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Random Match Generator: Caleb Konley vs. Eddie Edwards (NEW 11/13/15)

I recently made the decision to publish all of my content on Wrestling with Words. That means that my Random Match Generator site is now being used more for archival purposes. Posts will still show up there, but only so that I have an online backup of what is being posted here. Instead, from now on all match viewing suggestions that I receive will find their review inevitably published here.

This suggestion comes from TJ Hawke. You can find TJ on Twitter, @TJHawke411. TJ’s a man with many, many gosh darn blogs. Unfortunately all of them are pretty darn good. If you want to read TJ’s thoughts on All Japan Pro Wrestling head over to All the All Japan. If you fancy New Japan Pro Wrestling take a gander at Old New Japan. Maybe you like CHIKARA Pro, and are thus a crazy person, then go and read Wrestling Should Be Fun: The Best of CHIKARA. Pray tell, you have an interest in match of the year contenders? Why, TJ has you covered with Match of the Year. If you want good free wrestling to watch on the interwebs then definitely seek out Free Pro Wrestling, which TJ curates. If you want the whole shebang then take your eyes to Views from the Hawke’s Nest where TJ posts reviews of everything and everything. Lastly, for TJ’s mainstream contributions, be sure to skate over to 411 Mania for even more of his god damn thoughts on wrestling.

Spark, it’s what can make a good wrestling match better than it actually is. It’s an intangible quality, something that happens in a wrestling ring that can’t really be quantified. I know when I see it, I know how necessary it can be at times. All the same, I can’t actually measure how it happens or why it ever happens, sometimes at least. I just know that there are matches that are humming along until the moment when they aren’t anymore. That’s usually because one of two things happens, either the spark occurs or it doesn’t.

Caleb Konley versus Eddie Edwards is a case of a match where the spark never really comes. For the most part Konley and Edwards put in good work. They produce a wrestling match that isn’t all that flawed, nor is it actively bad by any means. However, what they ultimately produce is missing that spark to put it over the edge. Without said spark the match they end up with is one of going through the motions. That’s my number one complaint with this match; I never felt like either man did more than just going through the motions. That makes for more of a ho-hum match than one that grabs the viewer by his, or her, lapels and refuses to let go.

Edwards and Konley are competent professional wrestlers. In fact, this is one of the better Edwards performances I’ve seen. His solo work in 2015 has been pretty darn good. Of course, I think a lot of that has to do with him not being near Davey Richards and thus not being dragged down to the subpar level that Richards usually wrestles at. That being said, Edwards has shown me a side of himself as a singles performer in 2015 that I never took notice of previously. This match is not a great feather in his cap, or any feather really, but it is a competently performed match.

Konley is in much the same situation as Edwards. He’s saddled with a one trick pony in Anthony Nese, and more often than not that has involved Konley in easily skippable matches. But, in 2015 as Konley has branched out more and made tape more as a singles worker his positive attributes as a worker have shone through more and more. This match is another example of that, though it is also an example of Konley not putting the peddle all the way to the floor when he needed to. Still, Konley is serviceable in this match, and I will take serviceably good over actively bad every day of the week.

If only the match had some spark to it, that’s the most I can say about what happened with Konley and Edwards on this night. The trappings of a much better match are present, but for too much of the match they go through the motions as opposed to kicking the match into any sort of higher gear. A decent match for sure, but ultimately an aimless affair that fails to leave a lasting impression.

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