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Pro Wrestling Revolver Debut Show Review: Was This Wacky Card Any Good?

PWR The Debut


June 10th, 2016

7 Flags Event Center – Clive, Iowa

This promotion is the brain child of Sami Callihan and has one of the weirdest cards I have seen in the longest while. Trevor Lee vs. Rhino and PJ Black vs. Michael Elgin made this card a must watch for me, just really captured my interest. The other matches on this card looked like they could be a hit or miss though, with some odd match ups like Bob Holly vs. Sami Callihan.

Trevor Lee vs. Rhino***

Trevor Lee cut a scathing promo about how the talent in the back is all washed up and how TNA is the best company in the world, but Rhino came out and we got ourselves a match! Trevor Lee is one of the best in the world currently and Rhino has been solid for the longest time. We had a brawl on the outside in the beginning that was very entertaining. When they got back in the ring, they had a very well-paced battle. Right when the match was getting really good, with a kick out after a knee strike from Lee, they end the match so abruptly with a random Gore in about 6 minutes. Very underwhelming but good for the time it had.

Then there is a promo segment from Johnny Mundo and PJ Black. They cut a heel promo about Iowa and teased giving away merch but they lied and gave it to themselves. Johnny Mundo also moons the crowd which prompts Billy Gunn to come out. He cuts a promo  gets jumped but saved by Big Mike!

AR Fox vs. Dave Crist vs. Dezmond Xavier vs. Zachary Wentz vs. Chainsaw King vs. Connor Braxton vs. Kurt Stallion vs. KLD***

This was a smorgasbord of talent.  The Scarlet and Graves trio and AR Fox were great as expected and there was a part where Dezmond and AR Fox were fighting with each other and it was very entertaining. Chainsaw King and KLD were awkward at some times, they seemed very out of place being bigger guys in a match full of superkicks. Connor Braxton had to bring the hoverboard like he always does and the spot is just really getting over done from him. Dave Crist tried to get on the board but he fell. The hoverboard went on for way too long. There were about 7 bicycles kicks and 10 dives, including dives from Scarlet and Graves Manager JT Davidson, one off the top of the balcony from Wentz and multiple dives from AR Fox. This was a mess of a match, some times it was very entertaining but other times bad camera work, sloppiness and bad commentary held this match down. There were 2 pretty cool turnbuckle spots that were ruined by camera work. There was a sick 6 man super kick spot onto KLD and Chainsaw. There were more superkicks in this match than in a Young Bucks match to the point where it was overkill. AR Fox wins with a 450 splash. I love spot fests when done right, and while being good, this match could have been way better. The commentary on this was abysmal. The commentator was miscalling moves and names left and right.

Jessicka Havok vs. Paco GonzalesDUD

The first ever intergender match in Iowa, and it sadly has to feature Havok. This match was a squash but it was so painful to watch. There were only 5 moves and Havok botched one of them. She dropped Paco before going for the Air Raid Crash, she picked him back up and got the win. Poor Paco. Skip this. One of the worst squashes I have seen in a long time.

Jake Manning vs. Scotty 2 Hotty**

Jake Manning cuts a pre match promo on how bad Iowa is. To be honest, I am not the biggest fan of the Man Scout as he bores me very easily, but he is facing Scotty 2 Hotty, how can you not be hyped for this in an odd way? JT Davidson joins commentary to save it from the hell it had been in. Manning was bullying Scotty for the majority of the match, and for some one that is not the biggest fan of Manning, this was pretty boring. At one point, Scotty hits Manning with his own play book. Scotty gets the win with the Worm in a very boring match.

Xtreme Rules: Tommy Dreamer vs. Arik Cannon***1/4

AR Fox and Jake Manning are on commentary so the commentary gets a bit better just for the fact AR Fox is talking. They start of with some catch as catch can wrestling with multiple stand offs which is a bit weird since this is supposed to be an Xtreme Rules match. Then we pick it up by brawling on the outside and using weapons like trash cans, ring bells and water bottles. They brawl throughout the crowd, using items from some fans, like when Cannon used a fan’s title belt. This was a very solid brawl that is worth the watch with a lot of sweet chair spots from both of these men. Dreamer smashes Arik Cannon with a trash can, then hits a DVD onto a piece of ply wood but it did not break for the win. Fun brawl! After the match, Dreamer cuts a promo and shares a cool moment with Cannon about when he was in talents relations in WWE.

Sami Callihan vs. Bob Holly***1/4

Callihan starts off by hitting Holly with a ton of boots to the face but he then gets clotheslined. This is a very odd match up on paper but is very interesting. Callihan and Holly have a little brawl on the outside, which included Holly hitting Sami on the barricade and Callihan hitting the low-pe. Callihan also hit his signature chops to Holly who was on the barricade and they both chopped the hell out of each other. When back in the ring, it was a solid match up, that was pretty enjoyable. Sami hit a sweet splash which was pretty uncharacteristic. Holly ends up getting the win with a sick wheelbarrow suplex. Solid match!

PJ Black vs. Michael Elgin***1/2

This is another odd match, but watching Big Mike is always a pleasure. The match starts with Big Mike just completely outclassing PJ in strikes, strength and moves. Mike and PJ also brawl outside which seems to be a theme for this show but this was very entertaining, as Elgin and PJ hit some nasty chops. Elgin was easily the star of this match, almost carrying PJ Black at some points, but PJ Black was fun when hitting dives and aerial spots. PJ tried to tune up the band but Elgin hit him with a sick kick, not Roddy. Elgin hit a great Black Hole Slam that nearly got the win. PJ hit a superrana, countering the super Elgin Bomb. PJ did flips the whole match and it kind of got tiring, and I love flips and aerial maneuvers so that takes a lot for me to say, but it was still a good match. Elgin hit a disgusting lariat that he had been wanting to hit the whole match, got the 2, but hit the bucklebomb into Elgin Bomb combo for the win in a pretty good match.

Billy Gunn vs. Johnny Mundo**

This match honestly seemed very unappealing to me. And it really was not that special. This match also had a brawl on the outside of the ring which I shouldn’t even have to mention and it was lame. This match was kinda lame in general. Of course it was main event as it had the most star power, but judging by the camera’s star power did not really help the somewhat poor draw, and this match was just poor in general. Billy hit the Fameasser to win in a short main event.

After the match Johnny Mundo cuts a promo and it was pretty meh. This show was a mixed bag, and was fun at times, but some of this show was just unbearable. PJ Black vs. Michael Elgin was a very good match though, and I would watch this match if you have the time. Thanks for reading!


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