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PWG All Star Weekend 11 (Night Two) Review

PWG returned from their post BOLA break with a Night One show that felt like a large disappointment. But even the best have off nights right? Night two was always the better looking show on paper so let’s see how it all stacks up.

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Chuck Taylor vs. Kikutaro**

Chuck Taylor got the opening match nod again to kick off the show. Kikutaro is happy to be here and wrestle Chuck again. Kikutaro surprises him with a sneak attack but chuck pins him in 30 seconds. The masked man campaigns for one more match and gets it. Kikutaro constantly slows down the match with comedy and persistent failure. When all else fails, he goes on a nutshot spree and accidentally knocks down Rick Knox. Kikutaro has Chuck pinned but Rick Knox’s groin pain keeps him completing the count. Kikutaro throws the ref at Chuck but Taylor reverses it and Knox clotheslines Kikutaro. Taylor gets the pin on a bridge. This probably would have been a lot more fun to watch live but after night one felt way too heavy on comedy matches this being the opener really just felt a bit deflating.

Marty Scurll vs. Timothy Thatcher***1/2

The UK guys have consistently been some of the standout stars of the last few shows so this match has high expectations going into it. The match starts off with Marty running away from Thatcher. Thatcher shines in the early technical part of the match but Scurll more than holds his own. Marty keeps taunting him but Thatcher just gets up and stares menacingly while Scurll does his whole routine around the ring before attacking him. They exchanged reverse Japanese strangleholds before Thatcher rolls out and Thatcher lays him out with a big boot. Marty tries to apply the crossface chickenwing but Thatcher reverses it into a Fujiwara armbar. Thatcher goes outside but Marty reverses things with a slap kick to the jaw. It goes back into the ring where Marty does a double knee stomp into a dropkick. Thatcher has the best comeback in wrestling. Instead of getting excited he just gets a menacing frown on his face and starts smacking Scurll. He effortlessly hits a trio of deadlift gutwrench suplexes for a two count. Marty gets a slight comeback but Thatcher regains control with a butterfly suplex into another Fujiwara. The two trade offense for a bit longer before Scurll finally applies a Crossface Chickenwing. It wasn’t perfect though and Thatcher gets to the ropes. Marty gets him in a Cattle Mutilation but Thatcher once again powers out of the move. Scurll gives Thatcher everything he has left in the tank but it only makes the big man angry. Thatcher ignores the Villains aggression and knocks him out with a headbutt for the pin. Both of these guys continue to be some of the best talents in not just PWG but everywhere they go. This was the first time I’ve seen them up against each other and I thought they meshed really well. Marty’s attempts to weasel away made all of Thatchers big hits that much more satisfying to watch.

Tommasso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano vs. The Unbreakable F’n Machines (Brian Cage & Michael Elgin)***1/2

After last night’s Unbreakable Machines made Don Quixote feel like a quick read this match started off much faster. Gargano and Ciampa were a much better match up for the big men then The American Wolves were. It doesn’t take long for the Big Boys do keep handing Gargano and Ciampa off for delayed suplexes that stay up for extremely impressive amounts of time. Unlike the first night’s bout this goes a lot quicker with the Machines generally getting to show off how strong they are. Unbreakable Michael Elgin does a fantastic looking double german suplex on Gargano and Ciampa before Cage comes back into the ring. The two do a sandwich lariat and then a discus lariat on Gargano to almost score the win before Ciampa rolls back into the ring for the save. The NXT boys regain the momentum and Gargano goes for a dive but the Machines catch him and throw him back at Ciampa back in the ring. They manage to capture momentum again and hit cage with a DDT but the muscular titans hold a little bit longer when Elgin comes back in to make the save. A little bit of offense is traded before Cage catches both of his opponents on his back and ragdolls them both. The Machines finally get their win with a spinning Elgin bomb on Ciampa. This was fun and a lot closer to what I was hoping for when I asked PWG to run more tag matches and both teams more than made up for their disappointing night one matches.

Mandrews vs. Riccochet***

I criticized last night’s Ricochet match for starting too slow with too many excessive taunts but this one was much better. Andrews is much more Ricochet’s speed than Scurll was. This match never really hits any sense of urgency and embodies PWG to a pretty strong degree. It’s an exhibition match in the fullest definition of the word. There wasn’t much story to it but it flew by and never really lost my attention. Lack of story be damned, there were some great spots. Mandrews may have flipped his way into the heart of Reseda but Ricochet still scored the pin with the Benadryller.

Trevor Lee vs. Matt Sydal****

Trevor Lee is easily one of if not my favorite PWG regular and Sydal was one of my absolute favorite wrestlers of 2015. And they don’t disappoint here. The match is fast from the very start. Sydal starts with hitting a pair of frankensteiners. He goes for a third but Lee almost reverses it into a gutwrench suplex. He can’t quite complete the move though and Sydal grounds him into his yoga holds. Trevor goes for a German but Sydal reverses. He goes for a shooting star press but Lee rolls out of the way and hits a leaping double stomp for a two count. Trevor tries to backdrop him up but Sydal knocks him down with a crossbody. Lee gets up quickly though and knocks him down with a clothesline for a two count. Trevor Lee’s mean streak from last night continues though. He curses out Sydal and then counters out an attempted top rope Frankesteiner. Fortunes don’t stay on Trevor’s side for long though, as Sydal kicks him out of the sky. They go back and forth for a little bit before Sydal hits a leg drop DDT and a moonsault for a really close two count. The two go back and forth again before Lee hits a deadlift german suplex for a two count. Sydal hopes a bicycle knee is enough to knock Lee down, but it isn’t. Lee hits his flipping crossbody for another two count but Sydal endures again. He puts him up on the top rope, but Sydal counters and attempts a Shooting Sydal Press. That doesn’t quite miss but he hits a hurricanrana for another big two cont. The two stare down and exchange strikes but neither man really gets the upper hand until Sydal lands a reverse rana that he uses to set up another attempt at the Shooting Sydal Press. He fails at again when Trevor gets the knees up and wins via small package. This was a fantastic sprint from two of the best PWG has to offer.

Kenny Omega vs. Will Ospreay***3/4

For the second straight night Ospreay starts off over huge but Omega has a section of Reseda’s heart too. They start off with some really fast paced grappling that heats up quickly with Omega starting it off with an eye poke. Omega offers Ospreay his hand but Will gives him a taste of his own medicine and pokes Kenny’s eyes in return. They scuffle for a bit before Omega ends up out of the ring and Ospreay hits a sliding dropkick on the apron. They end up back in the ring and Omega begins to work Ospreay’s shoulder. Comedy Kenny eventually makes his way back into the ring when he puts him in a stretch and starts giving Ospreay a titty twister. Ospreay finally escapes and goes for something that looks like it is going to be a handspring DDT, but Omega catches him and reverses it into an Oklahoma Stampede. Omega rears up his chainsaw but Will catches it and uses it on Kenny’s dick. I’m sure a certain section of the wrestling fandom has turned this show off after that one. The action finds its way to the outside after and Ospreay corkscrew dive. He gets a barely moving Omega back into the ring and hits a DDT off the top rope and then a corkscrew moonsault. Somehow Kenny survives and manages to regain the momentum after that one and he hits a norther lights bomb for a two count. Ospreay’s body is limp when Omega first lifts him up but he manages to fight his way out of a dragon suplex. He doesn’t quite get it the first two tries but he hits the move after a big kick to the back of the head. Omega tries to go up to the top rope but Ospreay gets up and stops him. He hits a top rope rana and a corkscrew knee but it still just isn’t enough to take out Omega. Kenny gets up and after some back and forth hits his Hadoken. Ospreay gets up and goes for another springboard move but Kenny catches him again and gets a two count off of a sitout powerbomb Ospreay gets a little more offense but a Spanish fly and a leaping cutter still aren’t enough to keep Kenny Omega down. He goes up to the top rope for a corkscrew shooting star press but Omega gets his knees up. Ospreay attempts a rollup but it fails. That proves to be the young man’s end for tonight as Omega hits a bicycle knee and a One Winged Angel for the win. The chainsaw spot aside, there was a lot less comedy in this match and I thought it was better than Omega’s match with Mike Bailey on the previous night. Ospreay was quite good again as well but this match very much felt like a Kenny Omega showing. Which is fine! Kenny Omega is one of the best around and there is nothing wrong that, but Ospreay still has more in him that I don’t think has really been seen in PWG yet.

(Guerilla Warfare) Chris Hero, Mike Bailey, Joey Ryan & Candice LeRae vs. Mount Rushmore 2.0 (Roderick Strong, The Young Bucks & Adam Cole)****1/4

Once Mount Rushmore takes out the ring announcer the chaos beings. The faces pour out of the back and any organization this show had is long done for. The earliest part of this match is all on the outside and some of the carnage is even out of view. Slowly but surely the action finds its way into the ring. Joey Ryan is the first victim as he eats a chair to the face and gets fed one of the tag team belts repeatedly. Hero is the next wrestler to jump into the ring and he fares a bit better. He manages to lift both bucks up for a double piledriver before Adam Cole comes in and wipes the floor with him. Cole relentlessly knee’s him in the back but Hero finds his way back up and cleans his clock with a bicycle kick. Bailey, Joey and Candice make it into the ring next and the three clear Mount Rushmore from the ring before doing three consecutive dives to take them out again. The Bucks manage to find their way into the ring with Candice who fights resiliently until Speedball makes it to her aid. Cole and Roddy start to get up again but Hero knock them back on the ground with a double dropkick. Hero ends up back outside and Joey Ryan’s dick becomes the center of the match. Mount Rushmore brings out a package of thumbtacks and pours them right into Joey’s trunks and the Bucks castrate him with two superkicks. After knocking out the referee Hero is brought into the ring for a 4v1 that he makes the most of but he is eventually taken out by four pronged strikes. Candice and Bailey then get hit with a double Indytaker on the outside of the ring. Mount Rushmore approaches the announce desk but Excalibur jumps off of the desk and lays out Roddy and the Jackson’s with a tope before running into the ring to confront Adam Cole. Cole tells him to suck it but he gets staggered by a groin shot and set up for a piledriver before Roddy comes in and stops it. Cole taunts the crowd before the lights go out leaving Kyle O’Reilly staring him down when they come back on. This is far and away the biggest reaction I’ve seen from Reseda in a very long time. O’Reilly cleans house on Mount Rushmore for a while before Cole finally hits him in the head with a chair. They bring out a garbage can, but Cole ends up in it while Bailey kicks it until he gets knocked out. Mt Rushmore gets back in control before Candice comes in and knocks out the Young Bucks Roddy takes control back and sets up multiple chairs in the middle of the ring to drop her on. Hero is back in and lays out Roddy, but Cole takes him out. Adam Cole comes in and sets up a ladder in the corner and stops Kyle’s attempt at foiling his plans with a knee drop brainbuster. Cole climbs to the top of the ladder but Mike Bailey is there to stop him and hits a reverse hurrincanrana before he’s eventually pelted in the head with a garbage can. The Bucks reposition the ladder to powerbomb him on to it and they follow that up with a dive onto the ladder to take him out. This leaves Hero alone and bleeding in the ring with the Jacksons but he’s eventually superkicked out of the ring too. Candice makes her way back up to stop the bucks from setting up a table and she takes out Cole. That table isn’t forgotten though as Kyle makes his way back up and drives Roddy head first through it after he attempted to take out Candice. Back in the ring the Bucks went for a piledriver on Hero but he powered out and laid them both out. Kikutaro is out from the back and he gave Hero an armband lined with thumbtacks to finish the deed. He couldn’t quite do that. As he turned around to connect on a rolling elbow he was laid out by double superkicks. Rick Knox is now out to finish up reffing the match and he almost eats a piledriver before Joey Ryan comes back out to take out one of the Jacksons. Knox then clotheslines one of the Jacksons off of Joey Ryan’s shoulders and Excalibur comes in and hits a piledriver and Hero finally gets his thumbtacked elbow strike for the pinfall. This was insane and I would call it must watch for any fans of violent spotfests. This match alone is going to be worth the price of the show for some fans.

Thankfully night two was a much better show than the first night of All Star Weekend 11 was. The Guerella warfare was a completely wild match that was worth the price of admission, but Lee vs Sydal, Thatcher vs Scurll and Omega vs Ospreay were all excellent matches as well and they are highly recommended.

What did you think of the show? Let us know on the Wrestling with Words Forums or on Twitter! Thanks for reading and I will see you all again very soon with a review of PWG’s next show, Lemmy!


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