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It was bound to happen eventually. I figured if this column was destined to die let’s get it out of the way right now, instead of later. The reason for this death? None other than this week’s guest, Tanner Teat. Tanner is a co-host on We Don’t Know Wrestling, a podcast hosted right here on Wrestling with Words. He also occasionally writes for the very same website. However, Tanner has a dark side, a side that is found of destroying websites and loving Amiibo’s despite literally no one else caring about or knowing what he is talking about. When Tanner isn’t busy crushing the hearts and dreams of his fellow writers he can be found on the Twitter Machine under the moniker of @Tanner1495.

*As a general reminder, what follows are Tanner’s answers to a standardized set of ten questions. This is meant to help gauge the variety of opinion within the larger wrestling community. It’s also done in this manner to avoid any editorializing on my part (outside of minor grammar corrections), and eliminate any opportunities for bias.*

1) How old are you?


2) When did you first start watching wrestling?

“The last Monday Night Raw of 2007.”

3) When do you recall first thinking critically about wrestling?

“The start of 2011, I had stumbled upon some forums and started reading opinions from guys like Alan4L (Alan Counihan), DVDVR’s Dean (Rasmussen), Dylan Hales and many others which pushed me over the edge of a casual fan to the fan I am today (straight up MARK).”

4) What is your favorite promotion of all time?

“This is a tough one, as I have soft spots for multiple organizations in various points of their existence, but I think right now I would take early (Pro Wrestling NOAH) NOAH over anything else, so that is my current answer.”

5) Who is your favorite wrestler of all time?

“Genichiro Tenryu, easily. From the first match I watched of his, everything he did was out of this world. Not to mention his resurgence in the mid-2000’s as well as his retirement tour last year, I always make time for some Tenryu watching.”

6) What is your favorite era of wrestling?

“This may be a bit of a bizarre answer, but I’d take the last three years over just about anything. We are living in a literal golden age of footage and so much stuff sees the light of day now than even five or ten years ago, it’s nuts. This is also extremely biased as I’m experiencing this era as it is happening, and I just think that’s pretty cool.”

7) What is your favorite style of wrestling?

“I enjoy watching just full out brawls more than anything, hence why guys like Tenryu, (Terry) Funk and (Stan) Hansen are some of my favorite wrestlers, but the matches that just have some REALNESS to them, you know? Currently, guys like (Brock) Lesnar, (Chris) Hero, (Timothy) Thatcher, (Drew) Gulak and (Katsuyori) Shibata satisfy that itch rather nicely.”

8) What are the elements that make up a talented pro wrestler?

“Oh god, what do I know? I say if you throw a mean looking punch and show some charisma you’re ok in my book. However, I think being able to have the crowd invested in some way makes you a quality wrestler, because even though you may not have the greatest look or moveset around, being able to captivate an audience for ten or twenty minutes is something special.”

9) What is most important to you when it comes to spending your time with a pro wrestling product?

“I’m one of the people that rarely cares if a story is good or bad, I just want some quality wrestling. That’s why I love going back and watching random matches from (World Championship Wrestling) WCW Thunder or even watching stuff like Superstars and Main Event today, because there is rarely any story investment (though when there is it is usually pretty good). Just solid pro wrestling that keeps me entertained for an hour or so.”

10) What major changes do you see in the pro wrestling landscape ten years from now?

“Who knows? I think that’s what makes wrestling so much fun is that it is so unpredictable. Yes, this is a total cop out answer because I barely know what I’m doing a week from today, much less what a whole entertainment medium looks like in a decade!”

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