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Review: Cavernario vs. Rey Cometa (CMLL 6/10/16)

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Mexican National Welterweight Championship: Cavernario (c) vs. Rey Cometa

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June 10, 2016

Arena Mexico – Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico

I am actually quite disappointed in myself for not being able to cover the entire 6/10 show. I wasn’t able to catch it live and as of right now this match is the only one available online. But I am not complaining because I have heard excellent things about this match and I have recently fell in love with the performer that is Rey Cometa. Just about everyone in the online wrestling world loves them some Caveman. He came to prominence this time last year in the 2015 BOSJ where he won over a lot of folk. But anyway this is 2/3 falls match for the Mexican National Welterweight Championship in the semi main event of Arena Mexico so it should be tremendous.

Both men show off their technical abilities early on doing numerous holds back and forth. Caveman really impressed me here because I have never seen him work the mat like he did here. Cometa was doing a version of the Mil Mascaras headstand headscissors. Rad sequence where they both flipped out of hip tosses and arm dragged one another then got in each others faces. Shortly after that Cavernario hit his signature springboard reverse splash to win the first fall and take the advantage. First fall came in just over four minutes.

Cavernario quickly capitalizes and hits another splash but Cometa puts his foot on the bottom rope. Shortly after this Cometa caught Cavernario in a Liger-bomb followed by his 450 splash to win the second fall in two and a half minutes.

Crowd really started getting hot going into the third fall. Before I mention everything that went on I just want to give credit to these men for the creativeness and intricacy of the spots in the bout. Just when you thought they were going somewhere they did a 180 degree turn and threw your mind in a loop. Cometa’s spots especially were executed to perfection and made me jump out of my seat. Not to take away from the Caveman of course. This was my favorite Caveman match ever I believe, he really just bought it all to the fight and wore his heart on his sleeve. Moments into the third fall Cometa hit a standing Spanish fly out of nowhere, when that move is executed well it’s one of the coolest moves out. Cavernario did a tremendous Silver King/Chris Jericho inside-out plancha. Razor’s edge into the corner from the Caveman. Cometa did probably my favorite dive of 2016 thus far. A step up springboard tornillo! Like it got me out of my seat. Cometa is so fucking good brothers. Cavernario’s dropkicks are so vicious, well a lot of the dropkicks in Mexico look stiffer. The thing is as well is most of the dropkicks are missile dropkicks so your taking a flat back bump when you deliver one and if you know anything about Mexican rings then you know that’s quite stupid. Caveman has definitely gotten in much better shape, tightened up his mid section. Crowd was eating up the near falls. Just basic pins but the Arena Mexico faithful were right into it. Both dudes were countering each others big time moves. Fantastic tope suicida from Cavernario. He actually does it off the apron and dives through the middle ring post, quite impressive. Asai moonsault from Brother Cometa. La-Cavernaria on Cometa but he makes it to the ropes. Rey Cometa wins the third fall with Caveman’s own La-Cavernaria to become the Mexican National Welterweight Champion! ****

Tremendous match that I thoroughly enjoyed and even if you don’t like Lucha I would go out of my way to see this because it was just so different and was worked in a different style. I loved it. Thank you for reading.


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