to the intro, but god forbid my eyes screw up for the millionth time! The beautiful shot of Sam’s Town Casino’s exterior leads us into Kevin Kelly and Mr. Wrestling III’s commentary of the show with three matches on deck.

(ROH World Tag Team Championship) War Machine (c) vs. Roppongi Vice

This is a heavyweight/junior hybrid match. War Machine are massive bruiserweights and Roppongi Vice are considered world class juniors. That made for an intriguing combination in itself. This was a well done mice vs. men type of match. Roppongi Vice truly never had a definitive chance but would have a few convincing near falls. There was also a terribly done wild line that was blatantly recorded in post to cut to break that irked me. Roppongi finally got in control about halfway through, as Trent was essentially murdered until that time. War Machine would apron powerbomb Trent, powerbomb chuck the two into each other, and a lot more domination offense was hit. Path of Resistance occurred but before Fallout was hit Romero top rope hurricanrana’d Hanson which looked insane. A very close roll-up near fall but Hanson hits the ‘kick of doom’ on Romero and Fallout was hit on Romero for the win.

Prince Nana and Donovan Dijak came out for a promo! Their entrance looks SICK on the new production. Dijak was wearing a Jay Lethal shirt. “It is for we to know, and for you to find out,” Nana says on the content of the envelopes. Nana touted Dijak as the next ROH Champ. Dijak’s purpose in ROH was to simply protect Jay Lethal and the House of Truth. Dijak took off the Lethal shirt, did a Truth Martini imitation, and Lethal and Taeler Hendrix were out to put a stop to it. The two had a massive pull apart brawl which was solid. This absolutely pales in comparison to the Cabana/Lethal storyline going on right now, but that’s the awkward gap between TV and VOD events. So awkward to see both unfold at the same time.

Dalton Castle cut another promo on Silas Young explaining he may be comfortable because he has a few wins over him but every time out Castle has fought him for different reasons. For his boys, etc, but tonight he’s fighting to hurt him.

Kenny Omega’s entrance is next level, especially in ROH. The best in the business.

ACH vs. Kenny Omega (w/The Young Bucks

This was a very good match, especially looking at it from a TV perspective. To see how much chemistry these two have check out the famous PWG clip of them turning into The Rock and Stone Cold from BOLA 2014. Once again something not in-ring or performers related made me uneasy during the match and that’s Kelly and Corino’s treatment of anime! Corino asked whether or not there’s a “the” before anime, and exclaimed that his favorite cartoon is Tom and Jerry. What a time to be alive. There was a lot of fun to be had in this match, like a banana peel being placed on the outside only for ACH to unknowingly moonsault on and be superkicked post-slip. The crowd chanted “headlock city” at a CHINLOCK. The numbers game was always teased but ACH managed to overcome them by Jordan diving on the ELITE. Gumbi stomps and brainbuster kickouts were very well done. The peak of the match was the callback to BOLA with a HUGE stunner and one of the closest kickouts I’ve seen in a long time. Kenny Omega evaded Midnight Star for the second time, hit a huge knee on a perched on ropes ACH that transitioned into the One Winged Angel for the victory.

“This pain medication they gave you post-surgery must have made you crazy.” 

Adam Cole cut an incredible promo on Matt Taven based off of their confrontation on ROH TV. Cole went shoot-week on the stable when he was out injured, explaining they were a joke and a Bullet Club ripoff. Taven was holding Cole down anyway. I look forward to this feud.

(Fight Without Honor) Silas Young vs. Dalton Castle (w/The Boys)

This feud has gone all over the place, and has had massive ups and downs for the past three-quarters of the year; and ROH has kept coming back to it after teasing it was over. Now it finally came to end in the biggest stipulation match in ROH. Fight Without Honor. This was also the first time a Fight Without Honor was ever shown on television. This was a very solid blowoff to a feud that should have ended months ago with this type of match. I would have been much more invested had this happened then, but I still have full respect for both guys for killing it … and each other. This stipulation has a huge ego to live up and these two did a fairly good job to make sure they went all out for those at home and in Vegas when it was taped. Silas countered a lot of Castle’s spots but eventually that didn’t matter. The big spots were: Dalton being powerbombed onto chairs, a springboard onto a ladder that missed from Silas, a trash can beatdown, and Silas being flipped to the outside through a table. A lot of great near falls were added in as well like Misery, and Silas kicking out at two after being put through said table. In the buildup to that spot he cut a promo on The Boys, and The Boys came out to attack him, helping Dalton build to the finish. Dalton kicked out of a low-blow and proceeded to take a spit in the face, push Silas off the ropes, and deliver Bang-a-rang onto chairs for the win. What happened post-match elevated this A LOT. Dalton was bleeding from the nose/mouth area, and confetti went off for the win, it felt like such a big deal that Dalton has finally gotten rid of his rival.

ROH still isn’t must-see, but I highly recommend checking this episode out for great matches all around and a good hour of wrestling to take in. War Machine vs. Roppongi Vice was a fun big vs. small encounter, Kenny Omega vs. ACH was a unique showcase and styles clash, and the main event was a hardcore blowoff to a feud that went way too long. Next week officially begins the Honor Rising episodes of TV, so that makes my job easy. I will have a Supercard of Honor Night 2 review up on the site sometime this week. Until next time.

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