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Return To 6:05 (NWA Championship Wrestling 12/14/85)

Thanks for joining me on my journey through my favorite period of wrestling watching yet again, in the 8th installment of “Return To 6:05”. This one covers the NWA Championship Wrestling show from December 14th, 1985.

We start with Buddy Landel came out looking like a Men’s Warehouse Ric Flair with a Ricky Morton Supercuts hairstyle, but he’s a hell of a talker. He proclaims he is not only the National Heavyweight champ, but also the OG Nature Boy.

Magnum TV vs Bill Tam
We jump to in-ring action, starting with what may have been a record for the shortest match we’ve watched together. A dropkick, a whip to the ropes and a big belly-to-belly finished off Tam. That recap may have taken longer to read than the match actually took to watch.
01 - Magnum
Winner: Magnum TA

Arn came out to the interview area to yell into the mic, saying he should be holding the TV belt right now to go with his tag gold before going to the ring to compete.

Ole and Arn Anderson vs Rocky King and The Italian Stallion

Arn and Stallion got in an arm wringer competition until The Stallion got an arm bar and rolled through with Arn’s arm still being held onto. Rocky King, as I mentioned before, was an impressive athlete, and I fully believe they could’ve run with him as a star if they chose too. He was great at jumping and leaping, and also more than capable of selling for the Andersons. He took abuse like a champ and made the Minnesota Wrecking Crew look like, well, a wrecking crew. 02 - Arn & Ole
Stallion appeared to hesitate when King reached out to him, leaning back and causing Rocky to continue to stay in the ring and take abuse. Rocky got fired up and hit an impressive dropkick, but he couldn’t follow up. Arn hit him with an Atomic Drop followed by a Gourdbuster and he was done.
Winners: Arn and Ole Anderson

Tully Blanchard (with Baby Doll) vs Gerald Finley

We’ve seen Finley before and he may not have a winning record, but he was no slouch either. Tully was always a step ahead of him though, tying up his legs and working the leverage while talking trash.
03 - Tully
Finley got a Headbutt to throw Tully off his game, but the equalizer was a big boot by Tully, who took over again from there. Tully hit a foot to Finley’s face and a Slingshot Suplex off the ropes, and that was all she wrote.
Winner: Tully Blanchard

04 - Dusty & Magnum
Let’s take this time to admire the fashion choices that people made in the 1980s. Magnum and Dusty walked out to drop some knowledge on Tony Schiavone, dressed in full-length what I believe were rabbit fur coats. If I had to guess, these were some of the fur coats that Ric Flair spoke about when he was interviewed about Dusty, saying they were always one-upping each other. “Dusty got a fur coat, I got a fur coat. Dusty got a Rolex, I got a Rolex.” If there was ever a redneck pimp, I’m pretty sure he looked exactly like Magnum, fur everywhere and his mullet locks going way past his shoulders. Dusty told Ric that “There is a difference between a Legend and The Man.”  Dusty told him that if he wants to talk about money, he’d give him something to look at, then paraded around the interview area modeling his fur. “$33,000, baby!” This women in particular seemed to like what she saw:

Rock & Roll Express vs Vernon Deaton and George South

The Rock & Roll took on “Jobber To The Stars” George South and Vernon Deaton next. The music was loud, but the crowd was louder. Robert Gibson hip-tossed and hit Back Breakers on both men, then tagged in Ricky Morton to teach South a thing or two about wrestling. We got an incredible shot of South’s teefers while he was in anguish during a headlock:
05 - RNR
Deaton didn’t have any better luck against the tag artists, getting himself caught in a Chicken Wing and getting Back Dropped on his arm. The Rock & Roll just outclassed Deaton, who knew when he was out of his element. A botched move by Deaton looks like it resulted in a potato from Morton. Double Back Drop and a Double Dropkick by Rock & Roll Express was enough to secure the victory.
Winners: Rock & Roll Express

The Russians were out next to talk to Tony. Ivan Koloff talked smack about The Rock & Roll Express before focusing his vitriol on The Road Warriors, who they have past heat with from hanging Hawk with a chain several weeks ago to the attack on Paul Ellering a couple of weeks before.

Nikita Koloff vs Mac Jeffers

06 - Nikita
The dumb bastard never stood a chance. Poor Mac Jeffers, having to get the Bejeezus pounded out of him by Nikita, who looked like he had something to prove. He immediately threw Jeffers out of the ring, then choked him and tossed him across the ring like so much garbage. He was really just toying with him, and once he was ready, he hit him with a huge Russian Sickle clothesline that knocked him out.  Nikita stood Jeffers up, and Jeffers immediately proceeded to plant himself face first into the canvas. But Nikita wasn’t quite ready yet. He hit him with another massive clothesline and then told the ref he was ready to bounce.
Winner: Nikita Koloff

Tully was interviewed, screaming that he never said “I Quit” at Starrcade and he never should have lost the belt to Magnum. He said he was 35-1 and the one was a fluke. He looked forward to proving it to Magnum the first chance he got.

Khrusher Khrushchev vs Pistol Pez Whatley

Much like Mac Jeffers in the match preceding this one, you don’t stand a chance against a fired up Russian. Pistol actually got some offense at first, even bringing Khrusher to his knees before he hit a big Armdrag and an Arm Crank. Whatley was feeling proud of his work, but Koloff brought him back to reality with a Fireman’s Carry reversal. Ivan, who was ringside as Nikita’s second, got hot with ref Tommy Young, saying the ref needed his eyes checked. I haven’t seen this much offense from a guy who was obviously going to be taking a fall in quite some time, seeming to get the better of most of the exchanges in the match up until this point. Whatley looked large and in charge of Khrusher until he was dropped on the ropes as we went to commercial.
07 - Pez & Khrusher
The tide had officially turned, and Khrusher started stretching Pez to pay him back for all of the shots he got on him, but every time Khrusher started to regain control, Pez had his number. Pez did a Slingshot from outside the ring to a Sunset Flip, but Khrusher cut him off with a big knee. Khrusher attempted to climb to the top, but again Pez stopped his advances. Pez Dropkicked Khrusher, flew outside onto him, then attempted a pin after throwing him back in. Ivan was not a fan of this and he grabbed Pez’s leg. This pissed off Pez, who turned his attention to Ivan, giving Khrusher the opening he was looking for. A quick Clothesline from Khrusher was all it took to wrap it up and secure a dirty win.
Winner: Khrusher Khrushchev

Road Warriors vs Larry Clark and Paul Garner
Just one look at Clark and Garner should be enough to tell you how this one was going to end, and I’ll spoil it for you, but it wasn’t going to be pretty. The LOD ran in and before their music even finished, they had Clark and Garner reeling. A Splash, Dropkick, Elbow Drop, pointed elbows and one of the most awkward Knee Lifts I’ve ever seen from Animal was enough to convince Garner that he was over his head, and he ran to get the tag on Clark. It was clear that Clark also “didn’t want none”, but he was going to get it in spades anyway. The Road Warriors were never the most graceful team, and this was evidence of that. Their moves may have been clunky, but there is no doubt that they were effective. Poor Clark could barely stand and was throwing shadow punches until a massive Clothesline from Animal finally, mercifully ended the match.Poor Clark could barely stand and was throwing shadow punches until a massive Clothesline from Animal finally, mercifully ended the match.Poor Clark could barely stand and was throwing shadow punches until a massive Clothesline from Animal finally, mercifully ended the match.
08 - Road Warriors
Winners: Road Warriors

The Minnesota Wrecking Crew joined Tony in the interview area next, talking about twin Koala bears and modeling fur coats.  Arn cares not about glamor and fashion, because he’s too busy killing fools. Ole may have sounded like he was learning English for the first time, but by the end of the promo there was no doubt that he could break every bone in your body without breaking a sweat.

Sam Houston vs Mike Nichols

Talk about a match the crowd gave zero shits about. It was obvious that the commentators also gave no shits, as this was the gratuitous wedding anniversary announcement match. David Crockett also wished his buddy congratulations on his wedding, and offered his friend’s new wife condolences on her marriage. The crowd stayed relatively quiet throughout, I’m pretty sure also that I saw two ladies in the front row playing patty cake to get themselves through their boredom, while some even looking straight up displeased to have to be there (like this lady in the fur):
09 - Sam Houston Boredom
Eventually someone started a “Bulldog” chant, which should have been a sign that it was time for Houston to go home and end the match. The “Bulldog” chant happened again later, but as before Houston did not oblige them, so they went quiet again. We finally got our Bulldog, and thankfully put an end to the match.
Winner: Sam Houston

#1 Paul Jones and the Barbarian were out to talk to Tony next, and Jones asked us the question “Who’s afraid of the Ballbearian?” Apparently the answer was everyone, as he name dropped half of the NWA roster. He then cut an “I Have A Dream” promo in a way that MLK would never have envisioned before turning 3 shades of purple.

The Ragin’ one was ready to kick it into high gear from the beginning, but got zero reaction from the crowd, as they were apparently still dead after Sam Houston killed them last match. Manny tried to bring the fight out of Glover, but they were clearly in different leagues. Manny was leaping, flying around, hitting Spinning Fists, tying up Glover’s head with his legs, and generally took out all of the week’s frustrations on him.
10 - Manny
David Crockett provided his expert commentary, saying “He’s taking him up, now he’s talking him down.” Manny kicked Glover in the throat, hit the Flying Burrito and it was all academic from there.
Winner: Manny Fernandez

Ronnie Garvin talked with Tony next, discussing his desire to take the National title in 1986. He had his eyes on Buddy Landel, and said his name was already on the contract. He said he may not be fancy on the microphone, but he was plenty fancy when it came to his in-ring work.

Barbarian (with #1 Paul Jones) vs Alan Martin
Jones removed Barbarian’s wrist spikes, which felt like he was un-caging an animal. Alan Martin got utterly destroyed by Barbarian, getting Headbutts to the back, a big knee, lifted to the sky like a feather, and a Dropkick to make matters worse. Every exchange between Barbarian and Martin resulted in not only pain for Martin, but more of Barbarian’s face paint coming off on his body:
11 - Barbarian
Martin ended up with about 15 red spots on his body from all of the paint and probably a check for $20 for taking an ass beating that no one should have to be subjected to. Barbarian finally hit Martin with one of his big Powerslams and the Flying Headbutt to close out the match.
Winner: Barbarian

The Road Warriors came out to scream about the Barbarian and how he is only one warrior while they are two. They then cut a promo on The Russians, who they were obviously still very salty about. The Russians had a big target on their backs, and the heat seeking missiles known as the Legion Of Doom were coming for them.

Ron Garvin vs Al Scott

Jesus, Garvin was taking no shorts on bringing the pain, slapping the living shit out of poor Al Scott who stood no chance. He had Scott stretched and pulled, the crowd shouting for him to “break it” (meaning Scott’s neck). If I were Buddy Landel right now, I’d be a bit worried. Garvin slammed Scott, ground his face with his boot and dropped down on him hard. The expression on Scott’s face as Garvin came crashing down said it all:
12 - Garvin
As Schiavone proclaimed, “Ladies and gentlemen, you just witnessed a clinic by Ronnie Garvin.” Yes indeed.
Winner: Ron Garvin

The Rock N Roll Express finished off the show, with a message for Jim Cornette and the Midnight Express, saying “there can only be one Express in wrestling, and whoo! Rock & Roll is here to stay!” The crowd ate it up, especially the ladies:
Crowd Loves RNR

This was another fun show, easy to digest and time always flies by. One of the joys of watching these old shows is how little time it feels like I’ve been sitting in front of the screen before the end sneaks up on me. Unlike another current weekly show *cough Raw cough*, it doesn’t feel like a chore just to make it through. Hope you will all join me next week, same time, same channel. 6:05 Central Correct Time on wrestlingwithwords.com.

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