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RevPro Global Wars UK Night 2 Review, Results (November 11, 2016): Too Many Low-Blows


Revolution Pro Global Wars UK Night 2

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Walthamstow Assembly Hall – London, UK

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RevPro Global Wars UK Night 1 Review, Results (November 10, 2016): GOAT vs. Stone Pitbull

Remember when I said in WWW’s Slack chat I’d get this review out the night the VOD dropped? HAHAHAHAHA. Okay, anyways, to the show we go.

Joel Redman & Charlie Garrett def. BUSHI & EVILgood

This is a non-title match as Redman and Garrett are the RPW British Tag Champs. This is my first time seeing Redman and Garrett. They’re jacked to the gills, a team I’d picture seeing on a 2003 Raw destroying geeks. The match was extra unique in the sense that you have two huge freaks, EVIL, who’s an evil freak, and then BUSHI who’s the fourth man in the stable who also is a junior. The pace of the match was fun as it developed with LIJ cheating as well as hitting the home run chair shot! BUSHI being the major key in preventing Redman from getting a hot tag was amazing. The hot tag to Garrett was built very well on the aforementioned base. Garrett did a standing moonsault to BUSHI then a tope to both in the most “WTF?!” thing on these cards yet, as I haven’t seen him before. Super impressive. Also, no big deal, a slingshot powerslam double team. The finish was perfect with Garrett and Redman finally getting their offense in, complete with surviving near falls, only for LIJ to hit a low-blow and mist to be DQ’d. A very good opener that beats out Scurll/Liger.

Drew Galloway, who was due to face Tomoaki Honma among other plans on this Global Wars weekend, made a special appearance. Galloway brought up the fact that not since the World of Sport days has the UK wrestling scene been this hot. He explained that it’s very rewarding to see everyone that’s homegrown, wrestle some of the best wrestlers in the world. He really wanted to be on the show, as it eats him alive he wasn’t cleared. To the surprise of some this wasn’t the “PRO RASSLIN IS THE BEST” promo he typically echos. Drew contacted Andy (the promoter), to be on this show as he didn’t even have to go to Japan to get his match. Props to Drew for making the most out of a non-wrestling booking. Galloway told Honma to chop himself in the chest everyday in the lead-up to their eventual match, as no one chops like Big Daddy Drew.

Josh Bodom def. Tomoaki Honmavery good

Pre-match, Bodom taunted Galloway on the entrance way as he’s getting what Drew’s match would have been. Great way to implement the cocky character into the lead-up to the match. These two showed from the outset that they were an unconventional pairing that work so well together. Bodom’s “screw you, I don’t care if I was handed this match, I’m so much better than Honma” character ran circles around Mr. Kokeshi, who worked great from the bottom. Everything was crisp, and had a purpose. I kept getting a kick out of Bodom being such a shithead, as the crowd ate it up as well. Honma didn’t even get that much offense in, but hit multiple kokeshi’s which turned into potential winning situations. Everything looped back to Bodom being in control, only for Honma to kickout at 1, only to be superkicked, then kicking out; in what was a tremendous sequence. They found themselves against the ropes as referee Chris Roberts was chucked to the side. A low-blow was hit and a buster piledriver got Bodom the pinfall victory over Honma. Great work for the time it got and A+ booking.

Yuji Nagata def. Trent Sevenvery good

YES x1000 for this match being a thing. Right away, Nagata’s reaction to the crowd signing Seven Nation Army was the best. He then turned back after the crowd chanted for him. This then morphed into a Seven Nation Army Nagata chant. This was yet another match that included an odd pairing, worked all too well, and put a smile on my face. I don’t blame our own Tiger Millionaire for saying that this is one of his favorite matches of the year, although it isn’t the “best”. These two had funny chemistry even when they were trying to kill each other. Seven was in control only to smash his wrist on the ring-post after a chop attempt. Openly mocking him, Nagata played up the crowd in only the way Blue Justice can, then hitting the over-the-shoulder arm snap. This transitioned into very sound arm-work, which also gave us Seven having to get into aggression mode, hitting backfists and the like in attempt to turn things around. We got an awe-struck sequence that saw counter wrestling that turned into Nagata locking in the arm-bar after an exploder kickout. None the less, Seven eventually had to give in to the legend. Nagata gets the submission victory over Trent f’n Seven in a match that not only shows how awesome Seven is in multiple environments, but shows how Nagata can still go/be good enough to be on someone’s WDKW100 ballot.

Post-match, Dave Mastiff attacked Trent Seven, laying him the hell out.

Will Ospreay def. Jushin Ligergood

Fun fact: Jushin Liger on last year’s Night 2, faced AJ Styles for the RPW British Heavyweight Championship in a losing effort–the only time the two would ever lock horns. Ospreay’s music played, only for him to do another entrance to Liger’s theme. Dark Liger! This was a mirror image match–I know, shocking. Ospreay was able to play the rudo in this scenario which does good for his wrestling experience. He got to wrestle one of the biggest wrestlers he looks up to in Liger. It was solid overall, giving us lots of comedy bits including both guys mirroring each other to the point of dancing! Through some serious offense thrown at each other via doubling up, we got to the point where we got a repeat of the legendary Liger-lead BOLA spot. Dark Liger stuck his thumb up Liger’s ass, which proved to be ineffective, with Chris Roberts joining in on the fun. Liger Bomb near fall which led to Ospreay hitting an Os-cutter and shooting star press for the pinfall victory. Fun comedy match with the serious bits being very good. It was a splash of variety on a card that was about to give us some hard hitting shit.

Ospreay showed nothing but respect, unmasking and bowing to Liger; getting his hand raised in the process. Once in a lifetime.

Tomohiro Ishii def. Pete Dunnegreat

My lord. My god. My sweet Jesus. Insert reaction here. This is mouth-savoring booking. The match lived up to the hype. It was the best possible combo of guys from both rosters not counting Chris Hero. Both are rugged, kickass figures in their promotions that are known for decimation of opponents while selling incredibly well. Well, what do you know? You put both of these lads together and they produce a banger. The match told the story of Dunne being Ishii Jr. in a sense. He did a lot of the same things Ishii does, only to be ousted by Stone Pitbull himself. We got tons of back and forth trading, whether it be stiff offense, or BITING! Ishii bit Dunne’s fingers in a tremendous moment. It’s so hard to pinpoint as to how Ishii can sell so well in every situation/pace his matches the way he does, but it’s wrestling magic. Here the escalation was simply great as it led to an insane pace that saw two brainbusters: one that Ishii got up from right away, and the other that was even bigger, seeing Dunne feel all of it–in a fantastic storytelling element. Ishii also got out at 1 of the piledriver again, which I was worried wasn’t going to happen. It got to the point where Ishii’s CHAOS stable mate interfered, as Will Ospreay got on the apron, even after Dunne tried to cheap his way out of the match with a low-blow and Drop Dead combo; which I thought would be the end considering it all. Ospreay distracted the ref as Ishii hit a low-blow and brainbuster for the win. How many low-blow combo wins are there gonna be tonight?! This was a great match with both bringing out the best of each other. It was a feather in the cap of Ishii’s weekend, as well as Dunne’s. I want more matches between them as they have blatantly similar styles with accompanying good chemistry.

Los Ingobernables de Japon (Testsuya Naito & SANADA) def. LDRS (Zack Sabre Jr. & Marty Scurll)good

Two of my top 10 wrestlers of the year locking up in a big tag is a hoot. Also, the incredible SANADA and ever-ludicrous (in mostly good ways) Scurll here to lay waste to his LDRS lad. We got another mirror image predicament with Scurll and Naito both disobeying the norms of a match, with LRDS in control for a long while only for SANADA to finally get the pressure off his chest–working seamlessly with Naito to turn the tide. ZSJ as face in peril leading to a Scurll hot tag was one of the weirder images of 2016. Scurll all over the world is beginning to be a heel-babyface. Yes. First transitioning into second via character elements and crowd response. 80’s locker rooms would be pissed. WHAT IN THE HELL IS WITH THIS CARD?! As we got another ref bump into a low-blow. The “minutes until the next ref bump/low-blow” work sign was reset to zero as the antics mounted from LIJ. Seeing ZSJ run circles around Naito, who was tranquilo, locking in holds was the definitive highlight of the match. To even see interactions between the two was another cherry on top of this year for them both. Naito kicked out of a brainbuster/penalty kick combo. We got a, no pun intended, stretched out sequence with LDRS locking in a chicken wing and arm bar. We got a blitz of near falls followed by Naito and ZSJ being left to finish things off. Sabre continually was hit with everything from Naito yet kicked out. He didn’t want to lose again, especially after the loss to Shibata. Yet he did, as Naito pinned him after a Destino. This was all over the place, as I tend to think I should have liked this more, but didn’t really. It was borderline good.

Post-match Naito took out Chris Roberts then we got the inevitable. After taking the pin, Sabre was looked down on by Scurll, who so happened to have a mic. He said something I couldn’t make out about leaving the territory. Sabre Jr. and Scurll are moving to America. Scurll cut a long face promo about leaving the scene, leaving forever, fans soaking in the moment while they can, etc. This was a great setup for Scurll raising the hand of Sabre, soaking in adulation, only to LOW-BLOW HIM. ANOTHER LOW-BLOW. “Ohhhh Zack Sabre Jr.” was chanted as the two bid adieu.

RPW British Heavyweight Championship: Katsuyori Shibata (c) def. Chris Herogreat

Jesus H. Almighty. We’ve got another 10/10 cracker of a main event ready to soak in. Just from the start, I had so much adulation for this match. For its style. For its one of a kind dream match work. For Hero to be all bully like only to be slapped once by Shibata, acting like he got stunned by a taser fifteen times, only for them to spill to the outside. We got a repeat of the Ishii countout spot only this time it was Shibata taking KO blows on the outside. As the crowd fired up with “Shi-ba-ta” chants, Hero hit yet another blow only for them to shut up right away. Shibata found himself in an awkward, clunky element. One that required for him to soak in the punishment, to rise up from the corner; telling Hero that he absolutely cannot hang with his chin/chest/damage taking. Just ridiculous amounts of hyper-realistic back and forth. Both men are so charming in the sense that they both deal out insane amounts of damage, only to be so good in their defensive element. Hero not only headbutted Shibata, but hit a Takayama style knee to the body parts (or Shuji) only to hit a piledriver, ONLY FOR SHIBATA TO PUT HIM IN A SLEEPER, ONLY TO TURN IT AROUND INTO A SUPLEX, ONLY FOR IT TO STILL BE APPLIED!!!!! Full nelson hooks couldn’t be put in so Shibata just hit a German. It was the peak definition of “anything you can do…” I can do better. Hero hit the Gotch Piledriver only for Shibata to kickout all fired up. It always came down to that “one big move” but it was never enough. Shibata, in mid-air brainbuster rotation locked in the sleeper. Him slipping only to try to knock Hero out straight after was tremendous. The finish was a huge case of blue balls though, as Shibata hit the penalty kick for the win out of nowhere. It could have gone so much longer and been so much more epic, but was still a great match that brought out another unique aura from two of the best in the world. Although I knew who won, it was a shock to many that Shibata retained as many thought Hero would win it from him. As part of the agreement, Shibata will be defending the RPW Title in Japan. A fitting end to a wild two shows.

  • Good - 7.5/10


Although the wrestling is possibly better than Night 1 overall, Night 2 of Global Wars UK dipped down as an overall product for me, slightly. Everything felt blossoming the first time around, where as this, while nearly as fun, just felt a little sluggish. The co-main event didn't deliver yet the post-match did. We got hidden gem bangers in the first two matches. Everything else added to the show well, even the Galloway promo as well as the comedy encounter between Dark Liger (Ospreay) and Liger. Dunne/Ishii and the main event were legitimately great matches--that could have been a lot more, and that's why I'm still fairly low on them. Too many low-blows...too many low-blows. That results in the score taking a cheap shot down half a point. Still a fun show I suggest you watch if you've got the time to.


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