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PWX Rise of a Champion XI Review

PWX is a great promotion out of the Southerm Indies scene, which is currently stacked. The main event is a War Games match, and for the whole event there were two rings set up. That created some interesting spots during some matches.

(Ladder Match) Lance Lude vs. Colby Corino vs. Rob Killjoy vs. Mason Maddox vs. Jett Black vs. Smith Garrett***

This was for a future title shot any competitor wanted and it was a perfect opener. Since there were two rings, there were some dope spots with that in play, this was just a fun and good choice for an opener. Great spots. Corino is always great outside of ROH and Lude is one of my favorites from CWF. The briefcase was placed in between the two rings. A load of nasty brutal ladder spots, like when there was a disgusting double stomp onto a ladder. Smith hits a damn Angle Slam off a ladder. Maddox eventually gets the briefcase, a very fun opener! All of these men put in a fantastic effort. After the match, Lude takes the contract away from Maddox.

Elijah Evans vs. Ethan Case**3/4

This is a grudge match, these guys are embroiled in a heated feud as when Evans is making his entrance, Case attacks. A lot of good brawling and power moves, like this dope neckbreaker that Ethan Case does, and Evans also hits a beautiful elbow drop. Evans wins with a low blow after a ref bump. A fun sprint, these two put in some great efforts, but for the time they gave it, it fell a bit short. Excited to see this feud continue.

Lio Rush vs. JT Dunn***3/4

Reading this on paper, how could you not be hyped? As Stuttsy perfectly said it, two of the top rising performers on the U.S. Indie scene. The beginning of this match was paced amazingly, some great grappling, and then it ramped up with some awesome Rush matrix evasions and awesome high octane action from both men. Rush hits an awesome dive onto Dunn to the outside. When Dunn hits a nasty elbow, Stuttsy exclaims funnily, “Daddy no!”, and I just had to laugh. Rush hits a damn F-5 which pops me. Dunn was applying a big Dragon sleeper, once happened after Rush tried to hit a beautiful frog splash. Once JT Dunn hit another elbow, Rush just crumbled and Dunn won. What a sprint, they could have gone another 10 minutes and I would have been thoroughly entertained.

Anthony Henry vs. Drew Gulak***3/4

DJ Hyde accompanies Drew Gulak and Amber Young accompanies Anthony Henry. Any time a Gulak match is on, my eyes are glued to the screen, Gulak is just so damn entertaining to me. As per usual with a Gulak match, awesome grappling. He can transition so well, like the way he transitions to the Gory Special were fantastic. Henry was also no slouch when it came to the great grappling, the grapplefrick was just too damn good. When they start striking, the chops from both men are disgustingly good and the knee gutbuster from Henry was nasty. When they start to brawl on the outside, Henry is just crazy good out there. Gulak held up his end of the bargain on the outside too, a body slam on the ground just made me feel pain for Henry. Amber Young distracts Gulak but he kicks out of the roll-up. When Gulak gets Henry in a Torture Rack, Henry accidentally hits the ref, so Young tries to get a chair to hit Gulak. But Hyde won’t put up with that, and Gulak gets the win with a nice roll up.

Chris Hero vs. Cedric Alexander***3/4

How could you not be excited for this! Two of the best performers on the indies in my opinion, Cedric being so vastly underrated. Some good ole mat wrestling to start off, it was fairly darn good. After that, there was an awesome sequence that ended with them brawling outside. What could you expect from these guys? The strikes were brutal, actually, everything Hero did was brutal, and it was awesome. It was a very intense match, and both put in a fantastic effort. The kicks and a Michinoku Driver from Cedric were awesome and the strikes, a piledriver and even flips from Hero were just so entertaining. Cedric hits a Lumbar Check for the win.

(War Games) Team Revolt (Jake Manning, Caleb Konley, Zane Riley & The Bravado Brothers) VS Team Xperience (Gunner, CW Anderson, John Skyler, Corey Hollis & Adam Page)**3/4

How often do you see a war games match these days? Steve Corino cuts a promo before the match shooting on Steamboat and asking him to come out. Steamboat comes out and Corino gets pissed that the WWE never gave him the call or put him in the HOF. Steamboat says he is wasting his time and when Corino tries to attack Steamboat, he fights back. In my opinion, when the match had started, it did so way too slow. CW Anderson vs. Jake Manning was not the best idea to start, very slow. Once Hollis and others got in, it was much more entertaining. The rings are being destroyed, with ropes collapsing. At one point Jake Manning is being beat down completely but Ethan Case comes out and helps the Revolt. Brutal weapons being used, and just a lot of chair shots. At one point, every member of the Revolt has Adam Page in a submission hold at once, including an Oil Change from Riley. After being held down and being stabbed with a screwdriver by Konley, Skyler submits. I honestly think this may have been just too much for me, I can see people liking this match a lot, but it was simply good to me.

Thanks for reading this review, overall I would say the three midcard matches were honestly worth the watch, and well worth you going out of your way to see. While I did not enjoy the main event that much, it was not bad! There will be a Making Towns episode on this exact show, so be on the look out for that, should be a good one! For all your PWX needs, you are already in the right place, Wrestling With Words.


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