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Review: Brad Attitude vs. Trevor Lee (CWF Mid-Atlantic, August 8, 2015)

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This aired August 19, 2015 on CWF Worldwide Episode 14. 

I’m accustomed to the ace of CWF, Trevor Lee. I’m accustomed to his Danielson-esque run on top of the promotion which is still in progress. With how CWF has made me feel over the past year of watching the product, I’ve been excited to deep-dive not just Worldwide’s history, but some important matchups of the past, some matchups being past encounters of “newer” matches between two wrestlers I’ve watched. This is one of them. Although I still need to get to BattleCade 2016, I felt the importance of Brad Attitude vs. Trevor Lee as an overarching feud, and this stop in the timeline of the two’s interactions is a great way to set myself up for the subsequent hype video recapping their past, and actual match, as they come down the pipeline.

Attitude kicked off Worldwide with Brad Stutts, as we learned Attitude was able to break tradition by choosing his opponent for the show’s championship match. He explained that while he had someone picked, a big free agent, it fell through. In comes a young kid taking the world by storm, just barely in his 20’s, Trevor Lee. He was chosen. The main event was set.

Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship: Brad Attitude (c) vs. Trevor Lee

Attitude is in the midst of an eight month run on top of CWF as the champion, something he strives to accomplish for years, which then came true. Lee, at the time, was still nearly as impressive (in a holistic career sense) up to this point, as he is now. Championships in CWF, champion in PWG, champion in OMEGA, Ultra-J Champion. He’s familiar with gold, but is chasing for the belt he hasn’t obtained yet in his home promotion (that he’d go on to win the next year). The match started out as a technical wrestling match, holds being exchanged, yet this was much more than a typical feeling out process. It was apart of a “Act” in the match, something D Spence explained in his 105 minutes breakdown piece. CWF main events are easy to look at as being “Acts”. Here that was no exception, with many layers on top of the existing story and big match feel. The two are close friends, but there was a tension beyond the title being on the line. Attitude proclaimed earlier that, even if he is champion, if he can’t beat Lee, there’s no point in being on top. He gave off a determined mindset, wanting to prove in competition that he is the best. Yet that cost him in the long run, as he was so in over his head that he forgot to stay focused. He’d be thrown off by the crowd, especially the younger fans that sided with Lee. He needed to take multiple breaks, even getting water for Trevor as well as himself, only for Trevor to mist his face with it when he wanted to “cheers!”. That “feeling” out process was a whole act.

On came the next, a brawl. It spilled outside, with Attitude chopping the ring post by accident (one of my favorite spots). In a showcase of how well CWF shoots matches, Lee worked over Attitude’s hand like no tomorrow, with a zoom-in on the joint manipulation. The two exchanged dives multiple times, Attitude spiked Lee on the apron, countout spots were to be had; it was finally picking up in terms of title match intensity. As it spilled back into the ring, time was ticking down, with the last few minutes extending itself upon the base the match built. That’s when the magnificent big-time wrestling and near falls came into play. Lee hitting multiple PKs on Attitude, who avoided them the whole match, became an integral part in the match. They flip flopped roles in a way. As Lee began to get his way as the match progressed, the wonderful commentary duo of Stutts and Cecil Scott managed to hook you on the story more. They put over everything that would come to blow your mind and put things into perspective as the story would continue to be told in audio and in ring form. It was five minutes, it was three minutes, it was one minute, and you were sucked in. Attitude superkicking Lee out of a back flip was one of the craziest spots of 2015. So well timed. A knee, a superkick, the two super-moves being saved for the end of the match weren’t enough for one to cover. The two elbowed each other, knocking themselves down.

Time expired as Attitude failed to deliver on his promise. But the match was restarted with sudden death rules as Attitude demanded for it to be. Attitude nearly cost himself his reign yet again by doing so, with Trevor all over him, making him bleed all over. The image of Attitude clinging onto staying alive, all bloodied up, with Trevor dominating, really made sudden death feel out of this world. Lee hit his Collision Course slam which led to an amazing kickout. The ref that was holding a towel to clean up Attitude lost his towel trying to process what’s happening. A case of wrestling magic. Attitude missed a backstabber which led to me thinking it was all over. Roll-ups were traded, Trevor was ready to curl Attitude up into a ball and make him give up his entire reign, but the wounded warrior caught Trevor in a cradle for a three count. A sigh of relief after an epic 40 minute run.

The match touched on so many elements, combining the separate “Acts” that were spaced out perfectly to come together to create yet another Mid-Atlantic classic. These matches get you feeling some type of way, and it’s one of my favorite feelings in the world. I love watching CWF and uncovering the classics in the Sportatorium. This was no exception. It’s now one of my favorite matches from 2015, but I also found that being the case with the BattleCade main event from that year. It just goes to show you how incredible this promotion is. Especially the performers, including my favorite commentary duo. Wrestling, once again, is near its best in CWF.

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