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Random Match Generator: Heidi Lovelace vs. Candice LeRae (ADW 9/19/15)

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I won’t lie, I mainly chose this match to watch today because of its short run time. The video is a shade under nine minutes and after introductions the match itself is maybe seven minutes long. I wanted to watch something, and to be able to watch something that I knew would be over quickly. As I perused the Random Match Generator file on my laptop this was the shortest match I could find. Don’t let the length fool you though, because in seven minutes Heidi Lovelace and Candice LeRae put on a swell wrestling match.

The sub ten minute length is the key to this match being as pleasant as it is. Don’t get me wrong, Lovelace and LeRae don’t reinvent the wheel here. What they do is get into the ring and put on a brisk wrestling match. Sometimes, such as with this match, that’s exactly what the doctor ordered. Because the match was kept as short as it was it did not overstay its welcome and the few creaky parts can be easily overlooked.

Lots of times wrestling is about finding the sweet spot. Using your time in the ring in the best possible manner is what I am referring to in this case. Lovelace and LeRae could have gone out and had a twenty or thirty minute match, promoter willing. However on this night they shot for seven minutes and in doing so they hit the sweet spot. The match moves by quickly, they hit all their spots, and there’s a real energy that the match gives off because of how exactly what Lovelace and LeRae are doing fits into the time frame.

I’ve been a big booster of Heidi Lovelace for some time now. She’s different, that’s her main appeal. Just look at an exchange she and LeRae have coming out of the corner. LeRae attempts to bruise her way out the corner with Forearm shots. In your typical women’s match Lovelace would respond in kind. Instead Lovelace grabs LeRae and her offensive weapon of choice is a pair of Headbutts that push LeRae back into the corner. It’s a moment that doesn’t seem like it matters all that much, but it really means the world when it comes to Lovelace fully inhabiting her character and being different in the best possible way.

Somewhat surprisingly I have become a Candice LeRae fan over the past year or so. I say that because when I initially began to explore her work I was told by most people I associate with online that she was an awful worker. I can see some of their complaints, like when she tries to get too complicated, such as the Rolling Enzuigiri she busts out near the end of the match. A moment like that requires too much set up and she’s not fast enough to pull it off in the seamless fashion that is a requisite of such a move. However, where LeRae shines is in selling a beating, timing her babyface comebacks, and in bumping big for her opponent. She does all of those things in this match and is competent in all other areas. In Candice’s case the length of the match is also a big factor, because she seems to excel in matches that are around ten minutes and struggle in matches that are over twelve minutes. This match was seven minutes, and as a result LeRae put in a good performance.

Like I said earlier this match isn’t rocket science. It’s a well-worked match, a competent match if you will. You’re not going to see this match talked about for years, or even months, to come. This isn’t match of the year fare. But, not every match needs to be. It’s a good wrestling match, a briskly paced encounter that is in and out before it can even come close to overstaying its welcome. Lovelace and LeRae both put on sound performances in a match that just about everyone can watch and say, “Yeah, that was peachy keen.”

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