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RAW Review for 12/21/15 – The 2015 Slammy Awards

Well…ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the Raw review hosted by yours truly, Dan. You thought it was the end, but we’ve only just begun. I am thrilled to bring my Raw reviews to the quickly rising, already massive network that is Wrestling With Words. Bigger and better than ever, I have returned to take your hand and guide you through these sometimes perilous Monday nights. What better way to kick it off than WWE’s annual year-end award show? Grab your favorite holiday beverage, bundle up nice and warm, breathe deeply, let’s get started. WWE is already throwing out awards before the show even starts, the pre-show brought us a reveal of nearly all the winners and here’s the list:

Tag Team Of The Year: The Usos
Best John Cena U.S. Open Challenge: John Cena vs. Cesaro (07.6.2015)
Hashtag Of The Year: #SuplexCity
Celebrity Moment of the Year: Stephen Amell dives onto Stardust at SummerSlam
“Tell Me You Didn’t Just Say That” Moment of the Year: Brock Lesnar coins ‘Suplex City’ at WrestleMania
Rivalry of the Year: Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker
Best WWE Network Original Show: Stone Cold Podcast
Double Cross of the Year: Damien Sandow turns on The Miz
Extreme Moment of the Year: Roman Reigns spearing Bray Wyatt

Most of these make sense, but the one that irks me, as I’m sure it irks many people, is the tag team award. The Usos win despite being out for nearly half the year? How did New Day not win this damn award? Probably the biggest robbery we’ll see tonight, but on the plus side, it’ll definitely bring forth a great New Day segment during the show, surely. Sandow actually appeared on the pre-show and said him winning an award is impressive “despite the lack of face time he’s been getting.” All these awards in mind, let’s dive into the show.

Stephanie McMahon kicks off the show in a joyous mood. She says despite Reigns putting her husband in the hospital, and even superman punching her 70 year old father, nothing is gonna get her down tonight. Reigns quickly interrupts, getting big cheers. Reigns says it seems like a good night, it’s the Slammys and we have a new WWE World Heavyweight champion, but he knows he could get jumped at any time. He says he has no fear of the League of Nations, or even Triple H, cause he is the guy who carries the gold now. Steph simply tells him to get out, right back the way he came. Reigns says the crowd doesn’t want him to get out but Steph screams at him to leave. Reigns says he’s gonna make her really mad, and then turns his back and leaves. Reigns leaves as Steph screams about him disrespecting her. Steph says she’ll make Reigns feel how she feels, and punish his family, making Usos vs. all 3 members New Day and Ambrose vs. Sheamus in a steel cage. Reigns continues to leave, fist bumping the fans and completely ignoring her. Reigns seemed a lot more confident in this segment, though the whole bit did come off a bit awkward. Big matches made, and the first Slammy Award is up next.

Ziggler comes out to present the Breakout Star award, he talks about needing to make an impact to become a star. The nominees are Kevin Owens, Neville, Charlotte, Tyler Breeze and Braun Strowman. The winner is…Neville! Wow, I did not expect that, and Neville says he didn’t expect it either. He thanks everyone but is interrupted by..Kevin Owens. Owens said it’s crap cause he should have won, and tells Neville to take his little trophy and leave. Neville says WHATEVER and leaves. Owens brings the banter to Ziggler with the best line ever and Ziggler attacks Owens. The referees break up the brawl and a very quick cut to the Wyatts being in the ring happens and suddenly Kane comes out and.. I guess this is a match? Weirdest sequence of transistions I’ve seen on Raw in a while.

“The only way you’d ever win an award is if there was a Has-Been of the Year award!” – Kevin Owens






Bray Wyatt vs. KaneN/R
This match goes absolutely nowhere and is DQ’d after the Wyatts swarm Kane. Team ECW comes out to make the save. There’s a whole lot going on and I’m not entirely sure why. Looks like it’s time for…

The Wyatt Family vs. Kane, Dudleys & Dreamer1/2* eight man tag! Luckily, a very short eight man tag. Mostly brawling between the two teams until The Dudleys hit the 3D on Rowan, Strowman taking them both out and Harper hitting the discus lariat to pick up the quick win. A blink and you’ll miss it match, but you wouldn’t be missing much at all.

The LOL Moment Slammy is up next and being presented by none other than Santino Marella who I have nothing but the utmost disdain for. I might catch heat for this but I’ve never once laughed at any of his shtick. He tries to spew a few comedic lines and gets a pitiful reaction from the crowd. In any case, the winner is.. R-Truth mistakenly thinking he was in the ladder match. Another award, another New Day robbery.

Paul Heyman is out here to present the OMG Moment of the Year. Heyman is of the personal opinion that every award (aside from LOL Moment and Diva of the Year) should go to Brock Lesnar. Well..the actual winner is…Kalisto with his ridiculous Salida del Sol through the ladder. A very fitting win, I saw that spot live and nearly flew over the seats in excitement.  Another rapid transition from this to another match!

Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler***1/2
A very angry Owens beats the hell out of Dolph throughout this match, yelling that he’s the real breakout star. Ziggler attempts to get one over on Owens multiple times but Owens is always one step ahead. Owens lariats Ziggler’s head off at one point but Ziggler comes back with a big DDT. After commercial, Owens hits a superplex that levels the both of them. Ziggler drills Owens with a superkick that sends him out of the ring, but Owens suckers him in and slams his face off the announce table. Owens gets him in the ring but Ziggler catches him with a famouser, cover but just a two count. Ziggler goes to follow it up but gets caught with a mean pop-up powerbomb for Owens to win the match. Great match, both guys did great, though I usually don’t care much for Ziggler’s flopping around selling, but he didn’t overdo it in this one.

Stephanie McMahon is out here to present the big Superstar of the Year award. Everyone on the roster is eligible to win, so let’s see who got the most votes. The winner is.. Seth Rollins!! His music hits, and he’s actually here! Rollins says a tiny part of him wants to say ‘thank you’, but was there really any other option? Rollins runs down his incredible year and says one wrong landing and it all disappeared. He tells Reigns to keep the title warm, because he’s coming back for it. So great to see Rollins back on TV, though it is very bittersweet to see him on crutches.

“In 2016, I will redesign Seth Rollins. I will rebuild myself, and I will reclaim the title that I never lost.” – Seth Rollins






Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger1/2*
Another quick transition to a random match. A match that has not much going on. Del Rio dominates the early-goings, Swagger gets some hopeful offense in but ultimately, Del Rio wins with the corner stomp. League of Nations gets Swagger up and Sheamus Brogue Kicks him.

Mark Henry is out here to present the ‘Hero In All Of Us’ award, to honor the superstar/diva that go above and beyond to help people outside of the ring. The winner is.. John Cena.. who isn’t here tonight, so Mark Henry accepts the award on his behalf. That’ll work for me. Mark should just keep it. He’s earned it.

The presenter for Shocking Return of the Year is a random guy dressed as Santa Claus. The guy says surprise! and reveals himself to be Bo Dallas! Incredible. Bo says he’s been Santa all along, not those fat smelly guys at the mall. All you have to do is bo-lieve! The winner is…Sting. The return wasn’t surprising but him winning isn’t very surprising either.

New Day are out here, shaming the WWE Universe for voting for the Usos and not New Day. Big E goes to spoil Star Wars since everyone spoiled the Slammys, but Kofi stops him because he hasn’t seen it yet. Xavier said it’s all okay cause they’re still the WWE Tag Team Champions!

New Day vs Usos**
Nothing much more than your standard fare from these guys. New Day is great, as per the usual but there’s not much steam to this match. New Day isolate Jimmy for the majority of the match, Jey getting the hot tag and taking everyone out. The match ends when Xavier attempts to steal the win with a roll-up, but Jey reverses it into a terrible pin counter to win the match. Xavier could have easily gotten the shoulder up. Very weak match that shouldn’t have been so. The Usos return has definitely lost it’s luster.

For some reason, R-Truth is out here to present Diva of the Year. I sincerely hope they’re not gonna do what I think they’re gonna do. I’m gonna grit my teeth as they reveal this one. The winner is..Paige. She comes out to accept but R-Truth tells her that he made a mistake, the winner is actually Nikki. Yep, they fucking did it. They pulled the Steve Harvey bit. I am shaking my head so hard right now for multiple reasons. I’m more surprised about WWE doing a bit that’s actually up to date, and not months old. Holy hell. In any case, a good speech from the queen of strong style.

“I wanna dedicate this Slammy to all of the women in WWE. From all the women in the back, to the corporate offices, to NXT.” – Nikki Bella







Neville vs. Rusev*
Neville gets dominated throughout the match but hits a moonsault to the outside to take out Rusev. Neville gets Rusev in the center of the ring for the Red Arrow but Rusev gets up before he can hit it. Neville jumps off the top anyway and gets caught with a superkick. Why’d ya do that Neville? Rusev locks in the Accolade to force Neville to tap. Jesus, not a good looking match for Neville. A glorified squash for the breakout star of the year. Awful.

The Miz is out to present the This Is Awesome moment of the year. The winner is…The Rock & Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania. The Miz accepts on their behalf to massive boos.

Brie Bella vs. Becky Lynch**
Brie works over Becky for a lot of the match, targeting the arm but Becky fires back with some clotheslines using the other arm. Brie was able to block a t-bone suplex attempt by elbowing the worked over arm which was actually a really neat touch to this match. Becky catches Brie in the disarmer to force the tap and win the match. Pretty solid little match between the two, the limbwork by Brie was pretty great, honestly.

Ric Flair is out here to present the award for MOTY. The nominees are: Cena/Lesnar/Rollins from Royal Rumble, Sting/Triple H from WM 31, Cena/Owens from Elimination Chamber, Reigns/Ziggler/Owens/Del Rio, Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker in HIAC. So, the winner is.. Lesnar/Taker. Definitely not my pick but that’ll do, I suppose. Brock’s music hits but only Heyman comes out. The crowd chants for Lesnar and Heyman says Lesnar has no desire to come for any awards, he only wants a fight. Heyman says no one in the locker room is man enough to face Lesnar. Only one man stood up to face him, and that was the Undertaker.

The cage is lowered for the main event, and the camera cuts to the League of Nations beating the shit outta the Usos backstage before Sheamus makes his entrance.

(Steel Cage Match) Sheamus vs. Dean Ambrose***
Right off the bat, Sheamus Brogue Kick’s Ambrose as he makes his entrance. Del Rio, Rusev and Barrett beat Ambrose down on the outside before rolling him in the ring. The cage closes and the bell rings. Sheamus dominates a beaten down Ambrose but Ambrose counters Sheamus’ offense by throwing him into the steel. Ambrose chops the hell out of Sheamus and hits him with the rebound lariat to take him off his feet. Ambrose tries to escape multiple times but the League of Nations stops him. Ambrose has nowhere to go at the top of the cage, so he jumps off the cage to deliver a huge flying elbow to Sheamus! Jeezus! League of Nations continue to stop Ambrose from winning, but Reigns comes outta nowhere and hits a spear on Del Rio (that production completely missed). Reigns takes out the League and stops Sheamus from escaping, throwing a chair in the ring for Ambrose to get. Ambrose wails on him with the chair and hits Dirty Deeds onto the chair. Ambrose climbs the cage, Sheamus attempts to stop him and they both fight at the top. They both start climbing down while trying to stop the other, and Ambrose falls off to win the match. Sheamus climbs down and gets caught with a spear by Reigns. Really fun ending there, a very solid end to a very okay Raw.


Tonight was an okay show, nothing very groundbreaking but nothing that was too awful aside from the Neville/Rusev and Wyatts/ECW Guys. The Slammy’s are always at least a fun show, and tonight was no different. I wish you all the happiest of holidays, merriest of Christmas, and just general well wishes. Have a great week everyone! Thanks for reading! I’ll leave you with the full awards results.

Tag Team Of The Year: The Usos
Best John Cena U.S. Open Challenge: John Cena vs. Cesaro (07/6/2015)
Hashtag Of The Year: #SuplexCity
Celebrity Moment of the Year: Stephen Amell dives onto Stardust at SummerSlam
“Tell Me You Didn’t Just Say That” Moment of the Year: Brock Lesnar coins ‘Suplex City’ at WrestleMania
Rivalry of the Year: Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker
Best WWE Network Original Show: Stone Cold Podcast
Double Cross of the Year: Damien Sandow turns on The Miz
Extreme Moment of the Year: Roman Reigns spearing Bray Wyatt
Breakout Star of the Year: Neville
LOL Moment of the Year: R-Truth mistakenly thinking he was in the ladder match
OMG Moment of the Year: Kalisto’s Salida del Sol through the ladder (TLC 2015)
Superstar of the Year: Seth Rollins
Hero Award: John Cena
Most Shocking Return: Sting
Diva of the Year: Nikki Bella
“This Is Awesome” Moment of the Year: The Rock & Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania
Match of the Year: Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar (HIAC 2015)

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