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PWG Battle of Los Angeles Night 3 Review, Results (September 4, 2016): Villains Always Get Their Way

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PWG 2016 Battle of Los Angeles Night 3

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American Legion Hall – Reseda, California  

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After two great nights of pro wrestling action (Night 1 and Night 2 coverage, click either Night to find reviews), we are at the final night of the 2016 Battle of Los Angeles. The card looks great, as the night one and night two shows have set up some good looking matches on paper, the ones I want to see the most are Ospreay/ZSJ and Haskins/O’Reilly, both look amazing. So without any further ado, let’s get into it!

Dalton Castle vs. Trevor Lee***1/4

Solid choice for the opener of the final night of BOLA. Both are very good, and have nasty German Suplexes so I knew this would be at least solid. Trevor Lee does his TNA shtick which I love. The PWG faithful really hate him for that. A lot of the early match contained said TNA shtick that is ludicrously sweet, and is great way to get heat while the match is heating up. A lot of taunts and banter in general here. Castle hit a knee and went for another but Lee ducked it and chucked him onto the apron. Lee kept beating up Castle whilst he was on the apron. This was honestly just a very solid match, nothing all that crazy but it was very good in ring, the crowd was a bit dead though. Castle caught Lee while he was jumping and hit a great suplex. They kept vying for the ability to hit a German until Lee hit a flipping deadlift German Suplex that was amazing. Castle hit the slick apron headscissors but Lee replied with a rope assisted Twist of Faith! Castle hit some Germans but Lee escaped to the outside before Castle could capitalize with a pin. Lee hits a Canadian Destroyer for the win.

Trevor Lee def. Dalton Castle by pinfall

Ricochet vs. John Hennigan***1/2

Unsure how to feel about this as Hennigan had the worst first round match but Ricochet had one of the best. Hennigan just does not seem fit for PWG but Ricochet is great in this promotion. They started off with some chain wrestling that quickly turned into flips and reversals, which is pretty damn good if I am to be honest. Ricochet hit a great looking rolling DDT and then a nice dive that made for a helluva sequence. He also dropped him with a deadly shoulder capture suplex. Hennigan hit a nasty guillotine neckbreaker onto the apron, just disgusting. Hennigan also hit a cool kick and knee combo, the kick was off the ropes! That led to a kick sequence. Hennigan kicked Ricochet in the dick while the ref was not looking and hit a Moonlight Drive for a close two count! Ricochet hit a marvelous looking 630 for the win. This was a way better match than Mundo’s Night 1 output. It was pretty good, better than I expected.

Ricochet def. John Hennigan by pinfall

Marty Scurll vs. Cody Rhodes***1/2

This is a bit of an odd match up, and after the first round I was not very excited for this. Cody was in the same boat that Hennigan was, just very unimpressive. Scurll hit Cody with the umbrella and hit an apron superkick to start off the match, good start. Scurll thought he had it right away with a brainbuster. Cody got in some offense after his wife, Eden, interfered which was a bit odd. This, just like the last match, was way more solid than the newcomer’s first outing. I was actually interested in this one, and I did not lose my interest a few minutes in. At one point, Scurll props up Cody and just kicks him in the crotch. Scurll took off one of Cody’s boots and just chucked it backstage which was quite funny. Cody hit a sick step up dive to the outside. Scurll kissed Eden but he got slapped by her seconds later. Scurll got the win with an uppercut low blow after a ref bump. Solid match, way better outing from Cody.

Marty Scurll def. Cody Rhodes by pinfall

Mark Andrews vs. Chris Hero***

These two had an amazing bout at the SSS16 from PROGRESS, and although I do not like Andrews, I feel like I have been enjoying his matches a ton more. Hero starts off by destroying him with a boot, powerbomb and elbow but Mandrews kicks out! Hero kept on destroying him with elbows and a myriad of strikes. Mandrews got some offense in with a nice DDT and a diving Dragonrana. Hero caught his Frankensteiner and piledrove him. Hero just started to destroy him in the corner with kicks and elbows but Mandrews got some rare offense in with a reverse rana and chops, but he shortly got kicked in the face. Andrews rolled up Hero and somehow beat him. After the match, Hero continued to beat up Andrews. Kind of ridiculous. Like this was a good match, and it reminded me of the Cage/Evans match from last year’s BOLA, but just not as good. Still solid.

Mark Andrews def. Chris Hero by pinfall

Mark Haskins vs. Kyle O'Reilly****

Two amazing versatile wrestlers, and they could take it to the ground and have an amazing bout here! Once again, great to see Haskins in PWG! This was, as I predicted, a great bout. A lot of slick transitions and cool maneuvers here. A lot of cool strikes as well, such as a nasty lariat from Haskins that destroys poor Kyle. Kyle hit one of his own later on, that was pretty nasty. Haskins applied a Strecth Muffler, shout out to Sami Callihan for a great near fall/tap out. O’Reilly dropped Haskins with a backbreaker and then a nice kneebar. Haskins copped the win in a big upset with a proper form sharpshooter, that came from an interesting transition. Amazing technical work here and the strikes were on point. A little upset my boy Kyle lost though!

Mark Haskins def. Kyle O’Reilly by submission
Will Ospreay vs. Zack Sabre Jr.****1/4

You knew this one was going to be a good one. Both these guys are world class. Right off the bat, the match was wild. Ospreay dropped ZSJ with a sweet tope con helo and then quickly hit a Phoenix Splash shortly after. Speaking of Phoenix Splashes, Ospreay went for another one, but ZSJ caught him and put him into a sweet submission maneuver. Ospreay hit the Kota Ibushi esque double moonsault but instead of two attempts, he did a triple moonsault! Will eventually went over Zack Sabre Jr. by reversing a pinning predicament and catching the win with that. Every time these guys get into the ring together, they steal the show, or at least put on a ****+ match, just always so gosh darn impressive. Also, Ospreay beat the reigning PWG Champ, so I guess  that means he should be in line for a title shot!

Will Ospreay def. Zack Sabre Jr. by pinfall

PWG Tag Team Championship: The Young Bucks (c) vs. Pentagon Jr. & Fenix****1/2

One of my favorite parts of BOLA weekend is the crazy tag matches the Young Bucks are always in. This year had not let me down just yet and this match was no different. Talk about insane. This was another crazy spot fest with both the Jackson brothers. The Lucha Bros were also in a crazy tag match as well on Night 2 that was on the same level as this insane battle. Just like the main event of Night 2, there were so many crazy dives. The Young Bucks hit a damn Meltzer Driver to the freaking outside! It was almost like a Tope Con Meltzer Driver. Tell me that is not awesome. Pentagon hit a Double Knee Stunner and Package Piledriver on both of The Bucks. The Bucks got the win with a series of about 15 superkicks. Wild action. Amazing spots, just so darn good.

The Young Bucks def. The Lucha Bros. by pinfall

Mark Andrews vs. Trevor Lee***1/2

Andrews has honestly been having a solid tournament, and this is from a hater of him. And this match was looking like it was going to be way better. And it was very good. But it was just too darn short. There were some really nice spots from both men in this one here. Andrews reversed the Twist of Fate into a Reverse Rana which as awesome. He also hit a sweet Stundog Millionare. Lee hit his signature double stomp that I love. Lee countered the Shooting Star Press and then hit the small package driver for the win. Very good sprint, but ended way too abruptly. Any longer this would have been ****+ which really is such a darn shame.

Trevor Lee def. Mark Andrews by pinfall

Mark Haskins vs. Marty Scurll****

I guess the Brits really are here to stay. Three out of the six quarter finalists are British and one of them is Welsh too. Really is a UK invasion. Either way, barring stamina, this one had to of been good, just on paper alone. They have super chemistry as well. Even with both of these guys having previously wrestled once before and two other times this weekend, they went 17 minutes, 17 minutes of great wrestling! Scurll attacked Haskins with an Umbrella to kick us off and he also hit the tremendous apron superkick. He used the painful joint tactic he always does. Scurll ends up winning with a great Chickenwing after a reversal. Just top notch wrestling here. Another **** match on this show.

Marty Scurll def. Mark Haskins by submission

Will Ospreay vs. Ricochet****

The rematch to one of my favorite NJPW matches all year, maybe this year in general. The two best high flyers in the world, going at it once again. The thing I was worried about, was the stamina, as these guys have wrestled, A LOT, over this weekend, even delivering a ***** match in the main event of Night 2. And while this was not as crazy and not as intense, this was still some level of crazy. They had to cut it a bit short, as the winner does have another match so it was smart, but this still was great. PWG really is for those that love spot fests, and this was a perfect example of how good their spot fests deliver. Ospreay copped the dub with a good looking OsCutter.

Will Ospreay def. Ricochet by pinfall

Cedric Alexander, Chuck Taylor, Jeff Cobb, Jushin Thunder Liger & Tommy End vs. The Brian Kendrick, Matthew Riddle, Pete Dunne, Sami Callihan & Tommaso Ciampa***1/4

Ah, the annual Battle of Los Angeles Ten Man Comedy Tag match. Such an odd cast of fellas here in this match. All of Callihan’s team was painted with a cat face on their own, besides Kendrick, who eventually got held down by the team and was forced to have the cat face. This included the oddly signature thumbs in the butt from Ciampa and the slow motion sequence that really only works here, in this match, in this promotion, with this crowd. The highlight was when Cobb and Riddle would actually wrestle each other, what a load of fun those two were together. They then went on to have a singles match in AAW. Liger eventually got the win for his team with a nice Brainbuster onto Dunne after a ton of sick dives and such. After the match, End, Ciampa, and Alexander got a standing ovation and an emotional goodbye.

Liger’s Squad defeated The Cats by pinfall
Finals: Will Ospreay vs. Marty Scurll vs. Trevor Lee***1/4

This is it. The finals of the 2016 Battle of Los Angeles have arrived. And while the match was good, I was ultimately disappointed. First of all, I did not like the booking and the choice of who won the BOLA. This also went 19 minutes, almost 20, and after 3 nights and 3 hours of wrestling this was just a bit much. Ospreay got eliminated in about 10 minutes after a nice Stomp and Chickenwing combo from Lee and Scurll made him tap. The parts with Scurll and Lee just felt so off, like they were good, but they could have been so much more. Scurll won with a chickenwing in anticlimactic fashion. Marty Scurll is the winner of the 2016 BOLA. Personally, either of the other competitors would have been a way better choice but Marty is still solid.

Marty Scurll wins the 2016 Battle of Los Angeles via submission

  • Good - 7.5/10


This was a fine conclusion to the 2016 Battle of Los Angeles. While it did go too long, and the finals were anti-climatic, these wrestlers put in an amazing effort and there were so many amazing matches where, instead, guys could have just been fatigued. Overall, a very solid card! The tag title match was a definite highlight, what a great spot fest. For all your PWG coverage, keep it locked to Wrestling With Words on Twitter for live results, and the site for DVD reviews.



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