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PWG Battle of Los Angeles Night 2 Review, Results (September 2, 2016): Show of the Year?

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PWG 2016 Battle of Los Angeles Night 2

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American Legion Hall – Reseda, California  

Featured image courtesy of Mikey Nolan Photography

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After an amazing Night 1, PWG is back at it with the annual 3 night tournament, Battle of Los Angeles. This card honestly looks way better than the first night, and that night delivered quite a fair bit. Pete Dunne being on a PWG show alone is enough to get me excited, even if it is against Mark Andrews. O’Reilly/Riddle looks amazing on paper and so does Alexander/Haskins.

Dalton Castle vs. Tommaso Ciampa***1/2

Originally, Jack Gallagher was supposed to be in this match but he could not make it due to travel issues. Ciampa is a suitable replacement, no complaints here, besides the fact that we may never see Jack in PWG ever. The normal boys were with Castle this time, which should be of note if you saw the night one main event. A little bit of dysfunctional comedy, popped me, was pretty funny, Ciampa just wanted a hug, and he got it. Maybe went on for a bit too long though. Ciampa jumped him right after the hug.  Ciampa Project Ciampa’d one of the boys but nearly lost due to getting hit with a bangarang. Ciampa mimicked the fake out dive that Castle does before taking the fight to the outside. That led to a short little brawl including sick knees in and out the ring. Ciampa also mimicked a Roman Reigns superman punch which was pretty funny.  He did some more WWE moves such as the accolade. Castle fires back up and nearly gets the win with a slick belly to belly. They fought on the apron but Ciampa kneed Castle off and the fight went to the outside again. Castle hit a cool tope suicida into Ciampa and the fans before coming back into the ring. Castle picked up Ciampa over the ropes and dropped him with a German, what an awesome spot. Ciampa nearly got the win with a nasty pedigree and a devastating knee. Even more disgusting, Ciampa was bleeding from his mouth so he spits on his hand and chopped Castle. A surprise bangarang gets the win for Castle. This was a pretty good opener. Felt very similar to the night one opener to be honest, which is not bad.

Dalton Castle def. Tommaso Ciampa

Mark Andrews vs. Pete Dunne****

I don’t really like Mark Andrews but god dammit, this is Pete Dunne’s debut in PWG. How can I not be excited for this one? Dunne is crazy underrated and one of the best on the UK indie scene.  Some solid chain wrestling started the bout off. But Dunne quickly showed why he is so good as a heel, acting like a dick during this chain wrestling, picking apart Andrews arm, slapping Dunne in the face during an arm drag. Andrews was not too shabby either, hitting a nice double stomp and back flipping out of both powerbombs and sunset flips. He also flew and connected with a nice tope con helo. Pete Dunne chucked Andrews onto the rope, and Andrews sold it like a champ and took control until a stundog millionare, but that was just a minor bump in the road as Dunne hit a slick apron assisted DDT. Mandrews made a little come back with an awesome side effect and an even better Yoshi tonic. But that did not last long. When Dunne was on top, it was great and it made the high paced action of Andrews so much better, and enjoyable. Andrews went for a Dragonrana and messed it up, was a bit disappointing but he hit an apron moonsault and then a DDT that was nice. Dunne caught him the next time he did it and killed him with a tombstone to the floor. Back in the ring, Dunne hit two tombstones and Mandrews kicked out which was something I did not really like. There were so many crazy moves after that, including a top rope stundog millionare and a flatliner from Dunne that nearly got him the win. The action after the two tombstones was really wild. Mandrews hit a top rope reverse franksteiner and a shooting star press for the win. I did not like how Andrews kicked out of the tombstones, but that is such a minor complaint in this crazy match. So many wild spots in this bout. So happy Dunne make a great impression.

Mark Andrews def. Pete Dunne

Sami Callihan vs. Cody Rhodes**1/2

Now, this is the match of the night I was the least excited for. I couldn’t care to an extent about Rhodes, but at least I really like Sami Callihan. Eden was Cody’s personal ring announcer. Cody was oddly crazy over. Sami was being rough, with tough headlocks and rude slaps. Cody went for a hand shake but got booted in the head and got killed with a lowpe. Cody hit a nice step up splash to the outside. They brawled out side for a little, including the Callihan spit chops. Cody hit a cool apron step up DDT. Back in the ring, the match just felt kind of bland. I just really was not into this, they did nothing special. There was a funny part where they both got out their respective Space Cat and Dashing masks. Cody kicked out of the stuffed tombstone, and hit the Cross Rhodes for the win. This was a fine match, but I really could care less about it, nothing all that special happened in it. Was just bland.

Cody Rhodes def. Sami Callihan

Pentagon Jr. & Fenix vs. Heroes Eventually Die (Chris Hero and Tommy End)****1/2

This is a crazy match up on paper. Both are all great in their singles matches and Heroes Eventually die, while they rarely team, they are great. Before the match really got started, there was some crowd banter. Fenix had his best Pentagon cosplay on. End and Fenix had some solid chain wrestling to start it off until Hero and Pentagon tag in. They picked up the pace by doing a sick lucha sequence, including Hero doing a step up frankensteiner. Pentagon chucks End to the outside onto Hero but even crazier was Fenix stepping onto Pentagon’s shoulders and jumped off them, doing a moonsault to the outside! They then went to town on End, hitting a myriad of moves. The Heroes eventually got control and hit a plethora of nasty kicks, starting to bully Fenix. Fenix some how kicked out of a kick assisted Gotch Style piledriver, that was nasty. Fenix also somehow German Suplexed Hero and got the hot tag into Pentagon which was great. Fenix hit a double stomp to the back of End’s head and then Pentagon belly to belly’d him into Hero. End hit a beautiful combo of kicks that made me cringe due to how deadly they looked. Just so many disgusting and vicious strikes, mainly kicks. Fenix hit a crazy top tope rana and a 450 variation for the win. Freaking insane. This was an insane tag match. The interactions between Fenix and Tommy End were amazing every time. Just wow.

Fenix and Pentagon Jr. def. Heroes Eventually Die

Kamaitachi vs. Trevor Lee***3/4

Interesting match up here, but I quite like both of these lads. Trevor Lee has been great working this TNA gimmick in PWG, and he did it here again. He started the match off hot with a double stomp and a tope suicida. Kamaitachi replied with a sunset power bomb on the apron. They fought on the outside for a bit, taking crazy bumps in a short period of period. Back in the ring, Lee was in control. Kamaitachi hit a step up frankensteiner and a missile drop kick to finally get going again. He also hit the super senton, a move I love, and my god, it was crazy. Kamaitachi did the deal but even Lee kicked out. He also hit a top rope casadora bomb which was freaking insane. Lee got back into it with a slick german suplex. Kamaitachi hit 2 meteora’s but tried for a third that did not work out. Lee gets the win with a small package driver in this very good match. A lot of crazy spots. Now I feel sad for Kamaitachi fan.

Trevor Lee def. Kamaitachi 

Cedric Alexander vs. Mark Haskins****

So nice to see Cedric back in PWG, and just as nice to see Haskins in PWG, both are crazy underrated and deserve this more than anyone else in this tournament. There was a ton of good chain wrestling throughout this bout, but especially in the beginning. They then switched to chopping the heck out of each other. Haskins hit a great fakeout dive onto Cedric. There was even more solid chain wrestling, with it getting more intense. Haskins was targeting the leg of Cedric, in a very vicious manner. Cedric got some more offense in with a smooth tope con helo into the crowd. He also then hit the best Michinoku Driver in the damn biz, I pop everytime. Haskins nearly got the win with a running meteora. A lot of cool near taps when Haskins had the sharpshooter locked in. Cedric also hit a nice brainbuster and they shortly went into a sick strike sequence including a ton of slaps. Cedric eventually taps out to an armbar. Great, great bout here. A lot of good back in forth, either of these guys really deserved to win.

Mark Haskins def. Cedric Alexander 

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Matt Riddle****

BRO! BRO! BRO! KO! KO! KO! What a match up on paper. This just looks insane, knowing how similar these guys are. O’Reilly is a PWG vet and Riddle is a newcomer to this company, this is his first match in the promotion! This had a huge MMA right feel to it early on. Kicks and submissions were the primary source of offense for both of these guys and it was awesome. Riddle hit a beautiful middle rope springboard kick and then Riddle just smacked O’Reilly on the outside. Riddle took control in a corner with knees and stomps. O’Reilly took control for himself with a nice submission and targeting the knee and the bare feet of Riddle. They went delved even deeper into the MMA style, with kicks, punches and knees for everyone. O’Reilly hit a back drop suplex into a knee bar, beautiful transition. Riddle dropped O’Reilly with a German which led to a cool sequence of them trading German’s until Riddle hit a fisherman buster. Riddle hit 2 beautiful deadlift gutwrench suplexes. So many more crazy moves and submissions. O’Reilly gets the win when Riddle had a submission locked in but O’Reilly laid back for the 3 count. I don’t know if I quite like the finish but the rest of the action was top notch and amazing. Very good MMA-esque wrestling here between two great wrestlers.

Kyle O’Reilly def. Matt Riddle

Ricochet, Will Ospreay & Matt Sydal vs. Adam Cole & The Young Bucks*****

This looks like an out of this world match on paper and from what I heard from live experiences, this was insane indeed. I was so excited to watch this. Sydal, Ricochet, and Ospreay is a crazy team. There was quite a bit of comedy I actually laughed at, it was pretty funny. The comedy was present through out a lot of the match. Oh, and a ton of superkicks! Early on, you knew this was gonna be a crazy match, with all three men of the non BC affiliation faking dives to back flip in to do flips. Ricochet messed up throwing Sydal over the rope, and they fixed a botch into a funny moment after Ospreay and Ricochet both hit Sasuke Specials with some banter and the BC taking advantage of the mess up. There were just so many flips and crazy spots. All Bullet Club members hitting stereo dives was a very cool moment too. A little moment, but Cole threw Ospreay into the rope and Ospreay sold it like he damn near died. Matt Jackson even hit the crazy back scratch that I love. Ospreay hit a nice back handspring into the Bullet Club and gets the hot tag to Ricochet and he goes off with a ton of great moves. Sydal hit a double frankensteiner on the Bucks, I always love when wrestler do that. Ricochet got DDT’d on the apron and the sell was disgusting. There were just so many insane moves in this match. Ospreay hit a cheeky Nandos onto Cole, Ricochet dived over him onto the Bucks, Sydal dropped him with a reverse-steiner, Ospreay hit a twitsting kick onto Cole as well, add a 450 and a Phoenix Splash, what an insane sequence. But not even that could put away Cole as the Jacksons made the save. Ospreay hit a beautiful standing Spanish Fly. The Bucks hit a Superkicking doomsday device onto the floor, just crazy. Ospreay caught one of the Bucks while he was going for a Meltzer Driver and Sydal hit Cole with a SSP Meltzer Driver, just freaking insane, what a sequence of moves there. All three of the high flyers hit Shooting Star Presses for the win. What a match. Easily the best match I have seen in PWG, ever, and there are a lot of great ones as well. So much amazing high flying. Like some of the stuff in here was borderline innovative. I don’t know how any one is still alive from this match, please watch this whenever you can. This is potentially my Match of the Year.

Ricochet, Will Ospreay & Matt Sydal def. Adam Cole & The Young Bucks

  • Masterpiece - 9.5/10


I think this may be my show of the year. What a crazy night of professional wrestling. The main event is up there with the best in PWG history, probably being the best match they've ever hosted and maybe my match of the year. The only match I was not crazy into was Cody/Callihan, it just never really grabbed my attention but it was a sound match. Everything else was good to match of the year quality.

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