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Pro Wrestling Punditry with Simen Oem

Plugging away in anonymity, as well as the heat of Cambodia, Simen Oem has become someone I greatly enjoy discussing the pro graps with. He’s not that well known, and for as much as I know he’s fine with that, people really should be picking up what Simen is putting down. He reviews wrestling matches, provides comedy posts about wrestling, as well as opinion pieces for Wild Carnival Media. Trust me, if you’re looking for some fun pro graps reading that is also quite academic in approach then you need to partake in Simen’s work. He can also be found tweeting from @CraniumJimbo; though he does share that account with his writing partner.

*As a general reminder, what follows are Simen’s answers to a standardized set of ten questions. This is meant to help gauge the variety of opinion within the larger wrestling community. It’s also done in this manner to avoid any editorializing on my part (outside of minor grammar corrections), and eliminate any opportunities for bias.*

1) How old are you?


2) When did you first start watching wrestling?

“Six years old, AWA (American Wrestling Association), Adnan Al-Kassie slicing Tito Santana’s dome off with his sword while Fatwell watched, cackling.”

3) When do you recall first thinking critically about wrestling?

“Early teens, although I fell outta wrestling around then, too. So in practice, during the Monday Night Wars.”

4) What is your favorite promotion of all time?

“Crockett (Jim Crockett Promotions) but if Lucha Underground has another great year, it’s that, followed closely by RoH (Ring of Honor).”

5) Who is your favorite wrestler of all time?

“Terry Funk”

6) What is your favorite era of wrestling?


7) What is your favorite style of wrestling?

“Billy Robinson’s style, whatever that may be. Technical holds mixed with dickishness. Jim Breaks is another example.”

8) What are the elements that make up a talented pro wrestler?

“Dickishness, meaness, coolness, timing.”

9) What is most important to you when it comes to spending your time with a pro wrestling product?

“Fun. Fun watching with people.”

10) What major changes do you see in the pro wrestling landscape ten years from now?

“More intergender matches and angles, more theatricality, less violence (with one fringe still remaining ultra-violent) more women, more characters.”

Bill Thompson

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