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Return To 6:05 (NWA Championship Wrestling 12/21/85)

It’s been a few weeks since we last met, but the Mania/post-Mania hangover hiatus is over. We return again to Saturday night at 6:05PM Central Correct Time, back for another action packed episode of NWA Championship Wrestling, this one from December 21st, 1985. Let’s jump in.

Ole Anderson (with Arn Anderson) vs Bob Wayne
Ole made this poor man his bitch from jump, twisting his arm & grinding him on the ropes. When he wasn’t twisting him into oblivion, he was slapping him on the chest and roughing him up. Ole
Ole only let go of a Chickenwing so he could stomp Wayne’s arm repeatedly. At no point did Ole let poor Wayne get 3 seconds worth of a rest. Arn stood by outside like a stone cold killer until he finally told Ole “finish him!” and Ole hit a Flying Knee, then hooked his arm for a Stepover Submission. Hell of a way to make a start in the NWA. Would be surprised if we see ol’ Bob again.
Winner: Ole Anderson

Back at the interview area, #1 Paul Jones has still not figured out how to pronounce “Barbarian”, but that’s OK because he is still on track for a rise to the top. Jones tells us at home that

Nikita Koloff vs Tony Zane
You know this one isn’t going to end well for Zane. With the momentum that the Nightmare Nikita Koloff has been on, certain doom is in Mr. Zane’s near future. As in almost every Nikita match, he brutalized Zane and threw him to the ring floor. His big boots, Arm Smashes, turnbuckle rams and Powerslam should be enough to finish Zane, but he had a little bit of fight in him still. Mikita
Nikita no-sold the whole thing and made Zane pay for being brazen enough to not stay down. A whip to the ropes and a huge Clothesline finally finished Zane.
Winner: Nikita Koloff

Magnum TA and Dusty Rhodes were up next to talk about the tournament for the World Television Championship, and Magnum said that Dusty would be ready, whether or not he has a real challenge ahead of him. Dusty furthered the discussion, saying he never lost the belt and he was going to leave the tournament the champion.

The Barbarian (with #1 Paul Jones) vs Richard Dunn
It always seems the longest part of any Barbarian match is Paul Jones removing his leather cuffs and his restraints. Once the chains are off, he’s pure destruction. Dunn attempted to run into him, but Barbarian did his best imitation of a brick wall. Dunn was tossed out of the ring and Teddy Long immediately knew that Jones was trying to play dirty, so he yelled at him to watch himself. Barbarian threw him out again but had Teddy distracted this time and Jones went to work. Barbarian chewed on his face for a minute before a Standing Suplex then he Double Foot Stomped Dunn’s chest. Barbaria
He used Dunn as a step stool a couple times before a flying shoulder block started the beginning of the end for Dunn. A huge Scoop Slam and a Flying Headbutt put the final nail in the coffin.
Winner: Barbarian

A very grumpy Tully Blanchard and Baby Doll joined Tony Schiavone at the interview area. He’s been in a salty mood since losing his World TV title and he lets us know that he is there for the money, and the title earns him that money. He is wearing Magnum TA’s gym sweatshirt as a reminder of the fact that Magnum is holding his belt. He tells us that he’s walking out of Greenville Coliseum with the belt and Baby Doll reminded him that she was expensive and needed him to be draped in gold.

Khrusher Khruschev (with Ivan Koloff) vs Bill Mulkey
The bell rang and a guy in the crowd shouted “ask him, ref” as if Khrusher had already finished Mulkey off. He may as well have, since seconds later he already had Mulkey in a state of “almost dead”. Khrusher
Mulkey was bounced like a pinball all across the ring (and even out of it). It only took a moment, but that Russian Sickle Clothesline finally finished off Mulkey.
Winner: Khrusher Khruschev

JJ Dillon came out to scream about how his man, Nature Boy Buddy Landel beat Terry Taylor at Starrcade and how no one was talking about it. He told Tony Schiavone that he better start talking about Landel more and less about the TV title tournament.

Tully Blanchard vs Vernon Deaton
Tully was still in a salty mood and Deaton was his unsuspecting victim. Blanchard was an Elbow Dropping machine, not even focusing on a single part of the body, but rather EVERY part of the body.Tully
He then started raining forearms on Deaton. Try to crawl into the ring and Blanchard is going to knee you in the head. He hit a Slingshot Suplex to get an easy pin on Deaton. Baby Doll was pleased.
Winner: Tully Blanchard

Arn Anderson joined Tony Schiavone to talk about his upcoming series with the Rock N’ Roll Express, and how they may have beaten a who’s who of teams so far, but they haven’t beaten the Minnesota Wrecking Crew. He also laid claim to the TV title, which seems to be everyone’s focus these days.

Sam Houston vs Kent Glover
Glover looked like he could’ve been Houston’s drunk uncle. About the same height, same structural size (Glover carrying a bit more meat on his bones), same feathered haircut that resembled a rug, but Glover may have had less teeth and more facial hair. Babyface Houston shook Glover’s hand to start off, which left a puzzled expression on Glover’s face. Glover took control early on with some forearm shots, but the tide turned with a Backdrop from Houston. This was actually a fairly competitive match compared to the normal star/jobber squash matches we see on NWA Saturdays. Houston
Much of the match was spent going back and forth on control of an arm, but in the end, we got what we expected, which was a leapfrog to a Bulldog for the pin.
Winner: Sam Houston

Ric Flair was out to talk to Tony next and he may have been in a good mood even for himself. He was doing air conducting as if standing in front of a symphony, happy to be there to be the champion AND a modern day sex symbol.
Flair Conductor
He had women screaming and yelling, some even blowing kisses at him. He tells us that it’s hard satisfying thousands… and thousands of young ladies all around the world. I know how he feels.
Flair Kisses

Raging Bull Manny Fernandez & Ronnie Garvin vs Black Bart & Thunderfoot
Going in, I knew this one was the big match for the show and also by far the longest. I have to admit that I approached this one with a sense of dread, because who wants to watch a long Black Bart match after all? Thankfully it was a bit more fun than expected, but I wouldn’t dare call it a good match. Thunderfoot almost had his boot taken off early by Manny when he had him in a Leg Lock, but he pulled himself to the ropes for the break and quickly got out of Dodge. Commentary speculated again on what could possibly be in Thunderfoot’s boot that would make him so nervous when someone tried to take it off and truthfully I hope we never find out. Bart was in now and Ronnie spent the majority of his time tying up Bart and squeezing him with his legs. Bart almost got to the ropes, but Manny was there to kick it. Ronnie twisted Bart’s neck while tying up both of his arms, one being stepped on and the other being locked under Garvin’s leg.

Manny Ronnie
Bart was able to finally get the tag to bring Thunderfoot back in, and Thunderfoot fared better this time around, maintaining control. We go to a commercial and Bart is back in against Garvin by this point. Some dirty tactics in the corner on Garvin’s throat (courtesy of the turnbuckle rope) swung momentum in the heels’ favor. Somehow in the exchange, Manny ended up with a perfectly straight cut a few inches long across his head. Wonder how that got there? The perfect cut never really started bleeding. I’ve vented about blading in NWA before, but if you can’t do it effectively, why bother? A minute later, Bart started “biting” Manny, then the cut finally opened. Bart jumped off the ropes but missed Manny, while Thunderfoot “charged” up his boot and attempted the most awkward kick I’ve seen, but Manny seemed to deflect it. In the exchange, Ronnie got a pin and thankfully was there to follow up, hitting a Diving Sunset Flip off the ropes for the pin.
Winners: Manny Fernandez & Ronnie Garvin

Jim Crockett came out to announce that the next week’s SuperStation Series bout would be Magnum TA vs Ole Anderson, which should be a good one. Look for coverage of that match in this very same place next week.

Ronnie Garvin was about to be interviewed by Tony Schiavone when Ric Flair came out to interrupt him. Flair told Garvin that this is HIS interview time and he needed to get lost. Garvin instead took that time to challenge Ric to a match, telling him to put his belt where his mouth is. He challenged him to a match next week on TV, and Flair accepted. Ronnie had one more parting shot for Flair: “See you next week, but we ain’t gonna be makin’ love, we gonna be wrestlin’.“ Whooooo!

Rock N’ Roll Express vs Randall Mulkey & Clarke
Clarke got his introduction to the Rock N Roll Express, getting taken to school by a tag team that worked like a well-oiled machine. Mulkey was quickly tagged in, but he did no better. RNR’s quick tags and fluidity is always what sets them apart from any team and the gap was never wider than against Clark and Mulkey. The only time that Clark or Mulkey got any offense was when Gibson or Morton were toying with them.
This was also the match that I look forward to every week, the match where the commentators stop discussing anything relevant and give shoutouts to anniversaries over 50 years, send birthday wishes, or otherwise convey messages of well-wishes to friends or family. The match ended with a Sunset Flip from Morton on Mulkey and the bell rang away.
Winners: Rock N Roll Express

Magnum TA vs George South
My favorite jobber, George South, took on Magnum TA next. Sadly, this was a nothing match and when I say nothing I mean it. Whip to the ropes, Scoop Slam and a Belly-To-Belly from Magnum. The end. We barely knew ye, George.
Winner: Magnum TA

Arn Anderson vs Josh Stroud (no relation)
Stroud was a specimen, hell of a build, but Arn was not impressed. He screamed out “Let me show you how finesse stacks up to a musclehead”. Arn spent the next few minutes making Stroud regret stepping into a ring with Arn.
David Crockett on commentary said “Hey this guy’s got big arms, watch what I can do to them” as Arn wrapped Stroud’s arm around the turnbuckle post, put him in a Hammerlock and then worked his shoulder. Arn’s dedicated the next Gourdbuster to Dusty, and what a Gourdbuster it was.
Winner: Arn Anderson

Dusty was interviewed by Tony Schiavone next. He said that while there are many guys in the NWA who are “sooooo bad”, none of them are Dusty Rhodes. Arn, Ole, Ric, all of them are “sooooo bad”, but they had “pain, blues and agony” in their future. He said he’s going to take the TV title and put it around his waist, the World title around his waist and if he wanted Magnum’s belt, it would also be around his waist.

Ivan Koloff vs Don Turner
This one was methodical. Koloff worked an arm, then he stomped his throat, then tossed him out of the ring, then worked him some more. Standard issue stuff here.
We did get a botched Standing Neckbreaker that fell flat (pun intended), so that was something I guess. Khrusher instructed Ivan to “finish him off” and I prayed that he would, but Turner got his first offense of the evening instead, which thankfully only lasted for a few moments before Koloff hit the Russian Sickle Clothesline.
Winner: Ivan Koloff

Ric Flair was out one more time, saying he’s going to be in 8,000 girls’ stockings this Christmas. “Ive been known to spread myself a little thin, but girls, if I tell you I’m going to be there, you run downstairs because Old Saint Nick isn’t gonna let you down”. This had one lady literally licking her lips in anticipation.
Flair Lick
He then spent some time cutting a promo on Garvin saying he’s “going to beat you so bad, they’re going to compare you to Dusty Rhodes”. He was such a master that he was telling the cameramen what to focus on and production when to cut the show. Haha. Sadly, there is a time limit, and the show ended awkwardly, but Ric is the man and he proved it once again.

Thus we wrap up another fun episode of NWA Championship Wrestling and we only have one more episode to go before we enter the new world predicted in 1986. Join us next week, same time, same website, for another Return To 6:05.

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