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ROH TV Review & Results (12/17/16): Bullets Fly, Dragons Soar While, Castles Stand Triumphant


ROH TV Episode 274 (airing December 17, 2016) 

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2300 Arena – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I took last week off from ROH TV due partly to the fact that I was not watching it for This Week in Wrestling over at the Sheety award winning PTBN-PWO Podcast Network, and partly due to the fact that it was a Women of Honor show that is not really canon for ROH in general. Come on now. Let’s be real. You know you’d take any excuse to skip this show. Also, I bet you don’t even watch. You just read this review and tell people you saw it. Luckily it seems they are actually back to the current timeline, as Kyle O’Reilly is the champ out to gloat a little.

KOR is a little shouty but, I love what he’s saying equating himself with great ex-champ and putting over his glory at Final Battle until…the Bullet Club sting kicks in and then Adam Cole’s music plays for a sexy second only for him to hobble out and talk trash to O’Reilly.

Dalton Castle is out next to say he should be getting a title shot followed by Bobby Fish who at first seems to just be out to congratulate and support his partner only to say he’s also in line for a shot. The whole thing is capped off by an impassioned Kyle saying he will be a fighting champion.

Decade of Excellence First Round: Christopher Daniels def. Mark Briscoegood

They show the brackets before the match, everyone loves brackets. Decent little inset promo from both before the match. This is some campy gold and really what ROH should be doing to help stand out from WWE, or even TNA. Decent back and forth from two real pros here. Mark is the consummate babyface in ROH while Daniels was getting some support from ROH crowds a while back can always find a way to get some heat even here; with just a slight distraction by Kaz. Again, a huge issue with TV wrestling a lot of times, is it will be timed so the heat happens during the break but with the editing here they at least give him a good amount of heat by Daniels as he grinds away at Mark. Mark works a lot of explosive spots but Daniels solidly cuts him off over and over again until finally Daniels gets the best of Mark. After Daniels moves out of the way for froggy-bow, he sets up Angel’s Wings for the pin. Pretty dang good TV match from two fantastic vets of wrestling. Not a lot of drama but it’s also seemingly the start of a Daniels road to redemption or face turn.

Lio Rush def. Caprice Colemanangle

Before the match Kenny King cuts a promo asking Lio and everyone to join the rebellion. Lio takes the mic and lies about his morality. Coleman then takes the mic and cuts a wild promo about how he’s going to beat up Lio real bad. Coleman tries to get the jump on Lio and even if Caprice is very quick Lio is quicker and gets a schoolboy instantly for the pin. There’s a post match beat down on Lio but all of the rebellion ending with Coleman hitting Lio with the Barry White driver before he is saved.

Dalton Castle & reDRagon def. BULLET CLUB (Adam Cole, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson)good+

The Bullet Club are all over O’Reilly from the start. It’s nice to see that as a unit they are focused on that one thing which is giving Cole the chance to avenge his loss. The Bucks are here to support Cole and it almost feels like a singles match with just some extra hoopla around the ring early on. I don’t know if it’s a great look to have the Bucks perform apron powerbombs while Cole needs help from them after to do it. Even if Cole had a hard match at Final Battle, it just make him look too weak for my liking. We come back from break with some fun fan spots from The Boys. The “Super-Kliq” murder Kyle with a superkick followed by replacing him on the apron over and over spot that is inventive, fun, and violent. O’Reilly finally gets a comeback to set up a hot tag from Dalton and I somewhat question the match structure being built around the champ selling and Dalton getting the shine but, if it leads to a big Dalton vs. O’Reilly match on a PPV, I can dig it. Eventually reDRagon get rolling with their tandem rush attacks and it’s just so smooth and brutal every time. The Castle Dragons eventually go over but, in the grand scheme of things, you know that it affects almost nothing.

  • Average - 5/10


This was a great post PPV episode, if only it wasn’t about two weeks late. Also it would have been a lot better if the new champ wasn’t overshadowed every step of the way. The Decade of Excellence tournament is very interesting and a great way to fill out TV shows with random matches that now DON'T feel random.

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