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ROH TV Review (Episode 229)

It kinda sucks to see Brian Danielson’s image popping up first in the Ring of Honor intro as I press play on my DVR. Just last night he announced his retirement, and ROH has followed suit with multiple tributes. Everybody in ROH, as well as independents worldwide must be thanking Danielson for his contributions to the business — hand in hand making indie wrestling larger, which allowed for ROH to propel themselves higher and higher. Speaking of such, at the recent tapings; ROH unveiled a massive new titantron set! Can’t wait to see that in action in the coming weeks (but not now). With that being said, thank you American Dragon for all you’ve done for not only this company, but wrestling in general.

Now to the show.

ROH FINALLY CHANGED THEIR INTRO!!!! Well, at least a little bit, or I just haven’t noticed until now. Thank goodness, well at least they changed it a little bit. Jay Briscoe is still the last man shown, which is weird at this point.

We’re in Charlotte, NC yet again.

Frankie Kazarian (w/Chris Sabin) vs. Alex Shelley

I can definitely dig this. This is booked because Daniels is suspended due to him sucker punching a ref a few weeks back on TV. Solid opener with tons of emphasis on stuff on commentary. At many points in the match, Nigel & Kevin would ask Chris questions about Shelley; but no avail. They were no sold as Sabin only wanted to talk about his pal Kazarian and not his former tag partner. Also, Steve Corino randomly cut in the feed “via phone” as he cut a promo on BJ Whitmer because what he had to say couldn’t be held till next week. Someone wants to get his hands on Whitmer, and they’re going to come face to face next week (not Corino). It’s definitely Colby, or is it?? The flow of the match was simplistic with Shelley getting spots in whilst Kazarian heels it up. Not much more than that to the match. It was still fun, to the point where Kazarian sold one streamer on his back and kept it on for shits and giggles — I like stuff like that. After Kazarian got his knees up on a Shelley splash, he grabbed the hammer that rings the bell, except Shelley countered and got the object himself. Shelley through it to Sabin, who was now on the apron, and as Sabin backed down, good guy Shelley won the match with a superkick/sliced bread combo. I loved how the match started with a good ol’ distraction, and I love how it finished where continuity set in.

Truth cuts a promo pre-match. He tries to convince Dalton that those boys need a ‘daddy’. They put over the WHO’S YA DADDY gimmick for Daddiego. Solid precursor to what I’m sure is going to be an embarrassment for the Hosue of Truth member.

Joey Daddiego (w/Truth Martini) vs. Dalton Castle (w/The Boys)

A near squash/tune-up for Dalton. Joey is good for a man his size, and he seems like the type that could eventually work the in-between in ROH aka spots vs. pure wrestling. But for now he’s still green for the most part. This was all fun none the less! Between Truth getting outsmarted by the boys after doing a Spin-a-Truthy and Dalton hitting his signature spots, this was cool to see. Dalton goes over with his Bang-a-rang. I adore how post-move impact, he rolls the opponent up in the German Suplex style position.

Silas wastes no time to interrupt the could-have-been celebration. He breaks kayfabe calling the twins by their names, Brent and Brendan. For months, Silas has spent his time teaching them to be men. Beer City is out too, grabbing a hold of The Boys whilst Silas pounces on Dalton. Silas hits him with Misery. For months, they were given opportunities and they disappointed Silas. Today, they have a choice. It’s either learning how to be a man, or it’s part of being a boy (that doesn’t make a lot of sense). The Boys retaliate but still get destroyed. Dalton went after the duo but he also got put down with corner attacks.

(ROH Top Prospect Tournament Round 1) Leo St. Giovanni vs. Action Ortiz

The 2016 TPT rolls on. So far, Brian Fury defeated Shaeem Ali, and Punisher Martinez decimated Colby Corino. Think of Leo as a heavier built Will Ferrara. Action Ortiz is the lovechild of Bam Bam Bigelow & Vader. This was all about speed vs. strength. But however, as commentary compared him to Morishima, rightfully so, Ortiz took to the air more than once whether or not he was successful. A good showing from the big hoss with an MMA background. Giovanni tried his hardest to move around the ring to slay the beast, but Ortiz showed that he was more well-rounded and after a kick to the head put away St. Giovanni with The Killscreen. It’s an inverted suplex throw that makes your opponent land face down after the rotation.

My boy Stokely is here! Kevin Kelly asks what’s on his mind. 2016 will be the year of Moose, and the formula they were using in 2015 wasn’t up to par. They’re challenging the best wrestler in the world to a match at 14th Anniversary. THIS PROMO WAS AWESOME. Tons of emotion and very short and to the point. Plus the match has been confirmed now. Simply awesome.

(ROH World Tag Team Championship) All Night Express vs. War Machine

After gaining the rights to this match at Final Battle, as well as taking part in the ridiculous Winter Warriors six man in Indy where they teamed with their opponents; ANX are ready to gain the titles they never lost. The way this match was put together continues the trend of War Machine being the most dominant force in the entire company — tag team or not. It was literally an extended squash, told in a unique manner where War Machine didn’t win. The only times ANX started to reduce the punishment was when they’d work together, but most of the time that was impossible as they were getting thrown around by War Machine. However, the match did turn around, but only because of a cheap ref bump. The fans chanted “We Want Tables” and didn’t even make an audible sound when Titus pulled the table from underneath. ANX went for an assisted Gotch piledriver through the table in the corner, but Rowe fought out of it and gave Kenny King a slam through the table as the ref got back up and called for the DQ. A massive pull apart brawl occurs post-match. I love when ROH cuts away from a hot brawl.

Next week’s main event is The Young Bucks vs. ACH & Matt Sydal. A very mellow episode this week, but from time to time when there aren’t loaded title matches on one show, or blockbuster main events like the three-way street fight; ROH still builds to angles and has some solid, fun, easy to take in wrestling on their weekly show. That’s what I enjoy about the product.

Moose vs. Okada hype.

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