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PWX “Road to Rise of a Champion” Review (2/20/16)

This show took a bit to come out, as it came out after Rise of a Champion, which I reviewed for the site. The card looks great, so let’s not waste any time.

Ugly Ducklings vs. Mason Maddox, Ian Pain & Tracer X***1/4

The Ugly Ducklings are comprised of Rob Killjoy, Lance Lude, and Colby Corino, three of the best juniors in the company. The action started off heated with a brawl before the bell rang. Konley and Riley were on the call and they did a pretty good job. It then turned into a high octane opener, that was a good choice to open this show up. The pace was on go the whole time. Lots of strikes, Colby Corino brought in some good looking forearms and even a good series of elbows. Maddox was a solid high flyer, hitting a cool springboard and sick dive to the outside off the top rope. Ian Pain hit a great outside dive, he reminded me a lot of ACH, good high flying! Killjoy hit a damn Tiger Driver. Tommy Thomas kept interrupting on behalf of the Ducklings, which got a bit annoying, and led to Lude hitting a DDT and winning for his team in a very fun opener.

Chase Brown vs. Timmy Lou Retton**1/4

An interesting match up, but Cauliflower Brown is such an odd character it is so fun to watch, and so is Lou Retton. A funny match, that was not that bad in ring, but not enough of the Cauliflower, a travesty and it was too short. Cauliflower quickly makes him tap out. Nothing too special but completely skippable due to how short it was.

Ethan Case vs. AR Fox***3/4

Before the match, Elijah Evans comes out and kicks a guy off of commentary and joins the call with Tommy Thomas. The Whole Foxin Show is always a hoot to watch and same with Ethan Case. Fox tried to flip earlier on, but Case stopped it and there was a handshake, but Fox hit a kick and hit the signature three dives. There was a lot less flips compared to other Fox matches, and as much of a connoisseur of flips, I am liking Fox cutting back a bit, his matches have been getting better. Case looked like a star here, he hit great offense on Fox and then kicked out of a Lo Mein Pain and a 450! Case hits his cutter and gets the win. A very good match! After the match, Case cuts a promo that is a bit irrelevant since Rise of a Champion came out before this.

Sami Callihan vs. Anthony Henry****1/4

On paper this looked great, and I had heard a lot of praise about it from people who were there live. Match starts off like an average Callihan match, a kick to the face and then a Low Pe, which I love. Henry responded by hitting a suicide dive and then they brawled on the outside for a bit which was awesome. So many sick chops had happened then and Henry nearly ends Sami’s career with an apron power bomb but he replies with an Exploder Suplex on the outside. They get back in the ring and the action is still intense and high octane. A hard hitting bout, both men were amazing in this match. Henry nearly lost after getting stuck in a Liger Bomb – Stretch Muffler combo. He nearly taps out again but Amber Young interferes, and Callihan accidentally kicks her, and gets rolled up, which Henry wins with. HOOT! Such an amazing matchup!

Bravado Brothers vs. Cedric Alexander & Chip Day***1/4

Day and Cedric on the same team? What a team! As commentary said, Chocolate Chip, Kick to Thrill or whatever you want to call ’em, they will be great. And they were great together, but the Bravados are good too. The match was pretty good! Alexander got hit with a sick DDT and the sell was amazing. The Bravados hit a diving doomsday device to the outside! You would think it would be hard to follow that last match, and while not nearly as good, it was still very good. There was a weird fuck up where the Bravados nearly get the win, Day gets a very close near fall but the time keeper still rings the bell. It was weird and took me out of the match, but it ended very shortly after as the Bravados win.

Jake Manning vs. John Skyler**

This match was pretty boring, and I love Skyler, a great worker, and there was a pretty bad out side fighting spot early on. Some sadly horrible chops in this bout, selling and giving. Manning hits a piledriver, and Corino nearly took a piledriver, but the match gets called off as CW Anderson of all people is here and superkicked Jake Manning. Then the Xperience come out and beat down on Manning until the Revolt save him. Riley grabs the mic and makes an impromptu match, who ever wins gets an advantage at War Games, which is irrelevant. But before that there is a brawl.

Caleb Konley, Jake Manning & Zane Riley vs. CW Anderson, Adam Page & John Skyler**3/4

Revolt vs. Xperience. And it was an alright match. Konley, Skyler and Page looked good but Page barely did anything which sucks but still says something of how good he is. This match just felt off, they put in the effort but it was all that good. Riley and Konley hit stereo piledrivers but Corino pulls and knocks out the ref. That the makes Ethan Case and the Juniors come out, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY FREIGHT TRAIN! That was easily the best part of the match, god darn Freight Train. They try to help out the Revolt but it fails as Anderson for the team as he hits a superkick. This match felt like a cluster fuck and that is not always a good thing. An alright post match angle happens and the Bravados join the Revolt so that is pretty cool, but if you had seen Rise of a Champion before this, you already knew that which made that a little less special.

Despite not ending all that well, the midcard was pretty amazing and Callihan/Henry was so gosh darn good. For all your PWX needs and reviews, you are already in the right place, Wrestling With Words, and thank you for reading!

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  • Keith Claridge

    Just watched this. Was my first time of watching PWX. I’m gonna watch Rise of The Champions within the next few days.Callihan versus Henry was awesome.


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