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Pro Wrestling Punditry with Dustin Motley

The great thing about the rise of the internet is how it has allowed people from all walks of life to present compelling and well thought out opinions on any given subject. The transverse is true, that the rise of the internet has allowed every Tom, Dick, and Lucille to offer up their less than fruitful opinions as well. Let’s keep it positive here, and focus on how the internet has given someone like Dustin Motley, a correctional officer, an avenue to present his wrestling opinion wares, as it were. Dustin is relatively new to the world of online punditry, but he’s certainly a lad worth paying attention to. All of Dustin’s work can be found at The Indy Corner where he offers opinion pieces on the independent scene the world over, as well as reviews of weekly Ring of Honor television, on a regular basis. Best place to get in touch with Dustin is on the Twittersphere, @TheDustinMotley.

*As a general reminder, what follows are Dustin’s answers to a standardized set of ten questions. This is meant to help gauge the variety of opinion within the larger wrestling community. It’s also done in this manner to avoid any editorializing on my part (outside of minor grammar corrections), and eliminate any opportunities for bias.*

1) How old are you?

“I am 22 years young.”

2) When did you first start watching wrestling?

“I first started watching wrestling in 2001. I started watching it during the invasion angle because my dad was watching it and it was something me and my dad could do together. So, I’ve been watching wrestling since I was 8.”

3) When do you recall first thinking critically about wrestling?

“I first started critically think about wrestling in 2011. I was huge into wrestling as a kid until 2007 when I started worrying about school and sports. Then in 2009 I got a girlfriend and she stopped me from watching it. Once she and I broke up and I moved away from home, I started watching it again and thinking about what kind of wrestling I liked and what was good and what was not in the product. And ever since then I’ve just kept learning more about wrestling and analyzing it.”

4) What is your favorite promotion of all time?

“I have got to say WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). It’s what I’ve watched all my life and even though the product can be stupid and terrible at times, I’ve just watched it all my life. I can say that the old NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) and WCW (World Championship Wrestling) is starting to gain ground on them and that the current day RoH product is beating WWE. But, WWE is still it as of right now.”

5) Who is your favorite wrestler of all time?

“WOOOOO! Yup you got it, the Nature Boy Ric Flair. I still love watching his old promos. His talking and interviews were revolutionary at the time and he is the best talker of all time. He is also one of the best overall wrestlers of all time. He wasn’t just called the 60 minute man because of the ladies but also because he always went 60 minutes with his opponents and he always put over all the talents in the different territories. I still watch his matches all the time and I love them even as a millennial and I think all people in my generation as a wrestling fan should watch his promos and matches to see what a true legend he is.”

6) What is your favorite era of wrestling?

“I know this may sound corny but right now is my favorite era. I can go to YouTube right now and watch match after match and they could all be amazing. Right now on TV there are four major wrestling products on TV. If you don’t like WWE, you could watch TNA (Total Nonstop Action Wrestling) or ROH or Lucha or even with Video on Demand you could watch any Indy promotion in the world. And with social media, the scene is involving and allowing fans and wrestlers to reach out and get noticed and for everyone to find out about a great match or product. This era of wrestling right now is shaping the future.”

7) What is your favorite style of wrestling?

“I love mat work and limb work wrestling. I love when someone works on a leg or an arm and the other wrestler sells it. I want someone to look like they are getting their arm or leg broken. I also like well-rounded wrestling. I love a match that has limb work and a few spots, but I love good limb work. It adds tension to the match and you can set up a match around it.”

8) What are the elements that make up a talented pro wrestler?

“Elements that make up a talented and good wrestler is for one you have to have charisma. Many wrestlers I’ve seen that WWE pushes cannot talk. If someone radiates with the charisma and can talk on a mic, then I love them because they entertain me. But they also need to be well rounded in wrestling. Someone could do everything they want from a top rope but if they cannot sell or work on a limb or do mat work then they aren’t well rounded. I view a talented wrestler as someone that works so well that they make someone that isn’t as good as them or aren’t as well rounded have a great match. That is a talented wrestler.”

9) What is most important to you when it comes to spending your time with a pro wrestling product?

“Most important to me about a product is the wrestling. I will try any wrestling promotion or show if it has good wrestling in it. If it doesn’t, I won’t watch it as much. I just recently started getting into Revolution Pro (Revolution Pro Wrestling) in the UK because of their great wrestling. That’s why I got into RoH. I also am a big proponent of cost of watching a product. I have many bills and I am middle class. I will try any product that costs me less than 10 bucks a month to follow. That’s why I love Video on Demand because I can pay this small monthly fee to watch a wrestling promotion. So, a wrestling product has to have good wrestling and be cost effective.”

10) What major changes do you see in the pro wrestling landscape ten years from now?

“I see the WWE starting to lose some of their power and certain products like RoH and Lucha stepping up with other Indy promotions to try to overthrow them. WWE isn’t what they once were and there are so many good wrestlers out there in the Indy scene and WWE doesn’t know how to use them so I see Indy’s starting to pair up and become more powerful and a true alternative or better than WWE. Either that or WWE will take away every talent from the Indy scene and make the promotions go out of business due to stealing talent like the WWWF (World Wide Wrestling Federation) did in the 1970’s and 1980’s. It will be an interesting 10 years for sure and I’m excited for the ride!”

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