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PWG All Star Weekend 11 (Night One) Review

After a long hiatus from BOLA and an even longer period of DVD editing, Pro Wrestling Guerilla has returned to Reseda for their All Star Weekend doubleshot. After a very strong showing in BOLA can All Star Weekend live up to it’s long wait? Lets find out!

Chuck Taylor vs. Mark Andrews***

Chuckie T’s retirement seems to be behind him and he’s back to kick off night one against Mandrews. Surprisingly enough this ended up being pretty light on comedy. Taylor spent the match playing Goliath to Mandrew’s David. Chuck’s ode to Kevin Nash brought out some entertaining counters off of Andrew’s attempts to take flight. Big Sexy Chuck Taylor ultimately proved to be too much for the agile Welshman to overcome as Chuck won with in Awful Waffle.

Ricochet vs. Marty Scurll**3/4

Ricochet enters in his Prince Puma tights and Marty immediately thinks he has all the answers. After a few silenced attempts to expose the identity of the Lucha Underground star the crowd breaks into a “We Love Kayfabe” chant and as Excalibur quickly points out, they clearly do not. The match starts off slowly with a lot of taunting and takes a little bit to get going. Ricochet spends most of the first part of the match in control. Once the excessive taunting was finished and the match really got going it was quite good though. The rest of the match was Scurll trying to lock in his submission and try he did. Scurll locking in the Crossface Chickenwing while Ricochet was in mid air was the highlight of the match, but unfortunately for the Villain he couldn’t keep it locked in. After a few more failed attempts to lock in chickenwing Ricochet hits Scurll with the Bennadriller to score the pinfall.

Wolves vs. Unbreakable F'n Machines*1/2

I’ve been hoping PWG would start running more tag team matches again, but this isn’t exactly what I had in mind. When I think PWG tag matches Davey Richards slapping Brian Cage in a submission isn’t exactly what I had in mind. This match felt like it went on forever and it didn’t seem to engage me or the actual crowd in it very much. There was a heat segment on Eddie that felt longer than the last two matches combined. After a slosh of power moves Unbreakable Michael Elgin pinned Eddie Edwards on a sit out Elgin Bomb.

Drew Gulak was in the ring without an intro next which led us to…

Drew Gulak vs. Sami CallihanN/R

Sami Callihan has returned to Professional Wrestling Guerilla! He got a huge reaction the entire match too. The match was short and felt more like it was just a showcase for Callihan for newer fans that might not have been watching before his ill fated NXT run. It served its purpose as Callihan tapped Gulak relatively quickly to the Stretch Muffler.

Trevor Lee vs. Will Ospreay***3/4

Ospreay is the new biggest thing in Reseda. They absolutely love this guy, Trevor Lee seems pretty annoyed that the fans have moved on to the shiny new toy though. I never thought I’d see a PWG match where Trevor Lee is the one slowing down the pace but here we are. Lee picked up the pace for the second half and both guys impressed. This told a nice story of Lee fighting to keep his spot on the roster from the up and comer. Trevor wasn’t the only one who shined here. The sheer amount of motion in Ospreay’s movset makes it amazing that he’s able to do it all without it looking sloppy. An excellent finish after Lee caught Ospreay and did his flipping powerslam into a Small Package Driver to put him away. Far and away the match of the night up to this point.

Kenny Omega vs. Speedball Mike Bailey***3/4

Another return, albeit not a surprise this time, Kenny Omega is back. Like Callihan, he too was very This breaks down into comedy pretty quickly with Bailey going full out Daniel-san and Omega working a style that only he can. They find a trash can and Omega ends up trapped in it. Speedball does a running kick and rolls a canned Kenny back into the ring. Omega moves to working over Speedball’s knees to knock out his kicks. Even in an extremely glorified comedy match Omega thinks to work over Bailey’s knees to dampen the kicks. Kenny gets a toy chainsaw and goggles and cleverly uses the chainsaw to keep taking down Bailey’s knees. Speedball then reverses a one winged angel into a reverse hurricanrana and finally hits his top rope kneedrop but Kenny survives after getting a foot on the ropes. Speedball gives Omega everything he has but is finally pinned after a bicycle knee into a One Winged Angel in a fun match that will surely drive some fans insane. Even the many of the biggest haters of the comedy in this match are sure to find some enjoyment in Omega’s great limbwork in a match with so much comedy.

The Young Bucks vs. Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa**3/4

This starts off with the Bucks burying the NXT gang and saying they are going to show that they are the best. Early Bucks antics but Ciampa and Gargano get the early lead. Ciampa got his finger up the ass spot in but he got superkicked right down after. I think I’ve seen enough buttplay spots for one lifetime in this company. This was a pretty standard match for the most part that hit it’s groove after Ciampa hit a project Ciampa to score a visual pinfall only after the ref is pulled out of the ring. Gargano is levelled by a flying chair and the bucks hit four 450 splashes on Ciampa for another visual pinfall but the ref is still down and Gargano gets back up to break up the pin. Shortly after, the Bucks roll Gargano up for the win. This match wasn’t really bad, but it had a pretty big lack of drama because it was always obvious that the Bucks were winning.

Roderick Strong vs Matt Sydal***1/4

This was a good match, but suffered the same problem as the last one. It was a foregone conclusion that Sydal had no shot of winning and it wasn’t a super exciting enough match to really make up for that. The Mount Rushmore angle is a double edged sword in that regard. The Guerilla Warfare and big tag team matches are all top notch but this just felt like a place-holder on the card while we wait for Sabre Jr to get his title shot . Both Sydal and Strong are on the top of their game right now though, and the match was still quite good. Sydal really had the crowd convinced he was going to win after he reversed a backbreker into a Frankensteiner but he couldn’t quite seal the deal. Roddy would shortly go on to win with an End of Heartache.

After the match the babyface team from Night Two’s Guerilla Warfare came in to attack Mount Rushmore but the lights went out and an obviously fake Super Dragon was standing in the middle of the ring. That Super Dragon was none other than Adam Cole, who told the faces to suck his dick and Mount Rushmore stood tall to end the show. A post show promo revelead that Cole would be taking Dragon’s spot in the Guerilla Warfare on the next nights show.

In the end this felt like PWG’s weakest show since the last DDT4 tournament. There weren’t really any flat out bad matches, but it felt like a chore to finish some of this crop. For a show that was largely exhibition matches, the actual exhibitions just didn’t have enough exciting or must see moments to ever really feel like they were great or must watch matches.

How will Night Two stack up? Check back soon on Wrestling With Words for another review!


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