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RevPro Live at the Cockpit 16 Review (05/07/2017)


RevPro Live at the Cockpit 16 on May 7, 2017

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Cockpit Theatre – Marylebone, England

Ashley Dunn, Josh Wall & Kurtis Chapman vs. Ash Draven, Cara Noir & Malik**3/4

These are all unknowns to me bar Dunn. Cara Noir was fka Tom Dawkins, with a new gimmick that has tremendous potential. It adds theatrics and a great dynamic to this opener other than “dudes trying to prove themselves that I don’t know”. Among all the cool looking sequences and hard hitting combos, we had Noir grinding up on dudes in the corner, rarely to be seen in the ring aside such. It was an enjoyable “future of the Cruiserweights” opener with standouts from guys I didn’t know beforehand being bigger lads Wall and Malik. Draven hit the Switchblade but a pin was broken up. Dunn carried it home with a very good performance. Dunn pinned Draven after a double underhook Canadian Destroyer.

Ryan Smile vs. Zack Gibson***1/4

We got the typically wonderful Gibson promo showered in boos, even by a smaller Cockpit crowd. He said “skinny flippy boys” while also calling out Will Ospreay. This was a borderline great match that lost a little bit of steam down the finishing stretch but stuck to a successful formula of Gibson destroying Smile’s arm, then ribcage, in plenty ways. This made Smile hone in on his performance rather than giving out a weak trios performance for instance. He was able to get the crowd behind him, gradually produce a comeback (while still selling both limbs), even being able to escape finishers, but it didn’t last for long. After missing a frog splash he had to tap out to Shankly Gates. Very good outing for both.

Alex Windsor vs. Jinny**1/2

More Jinny in my life is a happy life. I haven’t seen a whole lot of her recently, and am glad she’s back in the Cockpit for a match rather than a segment. A fan yelled the Zandig “JEEEZUS!” in response to Jinny’s roasts, only for her to say she’s “bigger than God”. It was a solid match, nothing groundbreaking, and I’d say one of the weaker Jinny matches this year. I don’t think these two clicked particularly well, but it was still a fun, breezy watch. Aside from a few mishaps, it went fine. Jinny put lipstick on Windsor causing her to fire up for a comeback. The only thing that’d stop her from breaking the streak is cheating. Jinny won after a rake of the eyes and a boot.

Donovan Dijak vs. Josh Bodom****

Speaking of chemistry, these two have a helluva high compatibility, especially because the fact they’ve faced off in highly touted matches in RevPro before. Before the match could even start Dijak hit a freaking plancha, huge elbow, and Feast Your Eyes. AS DIJAK BLED ALREADY, BODOM KICKED OUT. This was such an enigma of a match, more so than their past ones. We got a little bit of back and forth in the formula, brawling all over the place, it was a bloody beautiful mess. Bodom kicked out of Feast Your Eyes AGAIN because screw vanity searchers?! Dijak not only gave the middle finger to Bodom in the corner after taking mounds of punishment (Bliss Buster on the outside!) but also sold his own finish like a God, bumping over the top rope, only to take a Bliss Buster for a kick out. Ashley Dunn stole the Cruiserweight title from Bodom which led to Dijak hitting the third Feast Your Eyes for the win. There is SO much to process, these guys had a compact grudge match that beats out any possible main event. The finish was fine, as it sets up the next CW feud while giving Bodom comeuppance — Dijak gets the first win against him, but it feels like he won the feud.


RevPro British Tag Team Championship: CCK (Chris Brookes & Travis Banks) (c) vs. The London Riots (James Davis & Rob Lynch)***1/2

If there’s anyone that could follow that insane barn burner of a sprint, it’s these two wonderful teams. They did just that. Though I wish it was saved for later on in the show, considering I just had my entire life flash before my eyes freaking out over Bodom-Dijak, this was as you’d expect — “CCK rules” being enforced a la tornado tag, and you just KNOW London Riots are gonna eat that up. We went a million miles a minute going from spot to twists to other turns, including a kick out of two powerbombs as well as James Davis having to fend for himself as Lynch got smashed by a cricket bat. Brookes continued cheating by pulling the ref out of the ring to save their title reign. CCK won after a codebreaker/senton combo on Lynch.

We got a fun mini-brawl post-match with a tug of war with the belts as well as them fighting to the back.

Eddie Dennis vs. Gideon Grey*

I couldn’t possibly care about this. It’s the most uninspired, bland, off-putting match you could book out of anyone on the entire roster. We got decent work, Eddie Mysterio coming out yet again with a dive, and we then proceeded to get one of the worst 1 counts I’ve ever seen that got zero reaction. Grey won after 50 Shades of Grey. The match hit flatline about a minute in. You’d be better off catching a nap, as that’s the equivalent of watching Grey wrestle. Moving on.

Dan Magee & RJ Singh vs. Rob Lias & Sha Samuels**

I’ve been meaning to watch more RJ Singh. He has an awesome look and seems as crisp as ever in the ring. It was a little confusing as to who the heels/babys were, but once Singh got a fire emoji hot tag I figured I’d at least know who I’m cheering for. After a barrage of moves, with the other two canceling each other out, Singh pinned Sha after a senton bomb. Nothing bad. Short, and also a part of the wind down prior to a star-powered main event.

Sha stood tall over his own partner in Lias post-match. Good way for him to remain strong even after taking a pin.

Kyle O'Reilly vs. Marty Scurll***

I’m as big a KOR mark as anyone else, and like Scurll a good bit, but I can’t seem to get into their matches as much as others. I was way down on their PWG match that I still need to rewatch, thinking this would have me motivated to go back to it; but in reality, it was simply good ass wrestling that didn’t get me too excited. It built well as a main event seeing hold for hold, limb for limb trading sequences (Kyle targeting the arm and focusing in on the leg, as Scurll targeted the arm) — both sold well to boot. They hit hard as well with ridiculous slaps and double fall down sequences. It just wasn’t very compelling to me. I like how they didn’t come close to the typical amount of near falls in a main event match. The finish was fun with Scurll not being able to see via a Kyle eye poke leading to him doing finger manipulation on Chris Roberts. When Roberts got back up, KOR was locked in the chicken wing; having no choice but to tap. I guarantee nearly everyone will like this more. Still, love these lads.

O’Reilly cut a promo calling Scurll the best opponent he’s ever faced (alright…not in my book) then challenged KUSHIDA to a match at the RevPro Super J Cup. It’ll take place 7/8 and will be a part of the first round. End scene.

  • Decent - 6.5/10


RPW Live at the Cockpit 16 was a fun show clocking in at 2 and a half hours. The must watch matches are the back to back combo of Dijak-Bodom and CCK-Riots, but everything else is a nice addition to the card, except, well, Grey-Dennis which was encroaching on DUD territory. All in all another successful Cockpit outing from the company, as we approach bigger and better things this summer -- like KOR vs. KUSHIDA for the last time.


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