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RevPro Summer Sizzler Review: Sizzler or Fizzler?

RevPro Summer Sizzler 

July 10, 2016

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York Hall – Bethnal Green, Greater London, England, UK

RevPro British Tag Team Championship: Charlie Garrett & Joel Redman (c) vs. Jody Fleisch & Jonny Storm vs. The British Young Bloods (Bruce & Jake McCluskey) vs. The Legion Of Lords (Gideon Grey & Rishi Ghosh)**1/4

This was clearly thrown together because the champs aren’t super well rounded workers. After an okay set up by Fleisch & Storm vs. Young Bloods they all brawl to the back giving the Champs the office so they can work over Legion of Lords with some high spots that all look cool and athletic but have almost no emotion behind them. The Legion of Lords shine as underdog valiant fighting back heels which is ever so great to set up the new champs as a dominant force of the division. Champs win with a middle rope power slam into the twisting senton (or spiral tap) by Garrett.

Josh Bodom vs. Tomohiro Ishii**3/4

Ishii with a bit of his trademark dick measuring stuff but Bodom takes over quick and starts to work over Ishii. Bodom is a real cocky prick, absolutely perfect as I’ve said time and time again, Tomohiro Ishii is best at selling. Ishii really looks small and less impressive in RPW which is surprising given the smaller ring and building. Ishii pops up he decided he’s done selling for the night … that was quick. Bodom has to prostitute out his finish for Ishii after brawling around the ring a bit. They start to get into the overkill stretch of the Ishii match, but Bodom’s selling lariats and big throws while still working comebacks in here and they’re even getting a low blow “hope spot” (can you call it that for a heel?) is great. These two have good matches as bigger little guys who have credible offense and can sell well when they choice to. Did not like Bodom no selling the first unprotected headbutt only to get another and a Sliding D for only two. Then he proceeds to eat a brain buster to take the pin too. I think Ishii is a better all-around worker than needing to always rely on cheap falsies to get pops. Bodom needs a better finisher.

Moose vs. Sha Samuels**

Sha tries to go cut off Moose on a shoulder block but Moose just dropkicks him then sets up Sha for the corner drop kick to the floor. This is pretty much setting the table for a redirection of Sha that plays out throughout the show.
Sha cuts off Moose with a backdrop to the stage that looked fake to me, but I’ve heard others say it looked great, so maybe I was just in a bad mood. Sha uses the suspenders and the commentator says it should be a DQ, and then he uses his scarf. Still no DQ. This kind of BS will quickly take me out of a match. Moose throws a big suplex which leads to him getting rolling with headbutts and a step up top rope cross body that makes me think Moose really would be a stand out rookie of the year if not for Riddle. Moose no sells a superplex to set up a discus lariat.
They stand and trade … WTF? Sha is now meant to be a bad ass based I guess on this one match after his super long tag title run as a weak heel. Moose misses a spear and gets rolled up with feet on the ropes. How I am now meant to take Sha seriously? Why couldn’t he win more dominantly?

RevPro British Cruiserweight Championship: Pete Dunne (c) vs. Will Ospreay***1/2

Ospreay off to a hot start and then he’s brawling around the ring. I don’t like that, but Dunne cuts him off with a finger bite and now he’s brawling. This is why I love Dunne. He doesn’t give Ospreay a chance to be a shitty babyface. Ospreay’s face when he drinks a beer leads me to believe he’s never had a beer before. Dunne is looking stiff and gritty, really bringing it with stomps and arm work. Ospreay’s DDT counter to drop dead looked so smooth as Dunne is such a strong base; he makes even amazing fliers look better. Good god, the crash landing suplex by Dunne looks amazing and Dunne’s Liger bomb is perfectly crisp. Ospreay is a beast flipping every which way. Too bad the camera was a little too tight making it hard to see everything, but, what I can see is nuts as he flips every way possible in the span of about 2 to 3 seconds. Tombstone to the floor and Dunne wants the count out but Ospreay is in and Dunne uncorks on him with Kawada kicks and surfboard stomps to the face. This sets up Ospreay doing the Kane sits up to give Dunne the finger only for Dunne to do Dunne things and bite! Love it. Really great finishing sequence that leads to another head scratcher on booking.

Marty Scurll vs. Mike Bailey*

Marty is being a mocking dork machine and Speedball tries to kick his head off for it. This match just doesn’t really get going. Marty is really goofing around a lot, cutting off a dive with an eye poke, ducking a kick, so Speedball kicks the post. That’s the only thing notable. Speedball is selling arm work pretty well as Scurll decides to start wrestling for a bit until Scurll loses all focus and just starts striking and Speedball is game to join him. They just run around hitting each other for another … let’s say ten minutes. I wish I wasn’t watching two of my favorite workers having a pointless spotfest missing the really cool spots. Why the super shitty Gotch piledriver? Scurll can’t even drop the hands for the set up to the moonsault knee drop off the sunset flip properly. He is way off his game. Now Scurll snaps the toes, so that was his plan all along I guess. I just didn’t notice it because I’m a bad wrestling fan. Scurll twists Speedball’s finger all the way back but only so Speedball can kick him after like nothing had happened. Scurll pops the hand and sets up what would normally be a vertical suplex countered into a cutter countered into a chicken wing except the fact that Speedball doesn’t do the vertical into cutter counter so really Scurl was doing like a falcon arrow into a chicken wing. I guess that was dumb and convoluted and pointless. A textbook example of not thinking about what a move means but just doing it because it looks cool. That was dumb. Through all of it they couldn’t keep anything together here.

Big Damo vs. Matt Sydal***

After the last match and the Moose vs. Sha stuff I didn’t need the “stepping up the corner in the tie up and head pat spot” but Sydal returning the head pat made it acceptable to me. Sydal is a wrestling genius. I was now in my safe space where I knew I could trust him not to do something to piss me off. Sydal using quick flips and strikes to try to keep control and really selling every strike from Damo like it’s death this is exactly how I wanted this match to go. Damo is slowly working over Sydal who can barely stand after Damo’s onslaught. Throws and strikes are Damo’s modus operandi as the big man he is perfect. Damo is going to take the countout and the crowd chanting Moose after each number is really bad. Damo’s crossbody appears so smother Sydal and look more devastating that any crossbody of the modern era. Sydal with a huge meteora and they really milk the stand up to get the most out of it as possible. With Damo leaving the company I understand why he loses here but I don’t know why he had to have Sydal kick out of his move. That’s overkill.

RevPro British Heavyweight Championship: Zack Sabre Jr. (c) vs. Katsuyori Shibata***3/4

They start out grappling and it’s nice to see Shibata show off his prowess on the mat as in NJPW he’s been really only working token holds, nothing too in-depth or intricate. The burst of quickness from both men on the mat is really great and really feels like something between you seen at a jujitsu competition. Shibata teases the start of the botchi-botchi with a big forearm but instead they go into a long figure four that as awesome jockeying for position and a rolling back and forth. Face wash/corner choke by Shibata and Zack slips out of the ring with Shibata keeping on the pressure on this is aggression. Sabre is finally working over the arm and that is vicious using the ropes for leverage and a low bike kick to the shoulder. Sabre strikes with quick take downs that always look so believable. Sabre keeps an air of shoot and danger mixed with World of Sport style that feels so unique and refreshing today. Shibata with a cutoff corner kick to the head and ZSJ returns with a charging lifter to the other corner. Shibata begs for the slapfest and it pays off for him. I like something so dumb that it was actually a smart plan for Shibata. Shibata throws off the ref and I really hope it’s foreshadowing to a DQ. Shibata really ties up ZSJ in an octopus only for Sabre to get the rope with his teeth. They roll around with cool trades of pins and we get a sleeper into the sting ray attachment for the pin. Loved that finish. Sabre Jr. is such a good finish guy at this point in his career. 

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