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ROH TV Review (Episode 235)

Coming off of last week’s ROH TV featuring a one-match show Tag Team Gauntlet with Roppongi Vice coming out on top, as well as the quick-to-VOD ROH Conquest Tour Philly show that was the best show this year, we switch gears to the beginning of ‘Honor Rising’. Now, I know I told all of you beforehand that they would be airing the literal Honor Rising shows on TV, but I was dead wrong. I completely forgot that they taped TV post PPV in Las Vegas, and we’d be getting those clashes — although it’s still possible we get the Japan matches too. However, there IS new content, and that makes me happy, as this week sees Tomohiro Ishii defend his television title as well as Hiroshi Tanahashi and Michael Elgin team up to take on The Young Bucks. Let’s get into the show.

In case, you didn’t realize, ROH TV will now be coming to us from Sams Town Live from Vegas for the next few weeks. Kevin Kelly and Mr. Wrestling 3 were on commentary as per usual.

Although entrances were made, and the Tomohiro Ishii defense vs. BJ Whitmer was booked, Bobby Cruise was interrupted by Veda Scott on the mic with Cedric Alexander on her tails. Just like she attempted to do with Roderick Strong, she explained to BJ Whitmer that he’d be paid to surrender his World Television Championship opportunity to Cedric. Veda twisted the offer even more in the sense that this was Vegas and of course when you think of money in Vegas…yeah. BJ pandered to the crowd asking if he was the type of man to be paid off. The crowd chanted YES, and they were right, as BJ admitted he is the type of man to be paid off. The match was then changed to arguably a dream match.

(ROH World Television Championship) Tomohiro Ishii (c) vs. Cedric Alexander

In a dream world, we’d all love for this match to go 20 minutes, but even as a short match, it more than delivered. This was better than any Ishii ROH match yet, as it was clearer, concise, crisp, and to the point than the Triple Threat. What makes Ishii such a fantastic professional wrestler is that he’s a killer, yet so versatile and one of the best salesmen in wrestling. When Cedric was in control, the emotions Ishii evoked showed that he needs to comeback, rather than someone who’d just be laying “in pain.” This led to Ishii becoming fired up multiple times for comebacks that were exciting because of such plus the aura of himself. There were well done near falls like a Cedric Michinoku Driver or an Ishii Sliding D. The momentum turned after Ishii hit Cedric with a Thatcher headbutt. In the end, however, Ishii put away Cedric with a Brainbuster.

“Lions do not lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.” -Kazarian spitting fire

The Addiction got promo time, reacting to the Motor City Machine Guns reforming. They are sick to their stomachs that Sabin would betray them like that. In a brilliant line, Kazarian shot on Sabin by explaining that he’d be just as broken and decimated as Detroit’s economy without them. Las Vegas was run down by the duo and they said that they expect bad treatment from not only the company but the jealous fans. It doesn’t matter whether new, young, or next generation, and like it says on their shirts, they are the ‘Generation Killers,’ and they will be ending the war before it even starts. Out came Motor City Machine Guns right on cue. Sabin called The Addiction bitter, delusional douchebags. The two called Daniels and Kazarian out for a match and rushed the ring, but The Addiction evaded and said since kids don’t tell adults what to do, The Addiction will decide when the match will go down. Good work from both teams. I’ll call it a successful endeavor.

The House of Truth cut a promo on Hirooki Goto, as Lethal vs. Goto happens next week for the ROH World Championship. Lethal made a joke about Goto going to the hospital after the match. Lethal said he will send Goto back to Japan with a note, and that note will say that Lethal is best in the world.

It was announced before the next match that The Addiction take on Motor City Machine Guns in 2 weeks on television.

Reno Scum vs. The Briscoes

Reno Scum is a noteworthy Nevada area tag team that have worked in Global Force Wrestling amongst other independents. Even though The Briscoes won the match, Reno Scum got a massive rub on national TV and in front of a hometown audience. The ratio of offense was about 70/30 for Reno Scum, with lots of control of the match. Mark Briscoe was the workhorse as per usual, taking bumps and getting worked over. The match went longer than expected as when you thought Briscoes would easily pick up the win, Reno routed back. Reno utilized stomps a lot and was hard-hitting. However, they still didn’t last long, as even though Luster the Legend countered the Jay Driller, he got clotheslined anyways. Mark hit Froggy Bow on Adam Thornstowe for the win.

Before the main event, Dalton Castle cut a quick promo on Silas Young, as it was shown that their Fight Without Honor match takes place in 3 weeks time on ROH TV.

The Young Bucks vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi & Michael Elgin

A solid main event this week, more or less the accurate the description being solid. Tanahashi seemingly phoned in his efforts until the important sprint finish. With that being said, the Michael Elgin and Young Bucks two vs. one situations were incredibly entertaining, and The Bucks pulled out a move I’ve never seen before that I couldn’t even describe to take Elgin out. That’s what they do; they’re innovative! The lighthearted vibe carried on throughout the match as Tanahashi and Elgin did The Bucks’ “Suck It” taunt, and Tanahashi even did it more than once which was dick-ish and quite awesome to see. After unneeded, multiple “this is awesome” chants, work over from both sides, and a recovered Tanahashi, the finishing sequence was by far the best part of the match. The Young Bucks went for More Bang For Your Buck, but Elgin caught Nick and delivered a powerbomb. Tanahashi gave a slingblade to Matt. Matt then got powerbombed and High Fly Flowed for the Tanahashi and Elgin victory. Although not a try hard effort from parties involved, the match got its job done, popped the crowd, popped me a few times, and was all in good fun.

Even though this episode was fanned down from past ones, it still delivered on all floors and gave us Cedric Alexander vs. Tomohiro Ishii. That angle continued with Veda; Ishii continues to dominate, multiple weeks of main events were setup and announced, Reno Scum got a rub while still losing, and a no-frills main event saw fun action between Hiroshi Tanahashi, Michael Elgin, and The Young Bucks. All in all a solid episode although nothing blow away. You could easily skip this week’s iteration, but I highly suggest still staying tuned for unique scenarios like Cedric vs. Ishii and the main event. Until next time.


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