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PWX Another Level Review: Scurll & Alexander Steal the Show

PWX Another Level

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July 24, 2016

Escapade VIP – Charlotte, NC

PWX is a great promotion out of North Carolina, one of the best in the southern indie scene, always putting on great shows. This show really caught my eye due to the fact Marty Scurll was on here (against Cedric Alexander!) and Roderick Strong too! This card had a few great matches on paper I was looking forward too including, David Starr vs. Corey Hollis, Marty Scurll vs. Cedric Alexander, and Roderick Strong vs. Anthony Henry. I was also very happy to see Dezmond Xavier on the card too, awesome young talent, who has been sweet in CZW!

The Ugly Ducklings (Rob Killjoy, Lance Lude & Colby Corino) vs. Mason Maddox, Darius Lockhart & Chip Day***1/4

The Ugly Ducklings are a great team of southern juniors, so I was a little bit hyped for this and Chip Day is great so that adds to the hype. Ethan Case was accompanying on commentary and was a great addition. This was a high paced, fun opener, showcasing all the talent, but the Ugly Ducklings really shined. They got a ton of rapid tags and then hit speedy springboards onto Masson Maddox that was funny yet also impressive. Chip Day was good as usual, one of the best southern indie wrestling talents. He was disappointed by the chop he hit so he went for another one and it made a disgusting noise. There was interference from manager Tommy Thomas but the Ugly Duckings dived onto him to deal with him, which leads to a ton of aerial moves. The managers for both teams were ready to go and throw down in the ring but they got taken out by the competitors. The finish was a bit sloppy and awkward with the ref counting to 2 before finding out Corino was not the legal man. The Ducks hit the Flying V for the win.

ITV Championship: Gunner (c) vs. James Drake**1/2

These two are solid wrestlers, but nothing all that special, and this match was just as expected. It was a good match but nothing was here to really blow me away.  There was a cool running Liger Bomb spot off the turnbuckle that was sweet. Drake goes for a moonsault, misses it and Gunner hits the spear to get the win and retain the title. Fine match but nothing really special. After the match, Ethan Case leaves the commentary table and goes to the ring to cut a promo. He talked about being pissed off that he was not on the card, and puts over the roster. He also calls out Elijah Evans and he comes out and Case hits a nasty forearm before the Security Team pulls them apart.

Scarlet & Graves (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) vs. The Revolt! (Caleb Konley & Zane Riley)***1/4

Am I ever happy to see Dezmond Xavier booked in more places, he is a great wrestler that primarily works in CZW. JT Davidson accompanied those two, as he usually does. Xavier was great, hitting a ton of agile moves and hitting aerial maneuvers, like a standing twisting moonsault. The Revolt were solid as usually, with a little bit of comedy, like when Konley yelled at the two CZW wrestlers to stop just so Riley could body them. Riley put thumbs in the rear of both the members of Scarlet and Graves and then did a “thumb in the butt suplex”, as commentary said. The commentary was quite a bit annoying as they were rarely talking about the match. Scarlet and Graves both hit Bronco Busters while yelling “Make Some Noise!” and that made me a chuckle a bunch. Konley hit a moonsault to get the win. Good match as a whole!

David Starr vs. Corey Hollis***

Starr and Hollis are two great underrated talents, both very fun to watch. Early on, Starr kept on taunting Hollis which captured the ire of Hollis, and was using it to his advantage. But when the match really got started it was very good. Hollis and Starr complimented each other and it made it quite the enjoyable match to watch. David Starr hit a series of three dives that were picture perfect. Hollis at one point chucked Starr into a ton of fans. The finish was weird as Starr had messed up the cradle and the ref did not count but he still won, but he got attacked by Gunner after the match. Solid match but a bit underwhelming considering the talent in the match.

Anthony Henry vs. Roderick Strong****

Roddy is one of my favorite wrestlers, and since leaving Ring of Honor, I have been intrigued to see what he would be up to on the indies. They started off by mat wrestling but they then start chopping the hell out of each other and start killing each other in and out the ring. At one point, Roddy nearly kills Henry on the apron and the ring post by slamming him down on both. When Roddy gets that look in his eye, you know it is going to a great match, and he had that look. This was very entertaining, the strikes between these two were a definite highlight, chops and kicks galore. There were also a lot of great near falls, the match had me on the edge of my darn seat! The near fall after the beautiful superplex and the sick kick from Roddy were so close. They go over time limit, but they get more time and Henry gets the win with an inside cradle in over time!

PWX Tag Team Championship: The Bravado Brothers (c) vs. Team I.O.U. (Nick Iggy & Kerry Awful)***

Tag team action again, and it should be a good one, with both teams being great! There were a lot of great double team moves, these teams have such great chemistry. Kerry Awful was the opposite of his name, and the highlight of the match. He was very entertaining and used his body to his advantage, like sitting on the Bravados after getting some speed. The Bravado Brothers win the match with a sick finishing maneuver. Very solid match.

Cedric Alexander vs. Marty Scurll****

Wow, this match on paper had me hyped and did it ever live up to the hype. The match starts off with trading holds but then it quickly changes to Cedric hitting some sick chops. Then the fight turns to the outside after Scurll hits his apron superkick which is beautiful. Scurll was going after Cedric and utilized many apron maneuvers and it was great. This match in general was great. At one point, Cedric Alexander hit a great suicide dive, nearly over shot it but still hit it so the dive looked great. Cedric also hits a Michinoku Driver, which I think he has the best one in the business and commentary agrees. Scurll hits a disgusting piledriver that culminated in a very close nearfall. Another close call was Cedric nearly tapping to the Chickenwing, he barely got out but got his fingers broken. That does not matter as Scurll got hit with the Lumbar Check and Cedric Alexander wins this great match! You guys need to see this match as soon as possible!

PWX Championship vs. Career No Holds Barred: John Skyler (c) vs. Jake Manning***3/4

This is a heated rivalry that has culminated to the point of a Career vs. Title match. This match had a great amount of intensity early on and they brawl all over the place in the beginning. Manning hit a disgusting back body drop on the outside that looked good. They brawled every where, to the bar and back to the ring. Skyler targeted the knee of Manning, throwing it onto the ring post and onto a chair. Skyler was bullying Manning for a larger part of a match, putting him in submissions, using a chair and whipping him with a belt, while also using the belt in the submissions. Gunner and Corey Hollis come out to help out Skyler and they set up a table. They go for a 3 man powerbomb into the table but the Revolt! comes out and stops it. We now have a 3 on 3 brawl between these two squads. Manning put thumbtacks on the table but he gets powerbombed by Skyler. Manning hits a pedigree to win in a very good match! After the match there is a handshake and a hug between the two competitors.

This was a very solid show, with two great matches in Cedric Alexander vs. Marty Scurll and Anthony Henry vs. Roderick Strong. I would recommend watching this show, time passed by swiftly while watching which is a sign of a great show.

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    Great review, I was there live and had to watch it again just because it was THAT good!


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