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ROH Supercard of Honor X Night 2 Review (4/2/16)

Coming off of a spectacular Supercard of Honor Night 1 event, featuring the thunderous return of Colt Cabana, Lio Rush coming up short in his first contracted match for the ROH title, and much more, it’s time to shift gears to Night 2. This show promises to be just as good as the last one, with many exciting matches on paper set. It will be Bobby Fish vs. Roderick Strong 2/3 Falls, in which the rivalry will culminate. Speaking of culmination, Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly look to end their feud in a No Holds Barred match. All of this, and more, including a star-studded quadruple team tag match, rounds out ROH’s WrestleMania weekend from the Hyatt Regency in Dallas, Texas. Read this week’s ROH TV review.

“He’s probably off doing a podcast or something.”

Jay Lethal and Taeler Hendrix kicked off the show with a promo. It’s the official response to the return of Colt Cabana the night before. Huge “Colt Cabana” chants interrupted Lethal. Lethal explained that guys like Colt think they can come and go, and that he will not be getting an ROH title shot, as Colt’s trying to leapfrog everyone in the locker room to get a shot. Jay ran-down Cabana, saying guys like Cheeseburger … and Cheeseburger again deserve the shot. Cheeseburger ended up coming out and accepting Lethal’s challenge!

(ROH World Championship) Jay Lethal (c) (w/Taeler Hendrix) vs. Cheeseburger

What an opener to a ‘Mania weekend show. I almost think this still went a little too long, but was an ideal squash where Cheeseburger got in some hope spots. Lethal jumped Cheeseburger after the Code of Honor was agreed upon which resulted in most of the match being controlled by Lethal. He sold well, looking pissed more so than damaged by Cheeseburger’s forearms. Lethal repeatedly lifted Cheeseburger out of pins, and Cheeseburger hit a Tornado DDT on the ropes. However, he was superkicked in mid-air, and Lethal Injection was delivered for the win. Fans chanted “One More Time” but Lethal gave the “up yours” taunt and pinned Cheeseburger like it was. Solid David vs. Goliath battle that established a post-match angle with Colt Cabana.

Cabana interrupted the victory celebration. He came out in his wrestling attire. “Last night was not a publicity stunt, Jay Lethal,” said Cabana. He explained that this is reality and the real deal, and that he’s here to face Lethal NOW. Another fantastic promo sold well by Lethal, with his belt taunts and facial expressions. He kept irking at Lethal, using Truth’s absence to fire him up. Colt got RIGHT IN Lethal’s face and the two had a screaming match which resulted in a match breaking out.

Jay Lethal vs. Colt Cabana

It’s weird not placing the (ROH World Championship) stipulation beside their names. This was non-title. This was a good sprint to establish the fact that this is reality for Jay Lethal and not some sick dream. Cabana always fired offense at Lethal but we could some typical outs; however Cabana would manage to fight his way through them – such as a Taeler distraction and Hail to the King. Lethal locked in the Figure Four but Colt countered it into a small package which was transitioned into Billy Goat’s Curse! Jay was also caught out of a springboard but Colt was superkicked, and lastly the Lethal Injection was rolled-up for the victory. It got a huge pop. Colt Cabana’s sell of the surrpise win was perfect, with Jay laying there in dismay. A sensical way to further a feud and establish Colt Cabana as a top guy in ROH, and as one of the next challengers for the championship.

Cabana promo post-match. It was a few-liner, essentially explaining that this was the perfect way to come back.

All Night Express vs. ACH & Matt Sydal

This was a very basic and short tag match to more-so showcase ACH and Sydal as potential serious contenders. Kelly brought up on commentary the fact that ANX could be working over Sydal’s arm because of last night’s match but there was really no substance there. ACH was very good in this match, hitting one of his craziest Jordan dives yet, getting the hot tag, hitting a beautiful snap German, and blending with Sydal well. ANX were about to go for their finish but it was countered, and a Spirit Bomb, Shooting Star Press, and Midnight Star combo got ACH and Sydal the win. No frills here, although nothing must see.

Before the match Ferrara cut a promo on Dijak. This is a rematch of the 2015 Top Prospect finals just over a year after they culminated. “Those who seize opportunity will get rewarded greatly,” and Dijak got rewarded way more than Ferrara has with Prince Nana’s envelopes. Big bird ass was the insult and the match began.

Will Ferrara vs. Donovan Dijak (w/Prince Nana)

Joey Daddiego was on commentary. I enjoyed a lot of things during ‘Mania weekend, this match now enters that list. Everything about this was chaotic. It even had some of my investment from the get-go because I enjoy both guys, want more from them, totally dig this Prince Nana storyline … and then came the match. My god was this ever the definitive hybrid new age style of David vs. Goliath. Yes, we’ve already had that done once on this show, but this felt like a new wave of wrestling. Although there were botches, this was just insanity at its finest. This match also made Will Ferrara, and continued to assert Dijak as the sole future of ROH. Dijak hit a TOP ROPE CHOKESLAM on Ferrara then proceeded to stand on the turnbuckle and do a moonsault to the outside. They had me popping from then on. Also, with smart work on the taped up ribs of Dijak, Ferrara managed to keep himself in the match at times. Dijak unfortunately slipped on a springboard that got all the typical botch chants (hi Maffew). Ferrara was hit with a huge kick, and kicked out, with a choke breaker, and kicked out, and was hit with a Fireman’s Carry Bomb as he KICKED OUT AT 1. YOU ABSOLUTE MAD MAN. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Dijak hit Feast Your Eyes for the victory. My god. What a match. And to make things even more wacky, Daddiego, who’s witty remarks on commentary were funny, taped his fists and brought it to Dijak post-match. Dijak was thrown into the barrier and got hit with a massive shot in a blitz of offense. Way to go everyone involved. The House of Truth have reigned supreme all night long.

(Two out of Three Falls) Roderick Strong vs. Bobby Fish

For those of you who don’t know, 2/3 Falls is my favorite stipulation match. Since neither of these men are holding a title, the feud ends with said stipulation, and I find that old school and exciting. The match wasn’t anything incredibly special, which of course, meant that Kelly and Corino had to call it a ‘classic’. By no means was this match a slouch, but I wouldn’t even consider it better than either guys’ match on Night 1. There was high highs and lax lows, which made for a solid feud ending 2/3 Falls that could have gone longer, but probably didn’t because of potential crowd reaction. I enjoyed it still.

First Fall: Roderick got thrown around a lot, Bobby missed his Muta-sault. He dived on Roderick anyways. The ref was distracted and Roderick kneed Bobby who was on the apron, brought him back in, and got the pinfall win with End of Heartache.

Second Fall: Fish was dominated all over. We got a good countout tease, and Roderick kept nagging Bobby on offense. Fish kicked out of a butterfly suplex at 1, which led to excellent Corino analysis on commentary about preserving energy vs. potentially slipping on a kickout at 2. Bobby Fish won with a flash pin roll-up.

Third Fall: As per usual this was an insane fall. It was learned that the 30 second rest period was waved which meant you could go at it right away after a fall. Roderick was back on offense again but his jumping knee landed on the poll and not Bobby. Bobby hit an exploder in the corner, and the two exchanged a lot of moves. Strong hit a massive superplex, and Roderick hit a backbreaker/Strong Hold combination in which Fish fought out of. Strong hit a knee and Fish hit a spin kick as both were down and got back up, with Fish getting up first surprisingly. A heel hook was applied and Fish won the feud just like that.

Your resident local city jobber P-Dog was out, and so was Moose. P-Dog ran down Moose as he entered to the crowd drumming along to his theme song beat. “Your moves are overrated, bro, all you is is outdated.” THE FIRE. Unfortunately, P-Dog’s fire was extinguished. The Get Along Gang was destroyed as well. The girl grabbed a hold of Moose, slapped him, but as Moose went for the spear she backtracked; which led to Moose diving on the Get Along Gang anyways. Moose also did Cesaro barricade swings to P-Dog. An F-5 into the pole for someone in the Gang. A spear to P-Dog ended that.

Stokely alluded to a “special surprise” coming in May.

Before the match Silas Young ran-down the crowd, mostly in response to a dude in Bullet Club gear going in on him. “You just do anything I tell you to do, don’t cha?!” said Silas in a great improv move after they caught on to his self-started “War Machine” chants. Silas was happy since he convinced the match to be for the titles, and Rowe grabbed the mic … but the brawling started then!

(ROH World Tag Team Championship) War Machine (c) vs. Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser

Thank god this got changed from non-title. This turned out to be a good match, but little things like Rowe screwing up a few times turned it down a little bit. Rowe was supposed to catch Silas but missed and botched a sit out. Other than that this was simply a good title defense, with tons of fun work over on Hanson or Rowe. A funny moment saw Silas beat on Rowe only for him to get powerbombed off the top in an “OH SHITTTTT I’m sorry I beat you up” moment. Beer City hit a senton on the outside to Rowe and Silas hit a beautiful corner DDT on Hanson. Rowe overhead belly to belly suplexed Brusier off the top rope, Hanson hit a tope on Beer, and a superman punch/Fallout combination gave War Machine the pin on Silas to retain their titles. A lot of fun, and another flash defense in the books.

BJ Whitmer vs. Dalton Castle

Adam Page was on commentary. This was a solid match that went a little too long, and at this point I was tired during the day and a tad worn out, so it wasn’t the best combination. It got solid down the stretch. The point of this was to further the Adam Page/BJ Whitmer storyline as Page did a good job as well as Kelly as breaking down what’s happened so far between them. We got some good near falls with BJ pulling out an INSANE lariat. Even a backdrop off the top rope as well. BJ took one of the boys’ masks and stomped on it after getting distracted by Adam Page, and Dalton capitalized; hitting Bang-a-rang for the victory. Nothing bad at all, just weird that this is on Supercard of Honor. Much better in consideration when you bring up the post-match promo however.

Since the ref left with Castle, Page sat down a chair and shot on BJ and their past in the Decade. The way this blowoff match is being booked is brilliant. Page lost to Jay Briscoe because of BJ’s obsession with Corino, and that was in San Antonio. Page gets to “cut the cancer” out in a San Antonio Street Fight on 4/23! It all comes full circle. Good stuff.

(ROH World Tag Team Championship #1 Contendership) The Addiction vs. The Briscoes vs. Motor City Machine Guns vs. The Young Bucks

My GOD. This was everything I wanted a spotfest/placement on the card between these teams to be. We literally got everything – and not in the greatest hits type of way like on Night 1 in the main event. So much chaos ensued and I can’t recap it all, but I can explain to you why this was so much fun. The Young Bucks were the hubris of the tag, managing to always come back in when they were taken out. Everyone crossed paths at the right times and it felt so fluid and party-like. We had an 8 man suplex, Nick being chucked onto everyone, Mark’s Cactus elbow being caught in a superkick, everyone’s super finishers being reversed including the Meltzer Driver and Best Meltzer Driver Ever, a DOOMSDAY FLUX CAPACITOR REVERSAL TO THE BRISCOE’S DOOMSDAY DEVICE, dives, and so much freaking more. Jay was hit with a quadruple superkick after he jabbed The Bucks and Machine Guns at once in a line, then Motor City and The Bucks superkicked each other at the same time! Finally, MARK BRISCOE SUPERPLEXES KAZARIAN ONTO EVERYONE and The Briscoes hit Doomsday Device on Daniels for the win. What a damn match. Top tier modern day wrestling.

Moose and Stokely were out again for a promo. Stokely explained he just received a call from Gedo, and they’ve earned something that’s priceless. Gedo’s respect. In May, Moose will team up with Kazuchika Okada at the joint shows, or at least on a show. Excited for that.

(No Holds Barred) Kyle O'Reilly vs. Adam Cole

The last match of ROH’s weekend saw an epic feud culminate in what only could be an epic blowoff. This match was unbelievable. It has a chance at cracking my top 10 this year, and if not, it comes very close. It had a grudge match feel the entire way through, and was twisted into the ways you’d expect it to in order to fit both these guys’ movesets and characters. Kyle O’Reilly took some of the most brutal punishment I’ve seen in some time in this match, and managed to never bleed. All of the spots were out of this world, and the pacing was perfect for a main event. There were too many spots to count, yet they all had meaning and advanced things. O’Reilly’s leg was targeted and eventually was implemented into crucial spots in the match and was continued to be worked over by Cole in the most snobbish, Adam Cole ways possible. Cole superkicked Mandy Leon (sorry Brady), after O’Reilly sucked. O’Reilly suplexed Cole on a ROH barrier bridged across two other barriers. A suplex to the floor caused O’Reilly to land awkwardly on said worked over limb. A chair shot to a chair on O’Reilly’s leg with a Kevin Owens chinlock troll except to the body part. Multiple shining wizards with chairs, Cole smashing O’Reilly in the face with a chair, a guillotine locked in on the apron but both fall through a table! Commentary was brilliant during this match. Some fantastic lines, including when two chairs were setup so that someone could be placed on the lip of them combined. “We know where Cole trained,” (CZW) explained commentary and were scared for the spot. Cole sold the suplex onto the chairs like a little baby and it was absolutely glorious. COLE LARIATED O’REILLY WITH A CHAIN STRAPPED TO THE ROPES. O’Reilly managed to take so much more punishment and kickout of everything Cole had. A “career ending bullseye” was setup with a table, explained Kelly in another fantastic line. Cole kicked out after O’Reilly suplexed him through. The aftermath of all this, was once again, just sold so well from both guys. They were hardly able to keep up with themselves. Cole gave O’Reilly middle fingers and spat on him, hockey fighting and Kawada kicks commenced. Cole screamed “GET UP BITCH” and both fell into chairs. O’Reilly hit a brainbuster on the chair and wrapped Cole in the strapped chain and locked in an arm bar, then transitiioned into a triangle arm bar. Cole tried for a deadlift powerbomb but simply fell back to the ground, passing out in the submission, as O’Reilly wins the feud. Holy shit. What an incredible culmination. This right here was worth the money and entire feud alone. A funny bit saw O’Reilly get hit with a streamer in the face post-match, he either sold it well or it legitimately hurt him upon impact. He celebrated to dance the night away.

ROH Supercard of Honor X Night 2, albeit not as good as Night 1, still delivered on a high level. We had more filler, with three matches you’d look at and ask why they’re on WrestleMania weekend cards, but they were booked for a reason, and that was to either propel people and/or continue storylines. Ferrara and Dijak minus a bad botch put on a showcase clinic, the top two matches were out of this world, and things like Moose and Stokely running wild, announcing the partnership with Gedo and Okada, Cheeseburger getting a shot at Lethal, Colt getting a win to solidify himself as a top player, a fun tag title match, and a completely good-solid Two out of Three Falls match elevated this show as well. For all ROH coverage, you’re already in the right place, Wrestling With Words.

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