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ROH TV Review (Episode 226)

What do you mean I’m not reviewing two shows this week? Oh wait, I’m caught up like a good fella should be. It’s ROH TV (this time on time) for 1/16/16. To reiterate a multi-month long point, I never read into spoilers nor even know what’s coming up on the telly; as ROH TV airing on the weekend on Sinclair doesn’t get the same social media treatment as the COMET airings do. With that being said, it’s time to dive right back into the wacky Ring of Honor world. Episode 226 starts now. I do know however, that there’s going to be an insane main event tonight. reDRagon vs. The Bucks vs. The Kingdom (in Michael Bennett’s last match) in a Philly Street Fight.

Mr. Wrestling III continues his commentary career with Kevin Kelly. I miss Nigel already.

The Addiction (w/Chris Sabin) vs. ACH & Alex Shelley

Average opener to kickoff the hour. It wasn’t anything horrific but it sure had its flaws. Kazarian wasn’t at his best here, half-assing certain things, and it also didn’t help that the cameras picked up on not-so-lethal moves that were also half-assed in the way that makes you say “oh yeah, wrestling is indeed fake at times.” The story of the match was the fact that Sabin kept popping up, to the point where it cost ACH & Shelley the match. ACH hit double stunners, went to the top for Midnight Star on both guys but Sabin shaked the ropes causing ACH to fall off and be prone for Celebrity Rehab. The Addiction get the cheap win. There wasn’t much heat on the match, the crowd was okay, and with in and out hot-ish takes between ACH/Shelley, it made for some decent fun dragged down by the aforementioned slopiness.

Post-match The Addiction brought it to Sabin with Celebrity Rehab and a further beatdown. The ref tries to take away the hammer from Daniels but Daniels one-punch KOs the dude. Nigel comes out and threatens Daniels before he uses the hammer. There’s a “zero tolerance” policy in ROH. Christopher Daniels is now suspended without pay. Daniels gets out of the ring because if he didn’t, Nigel would increase the suspension to a year. Interesting storyline development.

Adam Page (w/BJ Whitmer & Colby Corino) vs. Mark Briscoe

Don’t think the Briscoes/Decade rivalry/match series will get old. Always fun to watch. Mark bumped around frequently for Adam and it was great. However, with an abrupt finish that came out of nowhere (not a good thing in this case, would have liked more build to it) — it hurt the match. For the time it got, this was a hoot of a competitive back-and-forth match between two underrated talents on the roster. There were tons of counters with Mark flopping around like a madman when taking his side of the punishment. Between hitting the turnbuckle, taking floor bumps, getting hit out of mid-air + more; Mark did his job well in a Foley way, something he does a lot. Adam had the advantage tons of times, even hitting his Slingshot Lariatooo at one point; but after fending off Mark in the corner, BJ was screaming that Mr. Wrestling III was Corino. This let Mark hit a Fisherman’s Buster and the Froggy Bow for the win.

Post-match BJ has something to say (he has massive heat and it’s awesome to see). Corino cuts the same promo he has, outing Steve as Mr. Wrestling III. He says be a man, show your son what it means to be a man, and take responsibility. BJ calls Steve an enabler in this situation as he gets into the ring. Corino tells BJ to ask him any question he likes. BJ gets BOOED OUT OF THE DAMN BUILDING. Steve says he can never tell a lie…saying he is not Steve Corino. Steve Corino “knows someone” that wants to take Whitmer out. Mr. Wrestling screams at Corino to get the hell out of here and that’s it for the segment. Weird.

We’re “moments away” from the main event, when Silas does a run-in and steals a mic. He says that what happened at Final Battle can only be described with one word and it’s the same word a lot of fans’ parents have for them: dissapointment. He brought the boys into his home, treated them with family, etc. Whether people want to believe it or not, those boys were ‘appreciative’ of the opportunities given to them — opportunities to become real men~! Dalton Castle has a mental hold over these boys. Silas is giving them one chance to do the right thing. Be boys or learn to be men. “Do the right thing, or you’re going to be sorry,” says Silas.

The Kingdom (w/Maria Kanellis & Matt Taven) vs. reDRagon vs. The Young Bucks

My goodness. This was wacky wrestling at its finest. If you want to have a good time watching wrestling, please do check this out. I haven’t had this much fun watching these teams in a long time. This also served as the Bennett couple sendoff, which couldn’t have been executed any better. The crazy tone was set from the beginning where The Bucks attacked reDRagon during their entrance and threw up their superkicks, even hitting Bobby Cruise with one. There is no need to breakdown the psychology of this one or the dynamics. Just watch and be taken on a hardcore 2300 Arena ride. Between Kevin Kelly taking a superkick along with other staff, The Bucks putting people through ladders and tables, Fish & Bennett taking those crazy bumps, Kyle/Cole going at it when they did, and everything else, this made for a perfect enjoyable main. The cherry on top was the surprise AJ Styles appearance. The Bucks hit a Meltzer Driver on Maria, then the Bullet Club hit Fatality on Michael Bennett as a TNA go-away gift. Kind of ironic that AJ was the one to basically defeat Bennett in the sense that he’s being shipped off to TNA. The Bucks got the cover here and that was that. An incredible hardcore match with fun spots — as you have to take them that way or you simply won’t enjoy it.

A solid more condensed ROH TV this week that did no harm. The opener was okay, Page/Mark was an upgrade, and the main event was out-of-this-world kinds of fun with three teams killing each other for your entertainment. No more Maria or Michael in ROH at least for the time being, and in a now defunct role as Bullet Club leader; AJ Styles put the icing on the cake of the episode to send everyone home happy.

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