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RevProTV Season 2 Episode 1 Review

RevProTV is finally making its anticipated return, and I was very excited to watch this week’s main event! RevPro is a quality product out of the UK that is usually worth your attention, bringing you some of the United Kingdom’s best talent mixed with some United States independent stars.

Matt Nathan vs. Rob Lias**1/2

This was a bout between two very young wrestlers, Nathan is 18 years old! This match was not all that great, it was alright, but knowing how young these guys are and how new they are to wrestling makes it impressive. Nathan was VERY athletic, doing flips and kip ups and Lias was pretty good at some mat wrestling. This match was very short, and ended after Lias made Nathan tap out after hitting a backbreaker/submission combo.

In between the matches they show a clip from an interview Bret Hart did for their streaming services, which was a good listen. They then show Zack Sabre Jr. celebrating his recent win over AJ Styles and Undisputed British Championship win. They do an angle where they make it almost obvious Scurll is going to turn on Sabre Jr. but it was alright to watch, and if they do go that direction, I am perfectly fine with it.

Josh Bodom vs. Donovan Dijak***3/4

Dijak is just too damn good, all his recent performances in and out of ROH have been great and this match follows that trend. This was a very fun sprint, around 10 minutes. This match had it all, Bodom’s high flying and Dijak’s great strength. A perfect case of this was Bodom going for an apron moonsault but Dijak catches him and throws him into the ring post. Dijak even gets in on the high flying by hitting an apron moonsault as well. Bodom hits a reverse hurricanrana then a Bliss Buster to get the win. This was a very fun match, Dijak was the star of this match, and I would go out of your way to watch this one while it’s free!

I would recommend you guys watch the show for free until Sunday by clicking here. It is only 36 minutes long and a fun time!

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