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PWG Not Another Steen DVD Disc 1 Review

Being as Kevin Steen/Kevin Owens is one of my favorite wrestlers ever and PWG is my favorite promotion, I thought it was sort of fitting for this to be my first review! This review is for Disc One and the review for Disc Two will be coming soon! Thanks for reading!

Kevin Steen vs. El Generico – Free Admission (Just Kidding)***

Pretty average match, being as it’s the debut for both of these guys in PWG, it just feels special. Steen attacks Generico right as the bell rings. Steen starts off very dominant. Flippy Generico shit follows. Awesome cutter after a springboard from Steen. Crowd is loving this. Steen starts to wrestle dirty. These guys just look so weird here, being they are so young in this match. Steen starts going full heel, yelling at the crowd and wrestling dirty. Beautiful spinning back drop. Liger Bomb. Springboard moonsault onto a dangling Steen. Goes for Package Piledriver, reversal into Brainbuster attempt, reserved into successful Package Piledriver. 1, 2, STEEN PULLS HIM UP. YOU FUCKED UP CHANTS. He shouldn’t have done that…Brainbuster from Generico. 1 2 3! Generico wins.

Kevin Steen vs. Chris Bosh – All Star Weekend 2**3/4

A pretty fun match! A lot of comedy, including Steen going out of the ring to annoy at an annoying fan, which I chuckled at. Steen cheap attacks Bosh during Intro. He hits a gutbuster and a senton for a 2 count. He grabs Bosh’s balls but Bosh is not dealing with that, and comes back with a hurricanrana. They eventually take the fight to the out side, a lot of spots happen there including a suplex onto the apron from Steen to Bosh’s back. They eventually bring the match in the ring and Bosh hits 2 variations of a backbreaker for a 2. Bosh hits the Chris Bosh Special so Steen comes back with a with a low blow. Scott Lost and Joey Ryan run out and Joey Ryan superkicks Bosh to help out Steen! Steen gets a 2 count from that on Bosh. He climbs the ropes and hits a 450 splash for a 2 count. He climbs again but Bosh stops him. Steen fights back and hits a super top rope package piledriver for the win.

Kevin Steen vs. Super Dragon – Guerilla Warfare – Astonishing X-mas****1/2

What a damn match. One of my favorite matches in PWG history, such a great, brutal match. So many violent spots, one of the most violent PWG matches…quite simply it is so damn good. They quickly take the match out of the ring and it just becomes pretty damn extreme. There are so many memorable spots in this. Like a disgusting chair shot to the head from Super Dragon followed by a signature Dragon Curb Stomp onto that chair. If you hate blood, this match is pretty good for being low on that, even with how disgustingly brutal it is. Also an awesome butterfly superplex through the barbed wire board by Dragon! Dragon sets up a table on the outside and hits a nasty Psycho Driver off the apron through the table. The finish of this match is also amazing. Super Dragon goes for a pin but pulls Steen up at the 2 count. He sets up a handcuffed Steen up and then hits an awesome Psycho Driver on the thumbtacks and rolls Steen onto the barbed wire sheet, 1 2 3, he wins! Honestly after watching this match after the fact, it is no wonder why Super Dragon retired and why when he does come back he gets injured so easily.

Kevin Steen vs. Pac – Holy Diver Down****1/2

Another great match on this DVD. Starts off with some pretty solid mat wrestling then into some Steen dominated restholds. Pac eventually powers out and hits him with a great looking arm drag and puts Steen in an arm bar, in which Steen replies with “I DON’T KNOW ANY OF THIS BRITISH SHIT”. Steen reverses Pac and puts him into the same type of arm bar, followed by a flippy Pac reversal, with an arm huricanrana. What follows that is some more technical mat wrestling including an awesome monkey flip from Steen. After that it transitions into an awesome Pac sequence, which was ended by a brutal Backbreaker and a senton. They take the fight to the outside, and after some chops from Steen and messing with fans, Steen takes the action back in side which back fires after Pac hits an awesome springboard head scissors. Now the finish to this match is overkill in the best PWG way. Steen attempts the Package Piledriver, but can not get Pac up. Pac gets out and hits an Enziguri, rolls through to a DDT into a front headlock and a body hold, then BOOM reverse rana!! That gets a two count. Steen whips out his own enziguri, then hits a nasty rope-assisted DDT on Pac. Steen goes up to the top rope. Pac jumps all the way up to the top rope for a hurricanrana, but Steen counters that to an awesome sitout powerbomb! Only gets a two-count. Steen climbs back up the top rope and Pac follow. Steen goes for a top rope Package Piledriver, but Pac counters it to another rana. Once again, only a two. Pac goes back up to the top rope and hits a damn SHOOTING STAR SENTON! Only a two. A corkscrew Shooting Star Press finally gets Steen down for the count. What a gem of a match.

Kevin Steen & El Generico vs. The Young Bucks - 2009 Battle Of Los Angeles***3/4

Once again a really fun match! A lot of comedy in this one, especially in the front end but towards the end it gets very competitive! One of the odder spots in this match was Matt Jackson spitting out his gum at Steen, but Steen proceeds to chew it. Also included is good ol’ Young Bucks fun, including doing an absurd amount of flips to lead into a simple eye scratch or a back rake. Also there is a pretty cool ref bump spot where Steen accidentally hits the ref, so Knox runs out, but not even Rick Knox could make it in time to count it. Steen and Generico after they hit their package piledriver-brainbuster combination on Nick Jackson. Nick kicks out, and they hit a load of super kicks. And I mean A LOT of Superkicks! In the final exchange I counted a total of 10 superkicks. That count may be off. Young Bucks retain their titles in a very fun match!

Kevin Steen vs. Akira Tozawa - Cyanide: A Loving Tribute to Poison***1/2

Match starts out with Steen cutting a pre-match promo, only to be cut short via a dive to the outside by Tozawa. There’s a Christmas Tree in the building, so Tozawa grabs a present from under it and smacks Kevin Steen with it. In return, Steen yells out “I HATE CHRISTMAS” and gives Tozawa some revenge by hitting him with a present as well. Then Tozawa goes for a dive, but Steen catches him and lands a disgusting apron powerbomb right on to his back. Yikes. They take the action back into the ring and after a bit of making fun of a fan in an El Generico mask, Steen starts getting his ass kicked. Tozawa finally comes back after connecting with an awesome body slam. He connects with a bicycle kick in the corner followed by a flying knee strike. Steen answers with a neckbreaker and hits a signature corner cannonball. Tozawa pops right up and connects with a couple more bicycle kicks. Tozawa hits a saito suplex on Steen. They battle for dominance on the apron where Tozawa hits a devastating german suplex. Tozawa follows with a bunch of kicks but he just can not keep Steen down. Steen hits a Package Piledriver for a very close near fall, and then they tease each others finishers. Steen connects with 2 more Package Piledrivers for the win! Really solid match, but compared to others on this compilation, it felt pretty weak in comparison. Steen was really made to look like a monster towards the middle of this match.

Kevin Steen & Akira Tozawa vs. Ricochet & El Generico – All Star Weekend 8****1/2

What a fucking match guys. Steen and Generico go straight for each other once the opening bell rings. Their respective partners pull each other apart. While Ricochet and Tozawa are having an exchange in the ring, Steen and Generico are having a huge brawl. Ricochet shits talks Steen, so what does Steen do, what any normal man does, bite his ear. Steen hits a gorgeous Springboard Moonsault, it was amazing. Ricochet comes back with a headscissors and makes the tag to Generico who lands a dive to Steen, who is on the floor, and gets back in the ring to hit a Blue Thunder Bomb on Tozawa. Ricochet hits a shooting star press off of Generico’s back and lands on Steen. Steen puts Ricochet in the Sharpshooter and Generico gets Ricochet out of that hold by hitting a nasty Yakuza Kick on Steen. Tozawa stops Ricochet in his tracks with a shining wizard but gets caught by an amazing Pele kick. Generico hits a yakuza kick in the corner. Steen counters Generco’s brainbuster into a package piledriver for a nearfall. Steen raises  Ricochet into a powerbomb position and goes up to the top rope. Ricochet catches him with a reverse hurricanrana for a two count. Ricochet accidentally hits Generico with a super kick and Tozawa German suplexes Generico on to the apron. Steen hits the Steenalizer on Ricochet nearly ends his whole existence for the 3 count. Such a fun match that had great in ring spots and a hot crowd.

Kevin Steen vs. El Generico – BOLA 11***

This match is pretty good but not that sure on how it made the cut. Spoiler alert, but there were a load of better matches with Steen from this time period and hell, he didn’t even win the match and the BOLA, so this really has no significance. I love their rivalry but this is one of the weaker matches you could of chose from this feud. They jump the gun and immediately start attacking each other. Steen dives to the floor and hits Generico with an apron powerbomb. They brawl through the audience and Generico hits a tornado DDT with help from the wall. Back in the ring, Steen hits his pumphandle neckbreaker and locks in a sharpshooter. After Generico gets out of that hold, Steen goes up to the top rope, but Generico kicks him in the gut when he jumps off the middle rope. Steen locks in the Sharpshooter again but Generico is able to get to the bottom rope this time. Generico connects with three yakuza kicks in the corner and hits a brainbuster for a nearfall. Generico hits a brainbuster on the apron and he gets the 3 count. Just wished they had picked a better match to be on this.

Thanks a lot for reading this! Look forward to the Disc 2 review for this compilation DVD!


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