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Review: Rush & Silver King vs. LA. Park & Fuerza Guerrera (Fighters NICE 6/12/16)

Rush & Silver King vs. LA. Park & Fuerza Guerrera

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June 10, 2016 
Arena Coliseo – Monterrey, Mexico

Back with one of the most intriguing match reviews I have done this year. You have three legends in the ring and Fuerza. Well I guess Fuerza is a legend but old man Fuerza doesn’t do much for me. He doesn’t like bumping for certain wrestlers and it makes his matches quite awkward. Rush and Park have incredible chemistry, those two work very well with one another. I don’t care what anyone says Park is still a great worker, he carried Cibernetico to a ***1/2 match in Elite. Silver King is much like Dr. Wagner Jr. in the way that he has found the fountain of youth. He is almost 50 and looks great and still moves very well. This should be a hoot and a half.

Rush & Silver King vs. LA. Park & Fuerza Guerrera ***1/2

The first fall was quite boring actually. The rudo’s in this match who were King and Rush just beat the shit out of Park and Guerrera. Completely dominated them in every way. Brawled around the arena which was deadset packed. I have seen shows from Arena Coliseo be incredibly empty but this time the place was packed. I suppose this is a big time match and has four bonafide superstars. But anyway Rush assaulted Park with some sort of trophy he got from the crowd. Rush did make this heat segment entertaining because he is just that great. He could get over as a heel/rudo anywhere in the world. The first fall came when Guerrera tapped to a leg lock from King and Park was pinned following a release Northern lights suplex.

The technicos/babyfaces made a quick comeback in the second fall with Park hitting a arm drag and a dropkick on both of his opponents. Guerrera ran wild with arm drags as that is one of the only things he does decently these days. But by god the 62 year old Fuerza Guerrera hit a cross-body from the top on both is opponents. Park did a tremendous tope suicida on Rush which allowed Guerrera to make King tap to a Boston-crab to win the second fall and tie things up.

Into the the best part of the match, the final fall! Park quickly takes the upper hand by making a make shift table using some wood and then powerbombs Rush through it! God bless Rush’s body. That must have hurt. Park was straight up shooting on Rush, his punches were stiff as heck. LA. Park has been watching his Titus O’Neil tapes for sure. Park was so great in this holy shit! His super-bombed Rush onto a plastic trash can. At this point Park looked tired but he just need a minute to get his breath and he was back at it. The ref was hit was a trash can which looked great and the crowd popped hard. All four dudes are brawling around Arena Coliseo and kids are just running around on the stage, oh I love Mexico. Japan can have their Poseidon water death matches whilst Mexico has kids running into the ring during a match. Park killed Rush with a big time lariat. Rush over head belly to bellied the 300+ pound Park. Silver King was a professional in this match, all of his stuff looked so smooth and also made his opponents look good. Guerrera used a flipping senton plancha off the apron! Okay Mr. Guerrera that was impressive I will give you that. Park hit the best spear of 2016 on Rush that made me squeal a little.  Rudo ref attempted to help Rush but Rush ended up hitting him with a senton on accident. The third fall was something else.. Rush tore of Park’s mask and cradled him to pin him but the referee reversed the decision and the technico’s of Guerrera and Park win the bout. I wish their was a clean finish and I would have rated it higher but still very fun.

Yeah very fun match, all guys (yes even Fuerza) were impressive. Park was the best worker in this match. The crowd was very good and into the bout. Wish more matches like this made it’s way online somehow. Thank you for reading.


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