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PWG All Star Weekend 12 Night 2 Review – Death by ZSJ

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PWG All Star Weekend 12 Night 2 

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March 5, 2016

American Legion Hall – Reseda, CA

Chuck Taylor vs. Marty Scurll***1/4

A battle between wrestling Twitter favorites, this is sure to be a workrate classic. Well maybe not. I’ve been trying to figure out what Scurll’s bird flapping gimmick is supposed to be but I’m at a loss. You’ve bested me Marty. I don’t quite get what the act is, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t get over. This match is largely what one would expect between these two. A lot of comedy with some solid grappling mixed in. I can’t believe I’m saying it, but I’m enjoying this Chuck Taylor winning streak. In a promotion where a lot of the wrestlers try and be funnier than they actually are, Chuck has found the perfect mix for him where it doesn’t end up feeling forced. Marty is in control for most of the beginning of this match before he starts going for the chicken wing. He’s thwarted by Chuck’s Corporate Kane impersonation however. The two trade roll ups before Scurll does his signature superkick fake out spot. The two trade reversals once again before Chuck finally ends up stuck in the chicken wing. He breaks free and hits an Awful Waffle for the pinfall. The streak lives.

Mark Andrews vs. Evil Uno**3/4

I was skeptical of Evil Uno when he came back but he’s delivered so far. I still hope we get to see the return of the Smash Bros as a team soon. Mandrews hasn’t exactly been my favorite of the European imports but he’s hardly been bad either. Uno plays the role of the big man well. He used a mix of big forearms, slams and cheap shots to keep the colorful Welshman grounded. I could certainly have done without the spot where Uno “bites” Mandrew’s genitalia off. PWG as a whole would probably benefit from a bit of a lack of genital humor. Uno is an entertaining worker and doesn’t need to resort to overly hokey dick jokes to put on an entertaining match. The match picked back up a bit for the finish which saw Andrews finally getting some offense in. He hit a Stunner and a Yoshi Tonic but it wasn’t enough to put the big man away. He went for a top rope move and Uno caught him in a piledriver, but that was only enough for a two count. Uno grabbed his nuts again but Andrews knocked him down landed a double stomp onto the groin. He got back up and hit the Shooting Star Press to finally gain the pinfall over Evil Uno. The work here was fine but the penis spots were just too much. This didn’t come off as much more than a hokey and meaningless exhibition, which is a shame because both guys are capable of more than this.

Drew Galloway vs. Trevor Lee***3/4

Fuck TNA. Fuck TNA. Fuck TNA. Fuck TNA.

Or not. These two are constantly two of the best guys in PWG and this didn’t disappoint. Trevor Lee is coming into himself as character in the company. He’s really figured out how to project the lighthearted comedy aspects of PWG without allowing it to dampen his actual matches. This started off as a great brawl. Lee laid down a convincing beating on the much larger Galloway before Drew was finally able to get some offense in. This was much needed after the last match. Minimal bullshit and a whole lot of fighting. Trevor had the match in control for much of the start, but Drew Galloway is no man’s bitch. Once Drew was back in it Lee went for some cheap pins but he eventually eats a piledriver for a two count. He hits a crucifix powerbomb into the turnbuckles next but it still isn’t enough to put the Carolina Caveman away. Trevor ends up on the top rope like he is about to do something flashy but he rolls Galloway into a small package and steals the win from the disgruntled Scotsman. This was a great match with a good finish. Trevor Lee has found himself here as a heel and I’m looking forward to see what he ends up doing next.

Death by Elbow vs. Ricochet & Matt Sydal***1/2

This is a bittersweet match. On one hand I’ve been asking for more exciting tag team matches in PWG for ages and this certainly delivers. Death By Elbow are great in Beyond Wrestling and I have no doubt they can slot right into Reseda with ease. But on the other hand this tag teams emergence in PWG means that we might be getting less Chris Hero singles matches. At the end of the day beggars can’t be choosers. This match was quite good. Everyone knows Hero, Sydal and Ricochet but JT Dunn came into PWG as a relative unknown. He hung in there with three of the most decorated veterans on the US Independent Scene and never really looked out of place or outmatched. Everyone in this match was very good. Waxing poetic for Chris Hero at this point feels almost passé at this point. He’s one of if not the very best wrestler on planet earth. Sydal is one of the steadiest veterans in wrestling and seems to deliver in night in and night out. I’ve never been the biggest fan of some of Ricochet’s recent PWG work but a lot of my issues with him are negated in a tag team environment. This match was very good but it never quite hit that next level. The second half of the match went a bit overboard on the near falls to the point that the finish, a top rope meteora into a Benadryller from Ricocchet, fell a bit flat.

PWG World Tag Team Championship: The Young Bucks (c) vs. reDRagon***1/4

reDragon vs. the Bucks has been one of the better touring style matches in wrestling for a while now and thanks to New Japan’s incessant multi man junior tags we really haven’t got to see this matchup in quite a while. This also marks the return of one of my personal favorite wrestlers in the world to PWG in Bobby Fish. Hopefully this leads to some singles matches for Bobby, but I digress. Honestly, I didn’t love this as much as I wanted to. reDragon are my favorite team in the world not named Big R and T Hawk but this was just merely alright. I’m getting somewhat sick of the Young Bucks and it somewhat bothers me. I’m turning into Jim Cornette. If I ever mutter the name Vince Russo in one of these reviews I give you this website permission to fire me. Can you fire someone that doesn’t get paid? Anyway back to the Bucks, this run has done about everything it can for me. If there was ever a time for these guys to head to WWE in my mind it would be now. Even though this wasn’t my favorite match of these two teams there was still some exciting action. They do mesh really well and while this one got a little too heavy on Bucks antics. This match suffered from the fact that even though reDragon had some really cool near fall spots it never really felt like there was any chance for them to win. And that ultimately turned out to be true because the Bucks managed to retain their titles with a barrage of superkicks and then a 450 and a moonsault on Fish.

PWG World Championship: Roderick Strong (c) vs. Zack Sabre Jr.****1/4

This is the kind of hot match I’ve really been waiting for in PWG for a while now. I hardly expect a lot of storylines in these shows because at their core they really are just a bunch of exhibition matches in front of a hot crowd but that crowd really makes the culminations of the few stories they do tell all that much more special. Roddy’s last couple of matches have really felt a bit anticlimactic just because there was no chance he was losing before we got to see this. Now that it’s finally here those already seem like total afterthoughts. ZSJ is absurdly over in front of this crowd and got a huge streamer ovation to start off. The streamers were even in red white and blue like his gear and it made for a really nice scene. Roderick does not have any interest in dealing with Rich Knox but Knox isn’t dealing with his shit either. Knox kicks Roddy’s replacement ref right out of the ring and starts the match off anyway. This really had a big fight feel and a sense of urgency throughout which was really nice to see, especially since lacking urgency has always been my biggest criticism of Sabre Jr. He worked like a man who genuinely wanted to win that title belt. Even with the uptick in aggression he didn’t lose a single bit of his signature meticulous offense either. This match had the polar opposite effect of the last match on me. Even though the outcome felt obvious from the very start it never lost any bit of excitement to it. For a match this long (it went about 30 minutes) it never once felt like it was dragging which is a big feat for a match of this length. It all culminated with a red hot finish that saw Sabre tap Roddy out with a combination stretch muffler and arm lock. Zack rolled out into the crowd and had what was sure to be an unforgettable moment with the Reseda crowd before he eventually got to make his impassioned victory speech. This was an excellent end to a very good show.

All Star Weekend night two was a very good show. There wasn’t anything that was really any bad matches on here and even though not everything was great this show flew by and never really felt like it overstayed it’s welcome. I feel like I’m beating a dead horse here but I could really go with less dick orientated humor but I am probably never getting that wish to come true. The main event, the Trevor Lee vs. Drew Galloway match and the Ricochet/Sydal vs. Death By Elbow match are the standouts and well worth your time. This was another strong show from PWG as we continue the march towards BOLA and it’s nice that they’ve seemed to straighten out their DVD release schedule in the process.


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