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Pro Wrestling Revolver: Pancakes & Piledrivers Review (04/01/2017)

Jason Cade and AR Fox toy for the Open Invite Championship dangling

Pro Wrestling Revolver: Pancakes & Piledrivers

Watch: Highspots Wrestling Network

Wyndham Resort – Orlando, Florida

David Starr vs. Jeff Cobb

This is a brilliant first time match to book during ‘Mania weekend. This is my favorite opener of the week thus far. Everything they did hit the nail on the head. We got variety too. If you didn’t know, David Starr can go on the mat because he has a collegiate background. Starr’s no gold medalist, but the two struck gold in being booked together — having great chemistry. We got comedy in the form of antics and banter, as well as Cobb taking a spare WrestleCon sign, slamming it into Starr. The match built wonderfully to Tour of the Islands being countered with a freaking crucifix bomb, and Cobb kicking out of the Product Placement. Cobb won after Tour of the Islands. Enjoyed this a lot.

Dezmond Xavier vs. Palmer vs. ACH vs. Michael Elgin vs. Moose

This was a hoot and a half. This match was exactly what I wanted from a scramble like this: Cross interaction between everyone, the hosses standing tall at the right times, and high fliers going nuts and bumping around for the big men. Hell, Moose took a Canadian destroyer to boot. We even had pancakes being used! Everything was paced out extremely well and never once was I not having fun watching it. Xavier dove over the bleachers in the first “what the fuck” spot of the night. ACH played comedy man here aping Cena spots and faking out beer giveaways for April Fools. A great addition to the card. Palmer won after a top rope piledriver on Xavier.

No Disqualification: Eddie Kingston vs. Krugar

Gotta start off with the facts: FUCK KRUGAR, you piece of shit. None the less, part of my duty to review the full show, so here we are. I’m a big fan of watching him get destroyed by Kingston: trash cans, chairs, you name it; he had to endure it. Sweet revenge for being garbage himself. He was bleeding too and it’s sweet imagery. Krugar even was chucked off the top onto the outside barricade. Heart eyes for watching this fuck get destroyed. Kingston won after a spinning backfist. Justice.

Post-match we somehow got an upgrade in Bull James. Not often you could say that. He laid out Kingston with a chain. Wish the fan that stood up to James knocked him out. I drowned out anything said cause James is an awful excuse for a pro wrestler.

OI4K (Jake & Dave Crist) vs. Jack Evans & Angelico

It was Jack Evans birthday so fans better have brought presents for him. It turns out this match turned mild quickly to me. Live probably would have been a lot better, but I got bored real quick. Drowned out in about two minutes. I usually am totally into comedy stuff like this but I wasn’t into it. Best thing was a sword fight that nearly fully broke out, and Dave using pancakes as a weapon. Evans won with a backslide roll-up. Blah. I’m sure some may like it more than me. Still, all hail Jack Evans forever. And no, I do not hate fun in wrestling.

Ricochet vs. Shane Strickland

It blows my mind this is happening for the first time ever. Emil Jay is on commentary! “The Dragon Gate hang-on” was a real thing said, how glorious. For those that don’t know, that’s when you’re Irish whipped but you hang onto the ropes so it ain’t happening. This was a fulfilling first time match. They did everything expected of them and more, to steal the show before the wacky Invitational Ladder Match was inevitably going to beat it in terms of excitement. The match kept building with great flow and pacing. We had good kickouts, fun highspots, not surprising chemistry between them, and my favorite parts of the match where Strickland caught Ricochet in situations like in an armbar out of nowhere off a springboard. The match matched the pre-match video’s story. Shane doesn’t think Ricochet is the best wrestler in the world; Ricochet was out to put that candle of a take out. He did. Ricochet won after a flatliner. A very good match.

Man Scout Jake Manning vs. Su Yung

Pre-match sexist promo cause why not heel talk. The promo got better though when Manning said he’s bought all the pancakes, and now come the piledrivers. This was better than I’d expect it to be; being mostly comedy the two worked together well. It was lots of fun with Su taking Manning for a chop trip around the venue, while at the same time taking some ridiculous bumps like an apron powerbomb. Although Manning’s manscout handbook was torn up, he got retribution while living up to his pre-match promo words. Manning won after a piledriver on pancakes. A good addition to the card to return from intermission to.

Twins (Sami Callihan & Brian Cage) vs. Lucha Brothers (Rey Fenix & Penta El Zero M

Best match on the show up to this point. I was pretty stoked coming in but this was a next level sprint. It never stopped moving and there was no weak link. So many wonderful spots/moments to round out the card well. It’s one of those enjoyable matches you can throw on to smile at. Fenix and Cage also didn’t screw up bad like they did at BOLA 2015, proving PWG’s ring ropes were the problem(?) Rob Naylor joined commentary helping sell the match keeping a fun tone. We got to the point where there was a package piledriver and double stomp to each Twin on the apron. Back to the ring and it was over in the blink of an eye. Lucha Brothers won after a Canadian destroyer/Package Piledriver combo. A great short sprint that you should make part of your WrestleMania week VOD viewing, if you’re not watching the whole show.

AR Fox Open Invite Scramble Championship Ladder Match: AR Fox vs. Joey Janela vs. Jason Cade vs. Davey Vega vs. Trey Miguel vs. Arik Cannon vs. Zachary Wentz vs. Caleb Konley vs. Trevor Lee vs. Serpentico vs. Lio Rush

Absolutely no way I can’t just review this without highlights, because it’s so crazy — ridiculousness is including, but not limited to: HUGE DIVE TRAIN, Trevor Lee superkicked in the dick split between two ladders, Janela and Rush renewing their history, the camera not being able to track everything due to eleven people being in the match, Cade falling through a ladder, Penelope helping her man with a Jeff Hardy-esque swan dive onto the outside, Janela taking his big bump onto the edge of a ladder, Rush Hour to Serpentico off the ladder, Cade being awesome bombed through a table from the ring to the outside, and a whole lot more. This whole highlights point being that this is a crazy ass spotfest with everyone dying at least once. It’s the spectacle of the show and of WrestleCon. It’s also my favorite thing about Revolver, the open invite matches. Basically what you’d want out of a video game ladder match with a bunch of people. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Janela falling through chairs and tables, only for Arik taking out Lio through another table. As commentary mentioned, this was a firework spotfest with something popping off every 20 seconds. Some crazy spots weren’t even shown. Cade won after snatching the title through Fox’s hands. Another great upset win for the epic Jason Cade.

  • Strong Effort - 7/10


Even though it clocks in at three hours, Pancakes & Piledrivers is an easy watch. Matches you could check out are the opener (Starr/Cobb), the five way scramble, Ricochet/Strickland, and the two last matches in Twins vs. Lucha Brothers and the AR Fox open invite ladder match that proved to be a one of a kind match for the weekend. Even if you're mildly interested in what else I recommended, you can't pass up a video game match come to life. Big ups to Highspots for the wonderful turnaround on uploads, as this was up mere hours after the completion of the show. The IHOP sponsorship also made the show feel big time. I had a lot of fun checking this out, and even if it wasn't great (see: other matches and back to back Krugar/Bull James), it sure was mostly a grand time. Peep it.


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