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ROH TV Review, Results (November 12, 2016): Biz Cliz Businizz


ROH TV Episode 269 (airing November 12, 2016) 

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The William J. Myers Pavilion – Baltimore Maryland

Not sorry for the delay, ROH is a wrestling company who’s shows are best reviewed cold.

ROH World Six Man Championship Tournament First Round: Hechicero, Okumura & Ultimo Guerrero def. Kamaitachi & The Addictiongood

There is a staggering 110 years of in-ring experience in this match. From the opening bell it’s very clear with Okumura and Kaz mixing it up that these are some professional wrestlers. This feels like a CMLL trios tag you could catch on the under-card of any arena mexico show. Kamaitachi will not have a match where he doesn’t do at least one nutty spot so of course he calls for the super senton only to get cut off. Hechicero gets a chance to show off some of his awesome power, striking, and speed based offense. Hechicero is one of the best all-around workers in wrestling and he shows it off here briefly. Ultimo Guerrero shows more of his speed and flying here with less of his trademark basing that he is known for. Hot finish that breaks down into a cluster with a lot of cool spots. Fun match but nothing I’d say is can’t miss.

We get a promo showing the story of Colt Cabana & Dalton Castle road to the ROH tag titles. Colt & Castle won a title shot at ASW only to throw it away at the end of an elimination atomico match. Now Colt & Castle seem to be giving it the old college try as they look to get back on the road to the gold. We then cut to the locker room where it seems to be implied that Colt has locked the boys in a closet before their match with the Pretty Boy Killers.

Also at some point (don’t call us) The Cabinet came out and complained about being the cabinet and not being booked good. It feels a little to shooty for me but I bet Vince Russo liked it.

Pretty Boy Killers def. Colt Cabana & Dalton Castleok+

The match itself is fine but it feels like a toned down showing from Pretty Boy Killers after they have had these awesome interactions with War Machine. Colt & Castle seem to work fine throughout which really kind of sucks as they could have worked in the misunderstanding into the match more as it plays in the finish. If you are going to try to tell a story like this in a match it feels like you should put a little more into it. Not a lot didn’t have to beat it over our head. I just would have liked a little more teasing of issues earlier on in the match.

ROH TV Title: Bobby Fish def. Hangman Pagegood+

Page jumps Fish before the match starts and a nice little different wrinkle is that Toddy Sinclair has the bell ring before they both actually get in the ring. JUST to say the match officially started–to stop Hangman Page from using a chair. Page works some really solid heat the boy is really starting to show that mean streak that he has on the indies in more high profile situations. Hangman Page seems to be firmly in control only to get suplexed off the apron for what is easily the biggest spot of the match. Fish working as a wounded warrior trying to keep the advantage on Hangman Page. Page throws caution to the wind for his shoot star headbutt to the floor in an amazingly done spot for him to be able to take back over. Fish and Page fight back and forth pretty well leading into the finish both selling the grueling battle the had been in. Fish is able to pull off the Fish hook for the submission. They seem to want to tell the story of Fish’s ribs and him being a worse for ware champion on the verge of dropping his title on any defense.

  • Fine - 2.68/10


A pretty fine episode of ROH TV. The build to Final Battle is in full effect but some stuff is missing as usual. Last week's episode was better but that's not an indication of what next week's will be like, as ROH show quality seems to be pretty random.


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