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ROH TV Review (Episode 230)

A side-note to kick this week’s review off. It’s crazy to me that I’ve already been doing this (not all on here obviously, back on Phoenix Plex Review as well) for 30+ episodes. Time flies by when you’re a reviewer. None the less, as always, I look forward to this week’s ROH TV which includes the last first round match in the Top Prospect Tournament that sees two independent standouts clash in Lio Rush and Jason Kincaid. I’m sure we shall get more build to ROH’s 14th Anniversary pay-per-view and the like. With that being said, here’s the PPV lineup, and let’s get right into the show.

It’s the last show from Charlotte, NC this week. Nigel & Kevin Kelly are on commentary, and the main event this week pits The Young Bucks vs. ACH & Matt Sydal.

(ROH Top Prospect Tournament Round 1) Jason Kincaid vs. Lio Rush

It’s so awesome to see these two on national television, particularly Lio Rush who’s on the come-up extremely fast. The winner of this match faces Punisher Martinez. This is one of my favorite matches this year because of everything inserted into the shorter TPT timeslot. It’s not the best mind you, but will be a favorite, much like the short Gresham/Cedric was. The sheer intensity and variety of the match was something that reminded me of peek independent wrestling. It’s two guys, absolutely throwing everything they have at one another, no matter the match time, because they want more bookings. Of course that’s the point of the tournament; but it came across as such in the match too. These two have tremendous chemistry together and exceeded most matches on television this year. Kincaid was a beast, and someone you’d never expect to do a coast to coast from one literal side of the ring to the other. No, not a corner to the other, ONE SIDE to the other. No big deal — Kincaid also brought out a rolling neckbreaker out-in from the apron and never stopped flowing in the match, transitioning that into a Gory Special. Lio was amazing here too, trying to prevail under pressure from all the unique offense, adding in his take on an athletic/amateur background implemented into a moveset. Kincaid dove between the ropes and gave Lio a SUICIDE DIVE STUNNER. WHAT THE HELL. Lio managed to stay in, and Kincaid decided it was time to end it all. He went for his double stomp and Lio connected with Rush Hour for the win (a la Spanish Fly). Really good short match and something everyone needs to see. I hope these guys go 20 minutes in ROH someday.

Beer City Bruiser & Silas Young vs. Caprice Coleman & Will Ferrara

Prince Nana is on commentary. Silas Young & Beer City are back and more vengeful than ever, and I’m sure that will play into Nana’s boys’ mindsets and aggression well for this tag. The two settled their differences in a series of matches, culminating with a No DQ match, and now, thanks to Nana, they’re partners. Trask was right folder. This dynamic was an awful amount of fun. The story of the match followed the early shortcomings of the Nana team and the fact that Will Ferrara is still learning — hence him making rookie mistakes. Will had the coolest hot tag ever when he flipped out of Silas’ powerbomb attempt to get Caprice back in. Will Ferrara powerbombed Beer City with that Yuji strength, WHILST COLEMAN was about to be superplexed. Coleman then got taken out by Silas, and Silas went for Misery on Will but The Boys interfered! Suicide dive DDT from Will and Coleman finally hits the Sky Splitter. Team Nana win. Great little tag with tons of back and forth. The finish didn’t sting one bit.

 Yet again, as the main event is about to happen, BJ Whitmer and Adam Page are out. BJ calls out Steve for calling him out last week on TV, and apparently the threat isn’t credible that someone’s out to get Whitmer. He has “3” friends in wrestling. The others that don’t work here anymore forgot Corino exists. Who is it? CORINO IS OUT! No more Mr. Wrestling confrontations. Corino stays atop the ramp whilst handling the “break your neck” speech. Corino retorts with the fact that nobody cares what Whitmer has to say. It’s actually not Corino that’s stepping through those ropes. Corino promises that “it’s going to happen,” whatever that may mean. ADAM PAGE CAME TO STEVE CORINO. Babyface Page!!!! YES YES YES YES. The two take it to each other before being separated. Adam Page even knocked a few officials out of the way. I love this so much. It ended abruptly however.

ROH 14th Anniversary plugs, but you already knew the card.

Mark Briscoe vs. Tim Hughes

Brutal Bobs son getting more action. Towel wave and all. He refused the Code of Honor because his dad told him so, and obviously paid for it. Tough Tim got some action alright. He’s developing a solid catalog of solid job matches in the company; slowly building up his reputation. We got some back and forth until we got the best amount of banter this episode. Hughes slapped Mark in the face, and then Mark proceeded to go all redneck kung-fu. He also went stiff as all hell on the dude which was amazing to see. Chops, step-up enzuiguri, and the like. Mark then delivered a fisherman’s buster/Froggy Bo combo to win the match. Once again more fun this episode.

ACH & Matt Sydal vs. The Young Bucks

I completely forgot that Ricochet wasn’t Sydal’s partner for the main event. Whoops. So used to the New Japan dire strengths junior division. At least this is a ROH-based 2 vs. 2 tag. What will most likely be one of the shorter, ‘eh’ main events on ROH TV this year, and it has definitely been so far. Nothing wrong with the spot(z), but that’s literally what this was. Movez and then some, with added intensity from The Bucks which was nice to see. They even did the Callihan spit spot and a IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Title boist in which Sydal hated (he know has the title anyways). The Bucks mocking ACH was the greatest, aka dribbling and throwing up a ball — superkicking it. A really fluid spot saw ACH dive into stereo superkicks. The end saw back and forth teases, with Sydal getting out of every situation upon ACH coming back into the ring hitting a gumby stomp on Matt. Sydal then hit a Shooting Star Press on Matt Jackson for the win. This was done on purpose, taped way before Sydal became a junior champ, but it was done well in a surprising fashion; although the match wasn’t exactly of my favorite variety.

A really good show this week from ROH. There was nothing done wrong, except one thing done to my meh-ness. Jason Kincaid and Lio Rush slaughtered it, not just killing it, in the process of putting each other over in the Top Prospect Tournament. Nana’s boys overcame a tag team obstacle in Silas Young & The Beer City Bruiser, thanks to another dynamic duo in The Boys. Adam Page is officially a babyface, and will be facing Whitmer at the pay-per-view, setup with the Corino announcement and forward brawl. A Briscoe squashed another Bruiser. Lastly, we got an OK main event which saw Sydal upset The Bucks with ACH not doing much but being a right hand man — still not doing a lot in that position. All in all, an enjoyable episode that you should scope out. Until next time.

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